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Throwing Muses - Dark Blue (Fire Records)

26 February 2020

“If I were a better dreamer, you’d be a dream come true,” -“Dark Blue”

Throwing Muses once again split the atom with their new single release “Dark Blue”. This track is a peak inside the outfits upcoming new album Sun Racket due to land on May 22nd. In truth the writing was on the wall as both the Muses, and the emotive machine Kristin Hersh spent the majority of 2019 gearing fans up. With a reformation at the Cure’s Pasadena Daydream Festival in August alongside the Pixies, Deftones, and Mogwai. The lady herself has toured constantly alongside fellow Muse Fred Abong, and the gears of a return to the studio to follow 2013’s acclaimed Purgatory/Paradise . Solo projects recently,  Fred’s praised Homless Ep, and Kristin’s blissfully evocative Possible Dust Clouds proved how she still had lessons in painful prowess to teach us. And the creativity of both is at an all-time high. 

As for this track, “Dark Blue” ignites with some ominous guitar cranks that build into a distorted landscape for Hersh to soar. Her voice retraining that sweet venom, as the song cranks and staggers like a vicious, wounded beast. Kristin’s gift for turning pain into adulant triumph at every turn is very much intact. The fact remains who ever broke this woman emotionally will be reminded every time her voice blisters the airwaves. This is a return to form for Throwing Muses as they screech into a new decade, and already fans are salivating at the promise of a new long-player. 

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Sun Racket Tracklist
1. Dark Blue
2. Bywater
3. Maria Laguna
4. Bo Diddley Bridge
5. Milk at McDonald’s
6. Upstairs Dan
7. St. Charles
8. Frosting
9. Kay Catherine
10. Sue’s