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The Big Takeover Issue #88
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Tom Moran

Album Premiere: Roommate of a Friend of Mine by Tom Moran

24 September 2021

New York-based singer-songwriter Tom Moran releases a tenderly heartfelt, yet spirited debut album of story-telling love songs.

Dylan Meek

Song Premiere: "Sweet Summer" by Dylan Meek

24 September 2021

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/musician Dylan Meek closes out the summer season with a soulful and transporting single

Claire Tucker

Video Premiere: "Automaton" by Claire Tucker

23 September 2021

Musician Claire Tucker (Loose Wing) flies high on a spacey New Wave synth-pop number from her upcoming album via Drums & Wires Recordings.

Circling Skies

Video Premiere: "Forgotten" by Circling Skies

22 September 2021

Brooklyn dream/electro-/synth-pop musician Nolan Thies (Modern Nations, The Blessed Isles) as Circling Skies unveils an atmospheric track/video.

I Am A Rocketship 4

Video Premiere: "Fever Dream" by I Am a Rocketship

21 September 2021

Based in Atlanta, the duo of Eric Weissinger and L E Kippner are once again in the spotlight and earbuds with a potent new single.

Revolution Before Disorder

NEWS: Revolution Above Disorder teams up with ACTORS’ members on debut "Illuminate" single

21 September 2021

No stranger to shoegaze, electro-pop, post-punk and, synthwave, a new Dublin/Vancouver project enters the music scene.

Jon Patrick Walker

Song Premiere: "The Stars, the Moon & the Sun" by Jon Patrick Walker

21 September 2021

Actor and musician Jon Patrick Walker reveals a contemplative and bittersweet, yet vibrant retro-pop track from his upcoming album.

Larkin Poe - Paint The Roses

NEWS: Roots rock sister duo Larkin Poe unveil collaborative live album with Nu Deco Ensemble

20 September 2021

The renowned outfit have also released a heartfelt live performance music video for poignant and fan favorite track “Mad as a Hatter.”

Bikini Death Race

Album Premiere: Refrigerator by Bikini Death Race

17 September 2021

UK/Italy-based electro-/synth-punk outfit Bikini Death Race unleash a vibrantly wild and extremely tasty second album via Negative Gain.

The Retinas

Song Premiere: "Baggage Kid" by The Retinas

16 September 2021

Philadelphia-located indie rock band The Retinas unleash a catchy and dynamic ’90s-inspired track from their upcoming record.

Sometime In February

Song Premiere: "Sure Thing" by Sometime in February

15 September 2021

South Carolina-based Tristan Auman, as Sometime In February, unveils a potent progressive rock instrumental from his upcoming EP.

Lusitanian Ghosts - live

Song Premiere: "Soul Deranium" by Lusitanian Ghosts

14 September 2021

Mainly based in Portugal, this folk-rock collective utilize traditional European instruments and socio-political commentary on their songs.

Nick Hudson and Kianna Blue

NEWS: Nick Hudson intrigues on "The Ballad Of K69996 Roma," a blazing preview of K69996ROMA:EP

14 September 2021

Talented and prolific Brighton-based singer-songwriter, composer, writer, and painter Nick Hudson, along with Kianna Blue unveil a compelling single/video.

Kris Gruen

Video Premiere: "Nothing in the World" by Kris Gruen

14 September 2021

Vermont-located alt-folk singer-songwriter Kris Gruen releases an engaging music video for a catchy and kicky track off his upcoming LP.

Jordi Up Late

Video Premiere: "TLQ" by Jordi Up Late

13 September 2021

LA-based indie pop dynamo Jordi Up Late drops her first live-action music video for a track that balances sweetness with a strong-willed backbone.

Joe Carducci - Western Stories

NEWS: Former SST Records co-owner, and author of Rock And Pop Narcotic, Joe Carducci releases new book

13 September 2021

Joe Carducci has announced the release of his newest collection of screenplays that are well-informed, classically-styled westerns.

