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Christian O'Connor

Song Premiere: "Wherever The Hammer Falls" by Christian O'Connor

11 May 2021

Christian O’Connor blends blues and rock traditions to create a perfectly poised, yet anthemic new single.

Dylan Sparrow

Video Premiere: "Black Mayo Of The Gowanus" by Dylan Sparrow

10 May 2021

NYC-based musician Dylan Sparrow releases a soulful and political track/video (with Martin Bisi cameo) about the Gowanus area in Brooklyn.

Big Takeover magazine issue #88

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8 May 2021

Good news! Big Takeover Issue #88 Spring 2021 with Dinosaur Jr. on the cover has nearly been completed and will be out shortly! But hurry to order—this issue will mostly not be sold in stores (many are still mostly closed or have limited customers!), and pre-orders are best/crucial.

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Best Move

Album Premiere: Mirror Image Twins EP by Best Move

7 May 2021

Sacramento, CA-located dreamy indie rock band Best Move unpack their nostalgic, melodic, and contemplative debut EP via Park The Van.

R. Missing 3

Album Premiere: Crimeless EP by R. Missing

6 May 2021

NYC darkwave/ambient noir duo R. Missing (Sharon Shy and ‘Toppy’ of The Ropes) return with an atmospheric single and remixes from GusGus and The KVB.

Willa Amai

Video Premiere: “Not A Solder (Live)” By Willa Amai

6 May 2021

Linda Perry protégée, singer-songwriter Willa Amai, unveils a heartfelt and yearning live performance video for a track off her upcoming LP.

Sugar Candy Mountain

Song Premiere: "Impression" by Sugar Candy Mountain

6 May 2021

Californian indie/dreampop outfit Sugar Candy Mountain melt into a dreamily submerged number from their upcoming third album.

Last Ice

Video Premiere: "Chains" by Last Ice

5 May 2021

Super collaborative group Last Ice (industrial future punks Bloody Knives and darkwave act We Are Parasols) unveil an atmospheric and bewitching performance video, with Q&A.

Indoor Creature

Song Premiere: "So Down" by Indoor Creature

5 May 2021

Austin, Texas-based jazz-inspired bedroom pop band Indoor Creature release a mellow and tuneful track from their upcoming full length.

The Gorstey Lea Street Choir

Song Premiere: "Bluebird, Hollywood... Domino" by The Gorstey Lea Street Choir

4 May 2021

British psych-pop outfit The Gorstey Lea Street Choir unveil a retro-driven number from their upcoming LP on 500 Broadcast Recording Co.

Pennies By The Pound

Video Premiere: "Indigo Screams" by Pennies By The Pound

4 May 2021

Finnish outfit Pennies By The Pound drop a classic/psych-rock-imbued tune from their upcoming 2nd full length mastered by Mark Gardener of Ride.

Anton Barbeau - Manbird (back cover)

Video Premiere: "Across The Drama Pond" by Anton Barbeau

1 May 2021

Renowned and prolific psych-pop/rock musician Anton Barbeau unveils a trippy performance video for a peppy track off his latest album.

Hadda Be

Album Premiere: Another Life by Hadda Be

30 April 2021

London/Brighton-located indie rock/post-punk band Hadda Be (formerly Foundlings) unleash their compelling and melodic album, with insightful Track-By-Track rundown.

Cult Figures

Video Premiere: "Concrete and Glass" by Cult Figures

29 April 2021

Rejuvenated UK-based post-punks Cult Figures premiere an atmospheric new video for a jangle pop track from their first album in 40 years.

Jen Furches

NEWS: Jen Furches goes solo as Spring Summer and shares gorgeous "Oh Brother"

28 April 2021

The indie folk singer-songwriter unveils a music video directed by Roman Coppola and starring Furches’ cousin, actor Jason Schwartman.

