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Bam!Bam! - "Golden Haze 2" (HHBTM)

26 March 2013

Bam! Bam! hail from Oakland, California, and are the brainchild of Zola and Chloe. Do you miss mid-80s jangle-pop and early-90s Riot Grrrl? These ladies have mixed both styles into a lovely, charming amalgam that’s a little bit punky, a little bit poppy, and a whole lot of addictive. There’s a Talulah Gosh and Tiger Trap vibe going on here that will easily win your heart. There’s a very heavy K Records/Olympia vibe here, and yes, Calvin Johnson pops up here, but his song isn’t even the highlight. That would be the driving, relentless “Golden Haze 2,” which starts out fast, gets faster, then slows down, then gets faster still. “Embrace the day” and “invite the light” they sing, and they don’t even sound like hippies when they do. Your new favorite band? Could be, kid…could be. Looking forward to hearing more from this duo!