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Wicklow Atwater - The Fallen Flame String Band LP (Self-Released)

20 November 2016

Raised and formed in Atwater Village, Southern California, the five members of Wicklow Atwater have all been friends since childhood, resulting in a long-standing bond and natural chemistry rare for musical acts. It’s a quality that can’t be easily imitated or mass-produced, and it shines on their new record The Fallen Flame String Band LP. Their sound is Americana on a more modest and fun-loving spirit than the majority of anthemic, “inspirational” folk bands currently chanting away today, which means there’s a greater focus on the songcraft and the actual core of the band.

The band’s desires are simple—namely to be merry and inspire community through a roaring party, as evident on the all-out romps like “Closer To Me” and “Blazer’s Breakdown.” The seventeen tracks of the album, although they make for a long listen, do enhance this celebratory atmosphere; and even the more slower, more somber parts like “Sleeping Through (The Good Parts of the Day)” have a communal, hymnal quality. The band’s chemistry adds a lot as well. where they harmonize beautifully and play off of each other splendidly on the humorous back and forth of “Come On Over.” The Fallen Flame String Band LP is easily on the year’s best and most respectable revivalist folk records.


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