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Jeff Nielsen: March 13, 2011

10 Signs of Life in 2011

Here’s what’s snagged my ear so far this year.
Your thoughts on what made the list (and what could have!) are really very welcome in the COMMENTS section

  1. Chixdiggit Safeways Here We Come

    It’s only been six years since the last Chixdiggit album and now we get seven songs (just over a song year for the mathematically inclined) so you better enjoy every second of this.


  2. Dropkick Murphys Going Out in Style

    I’ve given a listen to most of this band’s albums over the years but this is the one where they seem to have figured out exactly which Celtic cliches to steal wholesale and which ones to shit-kick.


  3. Peter, Bjorn and John Gimme Some

    I take it that these indie-poppers had a but of buzz about six-thousand years ago (in hipster years anyways), but now they’ve returned with a hummable power-pop record that reminds me (and likely only me) of seventies new wave band The Vapors.


  4. Screeching Weasel First World Manifesto

    On the heels of a strong solo album with his Iron-String Quartet, Ben Weasel revives the Screeching Weasel, moniker for about the 10th time, to scathing effect.


  5. David Dondero A Pre-Existing Condition

    Not a proper covers album or a proper follow-up to “Zero With a Bullet” but it’s still a pretty fascinating listen.


  6. The Carmines Older, Fatter Wider

    If you love surf-punk (and I’m not sure how many people do) then this album is gonna make you wanna give Brian Wilson a mohawk.


  7. Smoking Popes This is Only a Test

    Y’know on this comeback album they’ve really built on their The Ramones-meets-The Smiths premise.


  8. The Decemberists The King is Dead

    I’ve never had a strong opinion on these indie-folk darlings, but this new album brings to mind vintage R.E.M. amongst other things.


  9. Mikey Erg Heart-Shaped 12”

    This 12” is exactly 3:48 long – in its entirety – but it packs in a boxload of sad, clever lyrics and catchy tunes.


  10. The Baseball Project Vol. 2

    Having a bantam-weight super groups (say, Peter Buck, Scott McCaughey and Steve Wynn) doing a ultra-focused theme album (say, professional baseball history) oughta guarantee mediocrity but this album is as fun as a lunch-hour game of scrub.