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Countless Thousands - You're Goddamn Right (Self-Released)

27 October 2016

Los Angeles’ Countless Thousands combine punk energy with a nerdy comedic sensibility, much in the same vein as The Aquabats. With a successfully-funded Kickstarter campaign, the band are set to release a new album, You’re Goddamn Right, a follow up to their previous release We’re Just Really Excited to Be Here. Self-described as having “a punk rock core made accessible with doo-wop inspired vocal lines,” and “a Billy Joel-approved lyricism…” it’s clear the band are comfortable with stretching the genre to its breaking point, and it’s nothing short of a breath of fresh air.

The lead single, “Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As,” is a surfy slice of pop punk with heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics that would make Weezer proud, and the band isn’t afraid to branch off into other styles and genres as well. From “We’ve Got A Dress Code’s” quirky take on hardcore punk (a song about the exclusivity of the genre it parrots) to “The Asskickers’ Union” (including lyrics about Lady Gaga) edging slightly into cowpunk and folk punk, Countless Thousands are proud of their awkwardness and nerdiness, making for an extremely endearing record. You’re Goddamn Right comes out October 28th.


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