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The Music Therapy Experiment - Art and Science

25 June 2021

No one likes a pun more than I do. Except perhaps my brother-in-law. And my neighbor. And my postman. And the guy who works in the shop where I buy my groceries. Okay, lots of people enjoy a pun more than I do, which is why they all need to be picking up this gorgeous sonic slice from The Music Therapy Group. It’s full of them. And wordplay and crazy titles.

But, as mirthsome as they are, it is the music that you come here for because that is damn good too. Actually, make that great. TMTE, as its name suggests, has its roots in health practice and uses the creation and liberal application of cool music to help promote “mental health maintenance, relaxation, and fun.” But even the casual listener and the everyday music consumer will find lots to love here.

It isn’t hard to see where the roots of Art and Science lay, they even give you a clue in the title of the languid and liquid jazzy-blues of “Stealing Dan”, and it is to those purveyors of the sophisticated and seductive West Coast that TMTE looks for at least some of their inspiration. Art and Science is a collection of instrumentals and without the direct communication of the lyrical component, it has its dialogue with the listener on a more emotive, less obvious level.

“Akhal Teke” is a bustling blues workout, Intersteller Jellyfish seems to merge the mysteries of the ocean with the majesty of space into a rippling and drifting soundscape, (pun alert) “Casting Nasturtiums” is full of grace and grandeur and “Boom Bada de Nada” has echoes of Frank Zappa about it.

Music Therapy Experiment ยท Willamina Thunderbroom's Magnificent Philistine Zinnias

It’s a great album, one that is both technical and textured but accessible and easy to appreciate. It is ornate and deftly realized able to move from neo-classical lulls to acid-rock wig-outs, serene blues to blistering rock in an instant. And for all its smart moves and funky grooves, I can’t think of anyone who will not appreciate it. Rockers will love the guitar dexterity, jazzers the intricacy of the arrangements, blues fans the seductive and soulful playing and pop fans will warm to its infectiousness and immediacy.

And if you have albums such as Aja, Hot Rats or Spirit of Eden already sitting in your record collection then you should head off and purchase this platter immediately. I mean, it’s not the law, but it should be.

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