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Tim Bugbee: May 11, 2014

Top ten reunions that will never happen.

It’s been way too long for one of these… so here’s something a bit different – Top ten bands that will likely never see the original lineup play again (excluding bands w/ dead members, obviously)

  1. #10 Spacemen 3

    If All Tomorrow’s Parties couldn’t coax Jason and Pete to get back on stage together, I’m afraid no one can.

  2. #9 Black Sabbath

    It’s kinda surprising that Ozzy got back with Tony and Geezer, but the rift between them and Bill Ward seems unbridgeable. Their show last year was actually quite good, even if Ozzy stumbled around like a manic preacher with a slight palsy.

  3. #8 Dead Kennedys

    When the the best known band member (and one with an extremely recognizable vocal style) is replaced, it just doesn’t work.

  4. #7 Guns ‘n’ Roses

    Axl has managed to alienate everyone in the band, and I doubt he’s undergone any soul-searching.

  5. #6 Talking Heads

    Chris Frantz recently published some of his thoughts about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and referred to David Byrne as “our lead singer”

  6. #5 The Jam

    This is a reunion that would move a lot of tickets, but Weller seems content to do his own thing, even though he’s apparently made some amends with Foxton. No word on Buckler.

  7. #4 Hüsker Dü

    Grant Hart – “But the idea of a reunion? I don’t think anybody in Hüsker needs it. It’s not going to enhance our reputation.”

  8. #3 Galaxie 500

    I’m sure that Damon and Naomi are frustrated that Wareham holds the trump card with his singing, and couldn’t be happy when he decided to tour as ‘plays Galaxie 500’ songs, but there’s not much they can do about it.

  9. #2 Uncle Tupelo

    If you believe the web, the longtime split between Tweedy and Farrar was ugly, and both of these guys seem more than capable of holding a grudge like shipwreck victim holds a life preserver.

  10. #1 The Smiths

    If they turned down $1MM from Coachella, that just underscores the depths of Morrissey’s contempt for Mike Joyce.


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