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The Chapin Sisters - A Date With The Everly Brothers

24 April 2013

What is it with the Everly Brothers suddenly being a hip band to cover? If you’ve spent any time with the brothers Everly’s music, you know why. This is the second album this year to pay tribute; February’s excellent What The Brothers Sang by Will Oldham and Dawn McCarthy is an essential must-hear of 2013; its success comes from the decision to eschew the obvious hits and focus on the duo’s more obscure recordings.

The second tribute of 2013, A Date With The Everly Brothers, by The Chapin Sisters, focuses on the hits and the duo’s more popular material. It’s not a bad idea, taking the masculine brothers and remaking them with two sisters and their golden voices. Sisters Abigail and Lily don’t necessarily challenge or change the songs’ original intent; “Cathy’s Clown,” “When Will I Be Loved?” and “All I Have To Do Is Dream” are rather faithful to the originals. Other highlights include the melancholy “Love Hurts,” the jaunty shuffle of “Til I Kissed Ya,” Longtime fans of the brothers may find this a lovely—if not slightly inessential—listen. For younger listeners who may not know their work, A Date With The Everly Brothers is a fine introduction. If you like this album—and there’s nothing here to not like—may it inspire you to check out the originals.