Star Collector

NEWS: Canadian rock & roll band Star Collector have released new album

28 April 2021

The Mod-influenced retro-rock band Star Collector have also released a rollicking performance music video for a catchy track off the LP.

Last Tourist

Song Premiere: "Cave In The Hills" by Last Tourist

28 April 2021

Leeds, England-located synth-infused post-punk/darkwave four-piece Last Tourist rolls out a slowly dawning and vocally droning third single.

Ender Bender 2

Song Premiere: "Have A Good Time" by Ender Bender

27 April 2021

The dance-pop/synthwave music project of Eddie Olguin, Ender Bender releases a delightful track to dispel the gloomy blues.

Nick Hudson - Font Of Human Fractures

NEWS: UK singer-songwriter Nick Hudson will release new album at the end of April

27 April 2021

Also a member of art-rock outfit The Academy Of Sun, the multi-talented/-platform artist delves into neo-classical and emotive compositions.


Video Premiere: "Starr" by Disturbios

27 April 2021

New NYC-based art-rock & roll outfit Disturbios (veteran musicians Rocio and Matt Verta-Ray) unveil a hypnotic outer-space set music video.

Eric Bazilian

Video Premiere: "Back In The 80s" by Eric Bazilian

26 April 2021

Renowned singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Eric Bazilian (The Hooters) returns with a heartfelt and nostalgic ode to life ahead of his upcoming LP release.

Blood Lemon

Album Premiere: Blood Lemon by Blood Lemon

23 April 2021

Boise, Idaho-based Riot Grrrl-influenced alternative rock trio Blood Lemon release a socio-politically relevant and potent self-titled album.


Song Premiere: "Who Flung Dung" by ATTITUDE!

23 April 2021

ATTITUDE! release their first single that takes a stand against anti-Asian racism via ESP-Disk.

Sculpture Club

Video Premiere: "Twirl For Me" by Sculpture Club

22 April 2021

SLC-based indie rock/post-punk outfit Sculpture Club unveil an engaging and emotionally ranging music video for an atmospheric track off their upcoming LP.

Lunachicks - Fallopian Rhapsody

NEWS: Renowned NYC punk rock pioneers Lunachicks return with new book and shows

21 April 2021

The story of the Lunachicks is writ big and bold in their autobiography out June 1st via Hachette Books; plus news on shows and new music from Gina Volpe.

Pentral 2

NEWS: Brazilian progressive rock/metal trio Pentral release blazing new single

20 April 2021

The outfit have also released a relevant accompanying music video that continues a storytelling Amazon forest-theme from their previous videos.


Song Premiere: "Illusion Controlling" by Cusp

20 April 2021

Rochester, New York-based indie rock band Cusp release an introspective to invigorating single ahead of their debut EP via Dadstache Records.

Doug Hoekstra

Video Premiere: "Outside Looking In" by Doug Hoekstra

19 April 2021

Nashville-residing musician and author Doug Hoekstra delivers a nostalgic baseball-themed video for a track off his upcoming album.

Elephants and Stars

Album Premiere: Dreamland EP by Elephants and Stars

16 April 2021

Canadian indie alt-rock band Elephants and Stars offer up a robust and rousing EP of vibrant anthems with bittersweet lyrics about life.

Tombstones In Their Eyes 5

Video Premiere: "Quarantine Blues" by Tombstones In Their Eyes

16 April 2021

Los Angeles-based psych-/alt-rock band Tombstones In They Eyes unveil a fantastical stop motion video that tackles lockdown anxieties.


Video Premiere: "Figure It Out" by Buckets

15 April 2021

LA-based indie rock band Buckets preface the release of their dynamic and tuneful LP with a celebratory birthday party video and Q&A.

Fir Cone Children 2

Video Premiere: "Soaking In" (feat. Krissy Vanderwoude) by Fir Cone Children

14 April 2021

German musician Alexander Donat is back with a delightfully upbeat new video for his indie rock-pop/dream-punk project Fir Cone Children.

