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dep - We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out (Self-Released)

11 September 2018

dep is the alt electronic solo project of Danny Peck from Asheville, NC founded upon a very simple but profound musical goal which is expressed illuminatingly on their new album We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out. Contrary to the allusion to The Smiths, the mood of this album actually bears little resemblance to The Pope of Mope’s idee fixe. Not only do they brazenly go against Morrissey’s fear of synthesizers, there’s a more optimistic feeling to the songs, even those which share similar titles like “Our Hearts Are Full.”

As suggested above, the entire design of the album is meant to be uplifting, and although the songs are all instrumentals, there is definitely an anthemic, inspiring quality in which they are all constructed. Hope is the operative word, but the music is of weightier stuff than anything to be found in a self-help manual. Whether it’s the wall of distorted, industrial noise on “We Know The Way” or the pensive, atmospherics of “We Won’t Give Up,” it’s impossible to listen to this album and feel apathy. We Are The Lights That Will Not Go Out is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s the perfect album when you’re in need of an injection positivity.


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