Chris Robley

Album Premiere: Filament in the Wilderness or What Comes Next by Chris Robley

10 September 2021

Maine-based singer and songwriter Chris Robley releases a socio-politically relevant and deeply personal experimental indie folk LP that calls for empathy.

Lions of the Interstate

NEWS: Portland-based indie rock/psych-pop band Lions of the Interstate unleash double EP

9 September 2021

The two new EPs, out via Braxeling Records, are connected sonically and thematically, and delve into psychedelia, garage rock, and pop-punk.

The Collect Pond

Song Premiere: "Celebrity Worship" by The Collect Pond

9 September 2021

Boston-based singer and songwriter Danny Moffat, recording as The Collect Pond, drops a lo-fi and casually brash punk-tinged indie rock track.

Roses & Revolutions

Video Premiere: "Lower Than Low" by Roses & Revolutions

8 September 2021

Ahead of their 2nd album release, indie pop duo Roses & Revolutions release a soulful and relevant acoustic track with a poignant video about isolation.

The Kundalini Genie - live

Song Premiere: "Half In, Half Out" by The Kundalini Genie

7 September 2021

Scottish psych/ space-gaze collective The Kundalini Genie conjure up a mesmerzing new indie rock single that was mastered by Mark Gardener (Ride).


NEWS: Nordic post-punk outfit Permafrost warm to America on "Restore Us" single

7 September 2021

Norwegian post-punk outfit Permafrost originated in 1982, but is newly bolstered with more members, and they’ve released a restless new tune.

Julia Daigle

Video Premiere: "Sur la haute colline" by Julia Daigle

7 September 2021

Montreal-based indie French pop singer-songwriter Julia Daigle (Paupière) unveils a mysterious and atmospheric music video for a track off her upcoming LP.

The Catenary Wires

NEWS: UK indie pop band The Catenary Wires announce tour dates and debut new single/video

7 September 2021

Headed by Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey, both of beloved outfits Heavenly and Talulah Gosh, The Catenary Wires recently released a new LP.

Eldridge Rodriguez 2

Song Premiere: "Megalodon" by Eldridge Rodriguez

6 September 2021

Boston-located indie rock/noise pop band Eldridge Rodriguez are set to release a restless and heartfelt 2-song taster for their upcoming album.


Album Premiere: The Sky Is Painted Gray Today EP by Ásgeir

3 September 2021

Renowned Icelandic folk musician Ásgeir unveils his latest poetic and subtle, yet emotive record via One Little Independent Records.


Song Premiere: "contradictions" by THALA

3 September 2021

German dreamy indie pop artist THALA unfurls an enchanting and sweeping track from her highly anticipated debut LP via Born Losers Records.


Album Premiere: Broken Rainbows by Moviola

2 September 2021

Columbus, Ohio-based veteran indie Americana/roots rock band Moviolo returns with a heartfelt, tuneful, and relevant new album (their 10th!).

Alex E.T.

Video Premiere: “Hollow Man” by Alex E.T.

2 September 2021

L.A. artist Alex E.T. releases the haunting, psychedelic video for her first single “Hollow Man” on Friday.

Morning Eagle

Song Premiere: "Blackberry Blue" by Morning Eagle

1 September 2021

Alternative rock/grunge artist Morning Eagle (AKA Nick May) unleashes an enjoyable flashback track that perfectly captures alt-‘90s vibes.

Star Rover

Video Premiere: "Ghosts of New York State" by Star Rover

31 August 2021

NYC indie/post-rock outfit Star Rover unveil a stellar new track and music video as a sample of what to expect on their upcoming album.

The Persian Leaps

NEWS: The Persian Leaps point to disillusioned future on "When This Gets Out"

31 August 2021

This track is a welcome taster of their new EP Drone Etiquette, slated for release in autumn via Land Ski Records.

Stuffy Shmitt - More Stuff Happens Deluxe Edition

Video Premiere: “Scratching at the Cat (Live)” by Stuffy Shmitt

31 August 2021

Rock ‘n’ roll legend Stuff Shmitt delivers a red-hot performance video for a gritty track off a special deluxe edition release of his latest LP.

