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The Big Takeover Issue #94

Jeff Nielsen

Greg Macpherson 2

Greg MacPherson: Disintegration Blues (Disintegration Records)

30 December 2011

Six albums and over a decade into his career, Winnipeg guitarist/singer/song-writer/ activist/Disintegration Records boss Greg MacPherson is refusing to let up.

Canon B

Cannon Bros. - Firecracker/Cloudglow

18 December 2011

Winnipeg’s indie- pop duo keep things simple and stunning.

BBD DVD full

Bloodied But Unbowed DVD (Deluxe Edition)

11 December 2011

Susanne Tabata’s documentary, Bloodied But Unbowed: The Life and Death of Vancouver’s First Punk Scene 1977-1982, has been released in a three-DVD set teeming with extras.

ST (Full)

Past is Past: Susanne Tabata Documents Vancouver's Punk History in Bloodied But Unbowed

1 December 2011

Canadian documentarian Susanne Tabata (49 Degrees, Skater Girl), plunges into the sleazy underbelly of Vancouver’s seventies punk scene to make a deeply human film about an entire scene and it’s often larger-then-life denizens.

NMN live 2

Too Much Is Not Enough: NoMeansNo, West Cultural Centre, October, 15th 2011

27 October 2011

Victoria jazz-punks NoMeansNo prove, once again, that time has not sapped their energy but only strengthened their resolve.


I Am Wrong: An interview with NoMeansNo's John Wright

10 October 2011
John Wright, drummer extraordinaire for Canadian jazz-punk-prog-core-blah -blah-blah legends, NoMeansNo, talks to us about touring the world, surviving the collapse of the music industry, listening to Foghat and a helluva lot more.

Greg Macpherson, West End Cultural Centre, Saturday Septmber 17th, 2011

18 September 2011

Winnipeg’s most intense Singer/song-writer Greg Macpherson tries to goes QU

caterwaul of sound stabby road

Caterwaul of Sound: Stabby Road (Self-Released, 2011)

5 June 2011

In which we are aurally attacked by NYC’s not-so-young punk upstarts Caterwaul of Sound and conclude: “That’s Not Sick, That’s Funny”.

DOA (Mark Van Manen, Vancouver Sun)

You're D.O.A.! An Interview With Joey Keithley

24 October 2010

Punk rock legend Joey Keithley, long-time leader of Vancouver hardcore standard-bearers D.O.A., talks writing, riffing, touring and a whole lot of hammering!

Jesse Malin & The Saint Marks Social - Live It To Life

Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social - Love it to Life (Side One Dummy)

18 September 2010

“Jesse Malin, isn’t he like Ryan Adams II?” someone asked me the other day.
In Malin’s defense, I offered a stumbling summary of his die-hard career…