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Staring Into Nothing - Power (Self-Released)

28 August 2017

Staring Into Nothing is a trio from California, and their first album Power is a contemporary dystopian nightmare of behemoth proportions. The album is the first part of a loose trilogy of sorts—the two further proposed albums being titled Love and War. With concept in mind, the songs on Power fit in with this theme, the lyrics are predominately political or about the abuses of authority. Although there is a distinctly modern sleekness to the songs, there is a pronounced ’70s prog characteristic that is undeniable and gives itself away in the very bombastic nature of the record.

With, perhaps, a little further polish or fine-tuning, many of these songs wouldn’t be out of place on an album like Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The lead single, “Big Brother,” is the most overtly Orwellian in its message, but it also stands out fantastic for how strong it works alone as a piece of pop. The band’s lyrics are never exactly subtle, but they do prove to make for some interestingly unique philosophy as on songs like “School Daze” and “Heads Or Tails.” The record occasionally slips into territory that hints at a purely cursory glance at 1984, but Power remains a fascinating first glimpse at a trilogy that can only be fully appreciated at its eventual close.


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