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Young Goats - Goat Life Vol. 1 (Self-Released)

25 August 2019

Although not originally from Los Angeles (and who ever is), California’s hip-hop duo Young Goats present a style clearly influenced by the city. Their sound is part modern pop, part dancehall, but it is also distinctly a conscious throwback to old school hip-hop, or in their own words, “before every emcee was mumbling their words.” Their new release Goat Life Vol. 1 is full of relaxed party vibes and baked in the warmth of a sun that is distinctly local to Los Angeles. Young Suave and Goatey have crafted a sound that is perfect for any poolside or nightclub, but there are also surprising moments of depth that prove the pair have more on their minds as well.

For instance, although there are plenty of tracks that show-off this carefree attitude like “LA Chick” and “Dubai for the Weekend,” the release takes a turn toward the end with “Don’t Know How to Act” and “Too Nervous,” a pair of songs that disclose a surprising amount of self-consciousness and inner reflection rare in the genre. The production could use a little more polishing, but overall Goat Life Vol. 1 shows a duo that easily could ascend to the ranks of similar artists like Drake with more time.