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Song Premiere: "Man to Man" by Northern Assembly

Northern Asssembly
9 October 2017

Northern Assembly; Photo courtesy of Northern Assembly

The members of Danish folk/pop band Northern Assembly take us on their musical journey…:

“All four of us met for the first time in Dina’s living room. Before this Andreas and Dina had spent six months writing songs together, which they had fondly named the Northern Assembly songs. Jens and Jesper were both sold on the idea and it was time for our first ever band practice. All the tensions and nerves of a first meeting were there, but after the very first play through, it was clear as day: the magic was there – Northern Assembly became a reality.”

“What were the chances of Northern Assembly meeting in Denmark exactly? As it would have it, Andreas and Dina are both raised anywhere else but Denmark. Right from the picturesque English village to the Atlantic’s wild Faroe Islands, to the beautiful Norwegian mountains and the highlands of Africa. Jesper is from bold coast of northern Jutland and Jens from the proud south. However, it was in Aarhus in 2013, we found each other – an assembly of northern people.”

“The living room concert has been our preferred platform when developing our music. This is where we’ve learnt to tell our soulful stories through atmospheric, melodic and acoustic folk music. We call it Nordic folk and we sing stories of longing for home, the search for peace and all things of life, death, hope and grace.”

“Since that first meeting in 2013 we’ve had our first concert in October 2014. The following year was an adventure to behold. We’ve released our first EP, played numerous concerts, SPOT festival, Tønder Festival, won Fatter Eskil prisen, played live radio, been followed by television crews, released two exciting singles, and released a new music video. We’ve been busy to say the least. And it all comes down to that one fateful meeting in Dina’s living room.”

“This is what the second play through of Boys From the Field sounded like with nerves, blocked noses, Dina’s parrot singing in the background, and beginners mistakes. In other words, the beginning…”

Northern Assembly – Man to man by Northern Assembly

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