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Klammer - Being Boiled (Under Dogz Records)

26 August 2019

The distorted tones of Leeds based Klammer create a joyous ear frenzy. A band who over the last six years have knocked out three albums of serene quality, the latest You Have Been Processed captures a band who stride with confidence. The two singles from that aforementioned album, “Spiral Girl” (included below), and “Modern God” sent dramatic vibrations across the airwaves. A mission statement on the talent, and the distorted invention that lies beneath the surface of the band. 

Klammer are the brainchild of producer Steve Whitfield (The Cure, The Mission), with that pedigree in mind the sound is an explosive combination of post-punk, gothic dark wave, and an injection of indie fuel. Luckily they are not a band you will have to wait long to hear new sounds from, there is no slowing down or changing to the dynamic culture that makes Klammer such an outfit of effervescent appeal. 

They are intent, and in some respects are already achieving to make their indentation felt in the UK music scene, before they take flight across the globe. On the heels of You Have Been Processed, the band are already working on the followup and have given a slice of what to expect. Klammer have unleashed “Being Boiled”, a reworking of an early Human League track. Although reworking might be the wrong word as they have deconstructed the track, and it is rebuilt it in their own style. 

On first hearing this you will be surprised that it is not an original, all the hallmarks of blistering power-pop are present and correct. Whilst the terminology of post-punk can be hard to explain, this band does it perfectly within the first ten seconds of “Being Boiled”. They become an example of modern punk, transcending at times the normal run-of-the-mill sound. From the snap of drums to the guitar crank, the track has a footing the same landscape as XTC, Wire, with a fresh approach that appeals, and holds an uncommon uniqueness that makes it wholly addictive.

Klammer are a thoroughly enjoyable band, who at present are making waves which hopefully becomes a tidal. In a short space of time they have built an impressive body of work, and now they are giving an insight into the future, this is going to be an interesting adventure. 

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