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Zonnis - Rise of the Sheep (Self-Released)

16 May 2016

Victoria, BC’s duo Zonnis is the result of married couple Andrea and Adam Zonnis. Zonnis’s brand of folk is at times humorous, thought-provoking, and utterly captivating. Their new album Rise of the Sheep contains songs that embody all of these moods, and is folk that, like the fluffier side of Woody Guthrie is intelligently fun while ultimately harmless for the whole family. Songs like “Drinkin’ In The Dark” and “Up Dawson Creek Without A Paddle” are so purely enjoyable, the joy exudes immediately upon reading the titles.

Other songs deal with themes like expats in Costa Rica (“Coco Loco”), and the narrative of one couple’s argument (“Too Little Too Late”). The aformentioned “Up Dawson Creek Without A Paddle” finds the duo laughing slightly at their own Canadian heritage and the rustic adventure song genre in general. Elsewhere, the band branches out into other genres such as the sock hop rockabilly of the bouncing “Party Boots,” and the fitting reggae vibes of “Springtime Fever.” The album is not music that will rock or change the world by any means, and it isn’t intended to, but it is definitely music that presents you with a very pleasurable diversion. Rise of the Sheep is out May 17th.


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