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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Starry Skies - Spitfire Susie/Kind Hearted People ( Fox Star Records)

4 August 2022

Coming on like an exuberant bundle of indie-pop joy, “Spitfire Susie”, is one of those rare pop songs, one that ticks all of the boxes in terms of infectiousness, addiction, groove and melody and has some real depth. Beneath all of the fun of the tune and the upbeat delivery is the story of an extraordinary woman, of a late-blooming friendship and the unparallelled tales of nearly a hundred years of a life well-lived.

As a taster of Starry Skies’ new album, Small Wonders, it is perfect, highlighting the extraordinary people and their equally extraordinary lives that surround us. Why go looking for celebrities and sportspersons to idolise when the people in your own street are more unimaginably special than those “icons” could ever be? Why indeed?

Also acting as a teaser for this album is “Kind Hearted People”, another glorious slice of pop about the brilliance of everyday people.

Starry Skies is what we need right now. Starry Skies is accessible and awesome. Starry Skies songs are both straight-forward and brilliant. Starry Skies does nothing less than put proper pop back on the menu. Starry Skies is your new favourite band. Trust me on this one.

Smile Through The Dark
Album order

Starry Skies ยท 05 – Starry Skies – Kind Hearted People