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Video Premiere: "One Glove" by Majorette

28 November 2023

“One Glove” listens like a reverse strip-tease: totally bare with just a single vocal track and syncopated drum beat. Slowly, layers are added on, culminating in a three-part round.

Video Premiere: “Slight Inconvenience” by We Owe

27 November 2023

Today, We Owe (Chris Pravdica) shares a final single off his forthcoming LP, a sprawling post-rock odyssey entitled “Slight Inconvenience” that comes alongside a music video directed by Jim Larson.

Video Premiere: "Today" by Lovina Falls

22 November 2023

“This song was inspired by people I care about having a difficult time during lockdown. Their self-worth was so tightly bound to social interactivity that without constant contact with others, they began to doubt themselves and question their own self-worth. They would fall into a really dark place and grab on to anything, anyone, or any circumstance that promised escape, regardless whether or not it was a good idea.” – Valerie Forgione of Lovina Falls

Video Premiere: "Nice To Know Ya" by The International Treasures

20 November 2023

The International Treasures has a new album titled: Together, We Are The International Treasures which is out now and Big Takeover is excited to present the new music video for their hit single “Nice to Know Ya”.

Video Premiere: "The Girl In Barcelona" by Rebel Kicks

17 November 2023

Rebel Kicks Unveil “The Girl In Barcelona,” A Vivid Musical Journey in New Single and Video. An exclusive first look at the New York duo’s enchanting single, capturing the thrill of serendipitous adventure and ethereal connections. “The Girl In Barcelona” is a sonic embodiment of freedom and joy, wrapped in the allure of the mysterious.

Video Premiere: "Talkk" by Nervous Eaters

16 November 2023

Pioneering Boston rockers Nervous Eaters — contemporaries of bands like The Ramones, The Police, Iggy Pop, and The Pretenders— have released a new single “Talkk” which comes on the heels of the band’s critically-lauded 2022 return full-length, Monsters + Angels, on Stevie Van Zandt’s Wicked Cool Records.

Album Premiere: "A Hole Forever" by Spunsugar

16 November 2023

Over hazy instrumentals lie a dark storyline, waiting to mystify listeners; Spunsugar’s unique fusion of electronic, post-punk, and pop components provide a modern touch to their shoegaze/new wave concoction.

Video Premiere: "Shady Little Lady" by Scarlet Lastrapes

14 November 2023

“Shady Little Lady is my own compulsion personified. I imagine she crawled through my ear one day, when I was just twelve years old. I believe neurodivergence to be sorely underrepresented in pop music, so, I tried to craft the song I wish I’d had when I was a kid, and first met Shady.”

Video Premiere: “Sweet Home Anywhere” by Spaghetti Eastern Music

13 November 2023

Spaghetti Eastern Music Pivots to Singer-Songwriter Mode with New Single, “Sweet Home Anywhere”.

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10 November 2023

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Video Premiere: "Mr. Moon" by the Cucumbers

10 November 2023

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Mr. Moon” by the Cucumbers.

Song Premiere: “Good Lookin’ Liars” by The Blips

8 November 2023

The The Blips struck lightning when Little Steven’s Underground Garage declared “Inside Out” The Coolest Song In The World in the spring of 2021. Now they are back with a new song and upcoming album, and Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of “Good Lookin’ Liars”!

Video Premiere: “Maybe That's Enough For Now” by Scott Whiddon

6 November 2023

“I’ve worked with video director Brian Powers for years on a range of arts projects. He hosts the podcast American Esoterica and he’s also a talented animator and editor. We decided to take a little smashed car (from the painting “Smashed Afternoon” by Lori Larusso) on an adventure, using all kinds of images and backgrounds, as a way to try and highlight the song’s lyrics.” – Scott Whiddon

Video Premiere: The Making Of "In The Black" by The Lunar Laugh

3 November 2023

New mini-documentary goes behind the scenes for the making of the new album from Oklahoma City indie rockers The Lunar Laugh.

Looking Glass War Release Debut EP "Where Neon Meets The Rain"

2 November 2023

“Many people have told us that they hear something reminiscent of the ‘80s and ‘90s in our music, but that it’s done in a fresh, new way,” says drummer Tony Porter. “I’m psyched to play a part in offering a set of songs that appeal to different generations of rock fans.”

