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Karamelien - Ascension Heights (self-released)

4 August 2022

If there is something familiar about one half of Karamelien, either visually or in the vocal department, it might be because you are familiar with a glorious album called How To Weigh a Whale Without A Scale and its creator Léanie Kaleido. Actually, a lot is going on here that may strike a chord with the listener.

For a start, “Ascension Heights” is loosely based on and gently samples an instrumental of the same name, by none other than Yardbirds founder Top Topham. And why not, he is, after all, Léanie’s father! Mark Foster, the other permanent member of the group, adds some slick and slinky guitar, Mo Pleasure, formerly of Earth, Wind & Fire brings the funky bass and of course, Mr Topham is here courtesy of the samples. The whole thing was recorded by Ride frontman Mark Gardener.

And if you appreciated the fact that there were some lovely 60’s folk sounds at the core of How To Weigh a Whale Without A Scale, then you are going to love this. Slightly more upbeat, a joyous folk-rock affair but still bedecked in kaleidoscopic sixties sparkle, a slight splash of psychedelia and a whole tsunami of charm and grace.

A lovely father/daughter collaboration across time and a thing of utmost beauty.

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