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Jen Dan: August 19, 2016

1. Alphamama – “Ass In the Front”
With her riveting, rapid-fire raps, Australian, female-empowerment firebrand Alphamama tackles society’s warped value system on “Ass In The Front” off her forthcoming EP Honey Fire. This rawly provocative, profanity-laden, but relevant hip-hop track that attacks crap celebrity culture as a distraction from real world problems like war, greed, and oppression (Key lyrics: “It’s war in the back / and ass in the front.”). She’s not afraid to go after big names in the entertainment game (Hello, Kim and Kayne, among others!) and doesn’t hold back in slamming a misogynistic culture that devalues women and (mis)shapes the way women view themselves.
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2. WAAX – “This Everything”
Australian indie rock band WAAX is known for its intense live performances. Its members also capture their dramatic passion and high octane energy on record, from blazing lead single “I For An Eye” off of debut EP Holy Sick to “This Everything” from the act’s upcoming second EP. WAAX is led by electrifying frontwoman Marie DeVita whose wildly manic panic vocal exclamations, accompanied by hard-charging guitars and pummeling drums, strike the noise-rock sweet spot.

3. Bernaccia – “Angel”
Newcastle, UK-based alternative quintet Bernaccia will be releasing its compelling dream-rock single “Angel” on September 23rd. The band creates a foreboding, Western noir atmosphere of reverb guitar distortion, rhythmic percussion, stark drum beat, and combined male and female vocals on “Angel”, which culminates in soaring harmonies and a massive, shoegaze guitar-driven fulmination. Debut album Growl Peace Belief will be available starting September 23rd.

4. Eros and the Eschaton – “The Way I Feel 2nite”
North Carolina-located indie rock band Eros and the Eschaton offers up a prime slice of Sonic Youth -like (crossed with Dinosaur Jr.), dreamy, guitar-driven dissonance on its 3rd single, “The Way I Feel 2nite”, off of its second full-length, Weight of Matter, out today on Bar/None. Core members Adam Hawkins (guitarist, vocalist) and Kate Perdoni (co-vocalist, guitarist) have added Ryan Spradlin (bass), Mitch Macura (keyboards), and Alex Koshak (drums) to the band, creating a fuller sound of warped reverb guitar, wavering keyboard note uplift, shimmering cymbals, and emphatic drum hits on “The Way I Feel 2nite”. Hawkins takes the vocal lead, unfurling his words in a languid, warm drift.

5. The smallest Creature – “Reboot”
Music knows no barriers, including geographical, as Cyprus-based indie rock/post-rock band The smallest Creature goes big with “Reboot”, the first in an upcoming succession of singles. The tune begins quietly with just strummed acoustic guitar and singer Stefanos Marnerides ’s distanced vocals before stirring up into a swirling whirl of distorted guitar frisson and keening sweep of Marnerides’s sweetly longing tone. A debut full-length is planned for delivery in the near future.

6. Sophie Lowe – “Mean”
Multi-talented Australian actress Sophie Lowe is mainly known for her film (Beautiful Kate, What Lola Wants, Above Suspicion) and TV (Once Upon A Time in Wonderland, The Returned, The Slap) roles, but that should change with her striking string of singles that includes the innocently/seductively alluring “Pink Flowers” and the spare, stark “Mean”. This track was recorded with an assist from production duo Twins Kids and shines the spotlight on a spellbinding, emotionally vulnerable Lowe.
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7. Lowell – “Blow the Bass”
Canadian sensation Lowell gets bittersweetly melancholic on her latest single, the darkly sparkling club comedown “Blow the Bass”. The electro-pop number is from Lowell’s upcoming Part 1: Paris YK EP, out August 26th on Arts & Crafts. A yearning Lowell swings from sugary word-twisting to lightly lamenting cries that are set against a measured beat, crisp, ticking percussion, and softly reverberating electronics.
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8. Myrkur – “Song To Hall Up High” (Bathory cover)
Danish black metal artist Myrkur, AKA Amalie Bruun, released her mesmerizing album M last year and she follows it up with a live recording from the vaults of the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum located in Oslo, Norway. The result is a spare, haunting, and graceful acoustic set of reworked songs from M. This Bathory cover hangs suspended from the heavens by Bruun’s angelically forlorn vocals (which are a dead ringer for Suzanne Perry ’s of lovespiralsdownwards!), supported by rich, fluid, but subdued guitar flow from Håvard (ex- Ulver).

9. Savoir Adore – “Paradise Gold”
Brooklyn-based indie pop/rock group Savoir Adore recently released its 3rd album, The Love That Remains. “Giants” is the lead single off the full-length, but it’s the romping “Paradise Gold” that captivates the most with its upbeat tribal rhythm, enjoyably loping, dance club-ready pace, crunchy electronic snap, crackle, and pop, and founder Paul Hammer ’s smooth, New Wave-leaning vocals underscored by bandmate Lauren Zettler ’s enthusiastic exclamations.

10. BREATHERRR – “Chantrieri”
The man behind the curtain of the Long Beach, CA-based post-psychedelic electronic OZ BREATHERRR is multi-instrumentalist/producer Michael Anthony Espinach. He upends traditional musical categories by experimentally mashing up disparate genres like jazz, pop, and pysch, into one far-out, but fascinating fusion of sound, texture, and rhythms that gives freaky-deaky feels, especially on the roving and disorienting (in a cool way!) “Chantrieri” which features exotic sonics, lyrical collage montage, and what sounds like heavily aroused breathing. Long-player Almond Noir will see the light of day November 11th worldwide.
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