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Girlschool: Rocking Their 45th Anniversary with New Record

21 August 2023

“I always felt we were too Metal for the Punk fans and too rock & roll for Metal. We created our own world of sorts. With this new record, so much time passed, I was like ‘What? You need another one of these?’ This new record sounds hard but natural to me. We still love writing together and playing out,” said Kim McAuliffe.

Den of Wax: DIY Record Shop Seeks To Catalyze Hudson Valley

14 August 2023

“Our space looks to have people stay awhile, hang out, and learn about music they may have normally overlooked. We wanna make it a destination spot for vinyl and music enthusiasts and give back to the communities that have been so welcoming to us,” said Matt Friedman.

Dave Smalley: Introspection and Passion Lead Don't Sleep

25 June 2023

“You cannot live in fear during creativity. There will sadly be people willing to cast you aside if you don’t fit their ideals or ethos but if your passion is organically expressed and you are creating with sincerity then you are doing the honest thing as a writer. I feel excited with this group and it’s the right time for me,” stated Smalley.

Nita Strauss: Guitar Phenom To Release New Solo Record

14 May 2023

“I wanted the follow-up to Controlled Chaos to be exciting, new, and fresh, to take listeners to a new place and take myself somewhere new as an artist, too. We have some amazing collaborations on this album with incredible musicians, as well as the instrumental guitar music that first inspired me to play,” said Strauss.

Mudhoney: Plastic Eternity Marks 35th Anniversary

2 March 2023

“It’s interesting looking back at just how long we have been playing despite not exactly striving for anything career-wise. Whatever we choose to write or work to take a new direction, it always ends up sounding like Mudhoney because that’s our sound and it’s who we are,” stated Arm.

Easy Tiger: Unleashing copacetic electronic/dance music during the pandemic

6 February 2023

Columbus, Ohio-located electro-/dance-rock trio Easy Tiger recently sprang their self-titled debut EP.

Dan From Downingtown: Connecting to something bigger through music

31 January 2023

Pennsylvania-based artist Dan From Downingtown has released a potent new single with accompanying music video.

Skycabin: Flying high through multiple musical styles

21 January 2023

Los Angeles-based duo Skycabin unveil their latest single, a seductive and noir number, ahead of an upcoming EP release.

Nero Kane

Nero Kane: Cinematic starkness and mystery from Italy

26 December 2022

Nero Kane is a dark folk/psych(e) songwriter whose European roots intertwine with America’s desert sound in a project full of emotional visions and cinematic ambience.

Lenny Lashley: Evolution With Five Great Egrets

28 November 2022

“This record feels very powerful and with a light at the end of the tunnel mentality. One of the primary purposes of songwriting is creating something that a listener identifies with, that they relate to. With the work I put in with this record, I’m confident I can evoke positive reactions,” stated Lashley.

Black Halos: Vancouver Punks Return with How The Darkness Doubled

13 November 2022

“With this record, I view it as more a passion project and I’m proud of how it came out. I feel it features my best writing,” said Jones.

Michael Compton

Michael Compton: A Musical Renaissance Man

1 November 2022

Michael Compton Worked Longtime in The Seattle Music Business and Now Comes Back to the Seattle Music Scene Full-Time.

La Need Machine

La Need Machine: A Spooky Treat for Halloween

28 October 2022

Seattle-based rock ‘n’ roll outfit La Need Machine drop a gritty and emotional tune with a creepy-fun Halloween-inspired music video.

Julian Shah-Tayler

Julian Shah-Tayler: A Singular New Wave/Electro-Rock Artist

7 October 2022

Los Angeles (by way of Leeds, UK) musician Julian Shah-Tayler returns with a vibrant new album with guests that includes David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets) and MGT.

September Boys: Uni Boys Deliver Classic Power Pop

22 September 2022

The road to creating a classic power pop album isn’t always a straight line, but Uni Boys got there with ‘Do It All Next Week’.

