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Jeff Nielsen: March 27, 2011

10 MORE Deadly Stranglers Moments (1978-1981)

The Stranglers mutated as the seventies turned into the eighties but through much of this time they still sounded like a fearsome beast. (The later eighties and nineties would hear that beastly sound weakened but not destroyed.)
So for now let us now watch (and listen to) the second phase of The Stranglers attack.
P.S Your COMMENTS about this list would be most appreciated, as they banish the ghosts of silence.

  1. “Tank”

  2. “Sweden (All Quiet on the Eastern Front)”

  3. “Who Wants the World”

  4. “Baroque Bordello”

  5. “Nuclear Device”

  6. “Duchess”

  7. “Bear Cage”

  8. “Let Me Introduce You To The Family”

  9. “Strange Little Girl”

  10. “Golden Brown”