Video Premiere: "Tilt" by Palm Ghosts

2 November 2023

Palm Ghosts deliver the sound of an ’80s prom in a war zone. As far from the honky-tonks and pedal taverns of their adopted city as one can get, this is a trio who are clearly more at home in rainy Manchester or blustery Berlin, as they produce their amalgam of cinematic dream pop and new wave with brooding post punk.

Song Premiere: "RE-ANIMATOR" by nolo

1 November 2023

“RE-ANIMATOR is about seeing the past with clearer eyes and maybe finding a new use for it, to reassemble it in some way. The four of us all have histories with mental health, grief, addiction and heartache; this song is about discovering something new in the rubble of the past and trying to repurpose that pain, to use it to explore our connection with the world and who we are within it” – nolo.

Video Premiere: "Don't Grow Old" by Allen Ginsberg

1 November 2023

“A beautiful meditation on the fragile fleeting quality of time enhanced by Allen’s melancholic delivery of the title as a mantra”

Star Collector Release New Video “Crashin"

31 October 2023

Big Takeover is proud to share “Crashin”, the new video from Vancouver, BC Mod-influenced rock & roll band Star Collector!

Video Premiere: "Gone Too Far" by Catbells

27 October 2023

“Gone Too Far” is a video for one of the featured songs on Partly Cloudy, the full-length debut from Los Angeles-based Dream-pop auteur Catbells. The album was produced by Billy Mohler (Pom Poms, Coastal Clouds, Airborne Toxic Event, Bel Rays, AWOLNation, Sia, Drowning Men, War Tapes), recorded at his studio in Long Beach CA.

Video Premiere: “Who Will Silence the Pigs” by Crush Of Souls

26 October 2023

“It’s a story as old as time; life and death, heaven and hell. Where they meet and where they part. In this mini epic, we watch Charles traverse the netherworld and play scrabble with Death. He exits the lush divinity of family life and plays God with the John Gotti of the afterlife.”

Album Premiere: "Fertile Ashes" by Twin Bridges

25 October 2023

The darkly beautiful new full-length from Portland, Oregon’s Twin Bridges unites clever songwriting and unique cello techniques to create a true folk masterpiece.

Video Premiere: “We Were Wolves” by Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends

24 October 2023

Melvins drummer Dale Crover and ex- Coliseum bassist Tony Ash join prolific frontman Conan Neutron to bash out noisy, infectious power-pop that rocks like old Cheap Trick put through an Amphetamine Reptile filter. The band’s new album “Adult Prom” is a split with cello-core duo Lung, out now on Learning Curve Records (Hammerhead, Vaz, Bummer).

Video Premiere: "Poison Particles" by Tetsuians

23 October 2023

Tetsuians channel their inner demons in the video for their new single “Poison Particles”.

Album Premiere: "The House Of Love" by Endless Forms

21 October 2023

Endless Forms’ unconventional take on love songs in new album The House of Love.

Song Premiere: "Unnatural" by Loose Wing

19 October 2023

“‘Unnatural’ is about a few things, but mainly about how so many aspects of being alive — even including death — are so weird. Just being human is weird! This song is about reckoning with mortality… a poppy reckoning with mortality.” — Claire Tucker of Loose Wing.

Song Premiere: "Nothing Compares to You" by The Helltones

18 October 2023

Big Takeover is stoked to host the premiere of the soulful “Nothing Compares to You”, an epic love song that lands somewhere between the sincerity of Alabama Shakes and the raw emotional intensity of Otis Redding.

Video Premiere: "Twenty-Third" by The Small Square

17 October 2023

“Twenty-Third” is the first video from Ours & Others, the second full length album from The Small Square. The duo of multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Paul Chastain and drummer, percussionist, and vocalist John Louis Richardson recorded Ours & Others at Richardson’s Drum Farm Studio, returning to the same studio space in a modified 18th century granary located on 80 acres in which they created their first offering.

Video Premiere: “Dirty Like an Angel” by Divine Horsemen

16 October 2023

“’Dirty Like an Angel’ is one of the spookier, darker-themed songs on the new album and is perfect for an October premiere. In reference to some of the vintage A-bomb footage in the video, that aspect was conceived back in March 2023, before I was aware of the then-upcoming Oppenheimer release.” – Chris D. Divine Horsemen

Album Premiere: "The World’s So Cruel" by SANDS

12 October 2023

London-based artist and producer SANDS drops his debut album The World’s So Cruel.

