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Song Premiere: "Holiday Vinyl" by Blakeley

25 December 2017

Blakeley; Photo courtesy of Blakeley

Blakeley is a chameleon-like songstress whose bold crossover compositions merge elements of folk, EDM, and rockabilly pop into tracks that sound like a marriage between confessional poetry, deep house, and effervescent guitar twanging, all of which guide her cutting voice as she probes the absurdity of topics as diverse as Edward Albee plays and online dating.

Blakeley writes, produces, and performs her work in a variety of mediums. She is currently at work on an EP with Happy Hound Records, set for imminent release.

The artist’s new single, “Holiday Vinyl”, is soaked in booze, snow, and purring vocals that invert the Christmas winter wonderland into a revelation about loss, longing, and the kind of affection that only materializes after half a cup of Jack Daniels. The song sparks a beautiful tension between the immaculate city of New York adorned with ornaments, and a private loneliness that vacillates between love, neediness, and alcohol-drenched desire. The song’s slow, languid guitar and Blakeley’s sonorous voice bring us a holiday song steeped in bittersweet nostalgia.