Lila Blue

Video Premiere: "Simple Song" by Lila Blue

30 August 2021

New York-based indie folk singer-songwriter Lila Blue releases a poignant performance and dance music video that reveals struggle and solace.


Album Premiere: Principles EP by IMITATOR

27 August 2021

Long Island, New York-located progressive rock instrumental group IMITATOR release a high-energy, melodic, and heavy soundscape EP.

Sun Atoms

Video Premiere: "The Cat's Eye" feat. Alex Maas of The Black Angels by Sun Atoms

27 August 2021

Portland, Oregon-based Jsun Atoms (The Upsidedown, Daydream Machine) unveils a mesmerizing and noir single/video from his upcoming LP.

Paragon Cause

Video Premiere: "Two To Play" by Paragon Cause

26 August 2021

Canadian alt-/synth-pop/rock outfit Paragon Cause (with input from The Raveonettes’ Sune Rose Wagner) drop a super-cool storytelling arcade game music video.

The Successful Failures

Song Premiere: "Julie the Redeemer" by The Successful Failures

26 August 2021

New Jersey-located Americana/indie rock hybrid band The Successful Failures unleash a dynamic and tuneful single from their upcoming LP.

Emily Frembgen

Video Premiere: "Silver Lining" by Emily Frembgen

25 August 2021

NYC (by way of Denver) singer-songwriter/musician Emily Frembgen unveils an acerbically cheeky video for a bittersweet song about failed relationships.


Song Premiere: "Grey Cities" by Furrows

25 August 2021

Brooklyn-based folk-pop singer-songwriter Furrows (AKA Peter Wagner) announces his debut album with an entrancing pastoral track.

Sons of Southern Ulster 2

Album Premiere: Turf Accountant Schemes EP by Sons of Southern Ulster and Pete Briquette

24 August 2021

Irish rock ‘n’ roll outfit Sons of Southern Ulster are bolstered by Pete Briquette of The Boomtown Rats on a re-worked and re-mixed collaborative EP.


Video Premiere: "Crazy Game of Phobias" by JATA

24 August 2021

Synthpop/indie rock artist JATA (AKA Gaetano Russo) reveals a slick and uplifting track from his upcoming EP via Seahorse Recordings.

The Transonics

Song Premiere: "Orange Sunshine" by The Transonics

24 August 2021

South Carolina-based indie retro-pop act The Transonics unveil a mellow and hazy jangle pop track from their upcoming summertime EP.

Hello Mary

Song Premiere: "Evicted" by Hello Mary

23 August 2021

New York City-located indie alt-rock band Hello Mary releases their 2nd enticing and turbulent single ahead of a new album that’s in the works.

Pale Dian

NEWS: Darkwave/ethereal group Pale Dian return with a starkly entrancing single

23 August 2021

The Austin, TX-based band that blend darkwave, post-punk, ethereal, and shoegaze on their transfixing tracks are working on a 2nd LP.


Album Premiere: Summer Soon by Bambies

20 August 2021

Montreal-based garage rock/punk-pop outfit The Ramones… I mean, Bambies, unleash a rousing, tuneful, and gritty summer-fun debut album.

Kramies 2

NEWS: Patrick Carney of the Black Keys & Jason Lytle of Grandaddy join Kramies on his beautiful new single

20 August 2021

With lyrics reflecting on mortality and nostalgia set to flourishes of sonic creativity, “Days Of” paves the way for Kramies’ highly anticipated EP.

Video Premiere: "You" by Unpinnable Butterflies

20 August 2021

Ahead of a full album debut, NYC’s Unpinnable Butterflies release a joyous and infectious single that mixes uplifting grooves with sassy pop vibes.

The Bevis Frond

Song Premiere: "My Own Hollywood" by The Bevis Frond

19 August 2021

British cult legends The Bevis Frond return with a tuneful and breezy guitar-driven track from their upcoming double album via Fire Records.

Craig Klein of Ohr

Video Premiere: "Level Up" by Ohr

18 August 2021

Seattle-located psych/rock/ambient musician Craig Klein returns as new music project Ohr and is set to release his double LP in September.