Video Premiere: “Snooze You Lose” by Hot Garbage

11 October 2023

The new Hot Garbage track “Snooze You Lose” packs an explosive punch, flying through two minutes of maniacal laughter, savvy punk riffage and a heavy dose of Graham Walsh’s signature off-the-wall production.

Ten Million Light release new LP "Into Nothing"

8 October 2023

Ten Million Lights, a four-piece from Portland, Oregon that play noisy, dreamy shoegaze, have just released the new LP Into Nothing

Album Premiere: "Here" by Be

5 October 2023

In a world that can seem increasingly hopeless, Be’s remarkable new album Here is a ray of light and a pure shot of love.

Video Premiere: “Children Of Kali” by Art Bergmann

27 September 2023

Canadian punk icon Art Bergmann releases his latest album ShadowWalk on Sept. 29. In part a tribute to his late wife, the songs also share hard-earned wisdom and hope.

Song Premiere: "Back To Living" by Rose Gerber

26 September 2023

Rose Gerber is an intrepid American roots explorer, incorporating country, folk, rock, alt-rock, and alt-country into a seamless signature aesthetic. As a writer she’s both sensitive and sassy, equally gifted penning Heartland rock n’ roll and heartbreaking balladry. Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of “Back To Living”.

Song Premiere: “Hawk’s Nest” by Abilene

25 September 2023

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Hawk’s Nest” by Abilene.

Album Premiere: "Modern Living" by Four Star Riot

21 September 2023

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Modern Living” by Four Star Riot.

Album Premiere: "Couch Slime IV" by Flesh Produce

20 September 2023

“All the richest people kept getting richer and capitalizing on the plague that was going on. I personally believe there should be no billionaires, and that money makes us all do awful things. I wanted to speak about standing up to it and being strong, badass, and hot enough to do what I want. And that we collectively are powerful enough to change our future.” Big Takeover is pleased to host the premiere of Couch Slime IV by Flesh Produce.

Song Premiere: "Mexico" by Blue Vervain

19 September 2023

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Mexico” by Blue Vervain.

Album Premiere: "Charmer" by Paper Tigers

18 September 2023

“We’re proud of this album,” declare Paper Tigers. “With each release, we pushed ourselves both in terms of songwriting and production and this was the culmination of everything we learned about both.”

EP Premiere: "The Winds" by Arms & Armour

15 September 2023

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of The Winds by Arms & Armour.

Album Premiere: "Transmute" by Phosphene

13 September 2023

Portland duo Phosphene’s new record Transmute is a decisively excellent collection of fuzzy, dreamy indie pop songs.

Song Premiere: "Zephyr" by JJ Slater

12 September 2023

Zephyr is the most similar to my previous releases, dreamy and folky. It’s about when life takes a pause for you, and you realize that not only you need the rest, but it’s perhaps time to stop and reflect on all the changes, good and bad, that maybe you hadn’t noticed.” – Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “Zephyr” by JJ Slater.

Album Premiere: "Lines" by Soft Science

7 September 2023

Big Takeover is stoked to host the premiere of Lines by Soft Science. Ross Levine and Katie Haley took some time to offer a few lyrical, musical, or interesting insights about each of the songs.

Video Premiere: "You Do You" by Last Man Back

6 September 2023

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “You Do You”, the second single by Last Man Back, the new project from Alan O’Keeffe.

Album Premiere: "Loud" by Bark (Tim Lee and Sue Lee Bauer)

5 September 2023

Bark is a drum set, a Fender 6-string bass, two voices and more hooks than Bill Dance keeps in his tackle box. Loud is their new album. Bark comprises the collaborative duo of Susan Bauer Lee (drums and vocals) and Tim Lee (Fender VI bass and vocals) based in Water Valley, Mississippi.

Album Premiere: "South Locust" by Swallow the Rat

1 September 2023

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “South Locust” by Swallow the Rat.

Song Premiere: "A Million Miles" by Benjamin Jayne

31 August 2023

“A Million Miles” is the first song released from Broken, the latest release from Benjamin Jayne, a project that is sustained by Benjamin Wright out of Brattleboro, Vermont.

Song Premiere "Remember When" by Elliott Fullam

28 August 2023

Big Takeover is sxcited to host the premiere of “Remember When” by Elliott Fullam.

Song Premiere "Kathy's Song" by Poggy

25 August 2023

UK Folk artist Poggy is back with her take on a Simon & Garfunkel classic.