Jeff Drake: The Joneses front man gives the straight dope in new book

11 September 2022

“It’s been a wild ride. From moving to SoCal at only 18 and meeting Olson and starting a group that came up so fast and almost getting signed; I’m grateful just for that because sometimes, I felt I didn’t deserve it. It blows my mind that people still cover our songs and that all these years later, people are still supporting us and that we mean something to people,” concluded Drake.

Different Jane

Different Jane: Shaking up the sameness of Rock 'n' Roll

9 September 2022

Different Jane is a no-frills, tell it like it is rock ‘n’ roll band from Norman Oklahoma and their dynamic and catchy debut LP unleashes September 15th.

Daphne Parker Powell

Daphne Parker Powell: A Soulful and Storytelling multi-media artist

2 September 2022

Singer Daphne Parker Powell bares her soul on an upcoming album that encompasses song, narrative writing, and visual accompaniment.

Kimberley Morgan York

Kimberly Morgan York: Revealing the highs and lows of life

24 August 2022

Country/folk singer-songwriter Kimberly Morgan York unveils two engaging new albums, one of which was recorded in 2016.

Elijah Johnston

Elijah Johnston: Sweet indie pop with thought-provoking lyrics

17 August 2022

Elijah Johnston is a singer/songwriter from Athens, GA who’s known for his collaborative and solo work and his energetic live shows.

Motorcycle Display Team

Motorcycle Display Team: Revving up with a politically charged anthem

11 August 2022

The UK indie/alt-rock band unload a fervently confrontational single with accompanying video from their upcoming full length.

Bailey Flores

Bailey Flores: A colorful artist with a stylistically varied palette

5 August 2022

Bailey Flores has an exciting music career ahead of her and she’ll be dropping a new EP in the fall.


Smomid: Experimental audio and video transmissions

1 August 2022

L.A.-based, jazz-influenced Nick Demopolous recently dropped his latest avant-garde album.

Rae Chriss

Rae Chriss: Free to be herself and pursue her life's purpose

25 July 2022

The North Carolina indie rocker with poetic and perceptive lyrics recently dropped a single and will release her debut album this fall.


Sisteria: Rock firepower unleashed by this Oklahoman act

18 July 2022

The band’s debut album, Dark Matter, is releasing on August 19th via Tulsa’s Horton Records and their latest single with mesmerizing video is out now.

Tamar Berk

Tamar Berk: A singular songwriter/musician highlights a multitude of styles

9 July 2022

Tamar Berk is a literate songwriter with a haunting, atmospheric sound steeped in 1990s alt-rock, ’70s to ’80s power pop, and ’60s psychedelia.

Grandpa Jack

Grandpa Jack: Roughing it on new album Grits

29 June 2022

The Brooklyn-based stoner rock trio traveled to the remote upstate New York town of Saugerties to lay down the fuzzed-out tracks for their upcoming album.

EH of Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello: Rousing Music and Relevant Messages from Ukraine

21 June 2022

Acclaimed gypsy punk collective Gogol Bordello, led by charismatic Eugene Hütz, calls for solidarity with and aid for Ukraine in the face of barbaric invasion.

Antagonizers ATL: Punk Positivity Amidst Times of Uncertainty

7 March 2022

“We want nothing more than to have people come away with positive feelings from our band because we know everyone has experienced some kind of loss and pain but the power of music can help ease it,” said Zacharyj.

Sweat: Debut LP Offers Fiery Hardcore Evolution

16 February 2022

“I do music because it’s a passion, it moves me. I also work to contribute to make it better and create something that can be inclusive. Wrestling also challenges me and I’m hopeful my passion for it can make positive contributions to improve it. If I can make connections with people doing both, I know I’m doing something right.”

TV Queens

TV Queens: Tune into New Wave, synth-pop, and electro-soul

9 December 2021

Dayton, Ohio-located pop/soul outfit TV Queens have release an enticing, ’80s-vibed single that melds spacey synth-pop and soulful vocals.

Johnny Manchild

Johnny Manchild And The Poor Bastards: They Deserve a Room, Even If They Didn’t Ask for One

30 November 2021

The multi-genre ensemble helmed by Johnny Manchild have recently released a compilation album of long-awaited demos and new compositions.

