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Song Premiere: "The Youngster" by Parker Longbough

Parker Longbough
19 January 2021

Matthew Witthoeft of Parker Longbough – Photo Credit: Karen Aleksa

As if all the anxieties, fears, and worries of the year 2020 could be encapsulated in programmed beats and arpeggiated synths, Parker Longbough offers up Crackle/Hiss, his fifth full length album on January 22nd via Wilderhood Records.

Like many indie rock veterans, Parker Longbough, the recording moniker of Anchorage, Alaska native Matthew Witthoeft, has been doing this for a while. His 2006 debut, Commander Comatose, was well-received, and he has been growing up and writing albums about it along the way, making music that people immediately connect to.

While Parker Longbough typically mines a vein of ’90s-era indie rock. Crackle/Hiss is different. It shows Witthoeft’s willingness to explore the unconventional sounds that modern home recording and computer equipment allow. Witthoeft is joined by drummer Eric Price (Wagner Logic, Smile Ease, who) provides live drums and bass

Parker Longbough’s adventurous musical spirit shines through even in the most dour of times, for music and society at large, as the project confronts 2020 head-on.

Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of “The Youngster,” an album track that laments the real-life story of three promising SoundCloud rappers who died prematurely. The song is briskly upbeat and leans into the acoustic folk genre, but also swings with tuneful pop melodicism and even a touch of indie rock with the added electric guitar line.

In stark contrast to the bright sweep of the music, Witthoeft sing-talks in an emotionally deadpan manner, unfurling very specific lyrics about young lives cut short due to the traps of fame and fortune that many fall into.

Witthoeft explains, ““The Youngster” laments the real-life story of 3 promising SoundCloud rappers who died prematurely. Each verse in the song is sort of a quick story of the tragic last few hours Lil Peep, JuiceWRLD, and XXXtentacion respectively.”

Team Clermont · Parker Longbough "The Youngster"

“The Youngster” Lyrics

One last tour stop in Tucson before we wrap this whole thing up
Chase went on the bus to get him, but he would not wake up

Why must you always play with guns?
Why must you always do those hard drugs?

The feds were waiting for the Gulfstream to touch down
What’s the point in flying private when the pilot rats you out?
Take some codeine with this Percocet, and wash it down

Why must you always play with guns?
Why must you always do those hard drugs?

The black Dodge Journey followed him as he left the bank
Those ugly orange sandals all over the security tape
The voice of this new genre taken out for less than 50k

Why do you always play with guns?
Why do you always join those bad clubs?
Why do you always do those hard drugs?