Ernest Moon - "Big Wow"

Video Premiere: "Big Wow" by Ernest Moon

13 April 2021

British indie rock band Ernest Moon drop a kicky rocknrolla storyteller in lyrics/video form ahead of their new album out via Violette Records.

Garrison Hawk 2

Video Premiere: "Pretty Pussycat" by Garrison Hawk

13 April 2021

Dancehall dominator Garrison Hawk unveils a seductively corporeal music video for a track that explores the beauty of the body and heart.


Video Premiere: "Coeur Monarque" by Paupière

13 April 2021

French Canadian synth-pop outfit Paupière a sparkling dance pop track with accompanying video that questions the endless-party lifestyle.


Video Premiere: "Hand of Time" by Triptides

12 April 2021

LA-based psych-/space rock band Triptides go on a vibrantly far-out ride in their new music video for an engaging track from their new LP.

People Museum

Album Premiere: I Could Only See Night EP by People Museum

9 April 2021

New Orleans-located art-pop/electronica outfit People Museum release a captivating EP that shapes diverse styles into an engaging whole.

Street Eaters

Album Premiere: Simple Distractions EP by Street Eaters

9 April 2021

(Post-)punk outfit Street Eaters unleash a vibrant and dynamic EP, featuring guitars for the first time, and Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females) on a track.

Les Biches

Video Premiere: "You the Obscure" by Les Biches

8 April 2021

Los Angeles-located indie/space rock outfit Les Biches unveil an atmospheric performance video for a pensively dreamy track off their new EP.

The Luka State

Video Premiere: "[Insert Girls Name Here]" by The Luka State

7 April 2021

Fast-rising UK indie rock ‘n’ roll band The Luka State delivers a compelling performance video for a passionate and dynamic track from their debut LP.


Video Premiere: "Aquatron Brother" by Galactapus

6 April 2021

Far-out space-aquatica outfit Galactapus unleash a wild performance video for a psychedelic/punk track from their upcoming album.

Tim Foljahn

Video Premiere: "Lowdown Day" by Tim Foljahn

6 April 2021

Veteran musician (Two Dollar Guitar, solo) and actor (Orange is the New Black) Tim Foljahn returns with a whimsical video for a ruminative lament.

Thomas Comerford

Video Premiere: "Three Sisters" by Thomas Comerford

5 April 2021

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Thomas Comerford unveils an animated video for a poignant narrative track about his late mother.


Song Premiere: "It’s In The Pillcase” by Melt-Banana / “Taco-Beya” by Space Streakings

2 April 2021

SKiN GRAFT Records releases a wild and exciting double-shot digital single and comic set from Japanese cult faves Melt-Banana and Space Streakings.

Civic Mimic

Video Premiere: "New Paint" by Civic Mimic

1 April 2021

Green tile is the new black light!

Songs For Snakes

NEWS: Melodic indie/punk band Songs For Snakes unveil their New Album

31 March 2021

The San Francisco-located outfit also exclusively run through a Track-By-Track of the LP’s dynamic, melodic, and mesmerizing tunes.


Song Premiere: "Burst Through The Borders" by Caulbearers

30 March 2021

Manchester-based DIY collective Caulbearers release a calm and heartfelt effort that is a celebration of modern urban existence.

Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell 2

NEWS: Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell weave an ecstatic world dance with "Noyalain (Burn)"

30 March 2021

The pair from legendary band Dead Can Dance offer up intriguing sounds and moods on their new single ahead of an album drop in May


Video Premiere: "World War Tour" by OUTRONAUT

30 March 2021

Chicago-based rock instrumental act OUTRONAUT launch a socially relevant video for a dynamic and gritty psych-surf/garage rocker.

Matt Tarka

Song Premiere: "Crowds" by Matt Tarka

29 March 2021

Folk/rock singer-songwriter Matt Tarka unveils a socio-politically relevant number in a run of singles he’s releasing this year.