Pageant Boys

Pageant Boys: Capturing the Revolt against the Status Quo

19 November 2021

Alexander Sheppard mixes clever melodies with dark soundscapes to create truly original pieces of American art on his new album.

The Serpenteens

The Serpenteens: Toppling genre conventions with the power of two

12 November 2021

Nashville-based, garage-punk/dark surf duo The Serpenteens offer up guitar power, infectious rhythms, and biting social commentary on their new LP.

Quick Fiction 2

Quick Fiction: Truth in moving on and forward via debut album

2 November 2021

San Francisco Bay Area genre-melding outfit Quick Fiction deliver an exciting to reflective math-/prog-/post-rock/pop punk/folk hybrid album.

New You

New You: Double the deft songwriting and textural elements on new single

28 October 2021

Washington/Massachusetts indie/alt-rock outfit New You deliver not one, but two fresh singles that drench power pop in guitar-driven fuzz.

Vanishing Shores

Vanishing Shores: Exploring beauty and truth with transcendent songwriting

20 October 2021

Cleveland-located singer-songwriter Kevin Bianchi collaborates with a rotating cast of musicians on his heartfelt new album with real life themes.


EEP: Gazing into heartbreak on dreamy and melodic new single

4 October 2021

The El Paso, Texas exploratory shoegaze outfit unveil the captivating lead track from their exciting and enthralling upcoming album.

Odd Beholder 2

Odd Beholder: Almodovar, Climate Change, and Setting Planes on Fire

23 September 2021

Intriguing and astute Swiss electro-/art-pop singer, songwriter, and activist Daniela Weinmann reveals details about her new album and premieres a music video.

Devotions - Pusher

Devotions: Nostalgic and Dreamy Pop from Australia

21 September 2021

The dreampop trio, who are inspired by films, art, and post-punk music, recently released their debut album via Somewherecold Records.

Neil Burkdoll

Among The Clouds: Musician and Shoegazer Neil Burkdoll launches new YouTube channel

9 September 2021

Burkdoll (Whimsical, LoveBlind) interviews shoegaze, dreampop, and adjacent bands/artists in video format, including Ringo Deathstarr and A Place To Bury Strangers.

Steve Kilby

Steve Kilbey Strides Down ‘The Hall of Counterfeits’ with ‘Winged Heels’

4 September 2021

The Hall of Counterfeits is an unwieldy chaotic dense bunch of songs that we have plucked fresh out of the thin air.”

Sonny Vincent: Rocker Returns With New Record And Debut Book- Snake Pit Therapy

1 September 2021

“Asking for help and turning to people has also humbled me. I still have angst within me, as evident on the records but I do feel hope. To work and create something among all the rubble that is going on is very powerful and forever positive.”

Lavender Blush

Lavender Blush: A Seasoned Dreampop/Shoegaze Artist Blooms Anew

1 September 2021

The full band was pared down to veteran musician Ryan Lescure during the pandemic, with other vocalists added later to their upcoming LP.

Hawks Do Not Share

Hawks Do Not Share: Reaching for their Dream on upcoming Album

30 August 2021

The Portland, Oregon-located electro-/synth-/dream-pop group have unveiled their engaging lead single from their upcoming 2nd LP.

Don Lifted 2

Don Lifted: Taking Memphis R&B and ambient music to mysterious new depths

24 August 2021

Lawrence Matthews, the multi-talented creative behind Don Lifted, will soon unveil his latest alluring and stylistically hybrid album via Fat Possum.

Monta At Odds

Monta At Odds: Out of Infinite Darkness, a Peak of Eternal Light

17 August 2021

Kansas City-based collective Monta At Odds ply a dark synth-pop/ethereal sound on their new album out now via Record Machine Label.

Slow Crush 2

Slow Crush: Enigmatic & Enthralling Music that Embraces the Unknown

6 August 2021

The acclaimed Belgian heavy shoegaze band unveil a transfixing new single/music video ahead of second album Hush via Quiet Panic/ Church Road Records.