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Big Takeover #85 - Vivian Girls
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Guided By Voices

Song Premiere: "A Man Called Blunder" by Guided By Voices

27 January 2020

Indie legends Guided By Voices, umm, guided by the renowned Robert Pollard, drop an urgent and foreboding single from their upcoming LP.

Chance Emerson

Video Premiere: "How Can I" by Chance Emerson

27 January 2020

Taiwan-raised, Rhode Island and Hong Kong-residing singer-songwriter Chance Emerson releases an endearing video directed by his kid brother.

Paige Cora

Album Premiere: Instant in Time by Paige Cora

24 January 2020

Canadian singer-songwriter Paige Cora unveils her warm and heartfelt debut album that is attuned to the rhythms of the natural world.

TV Heads

Album Premiere: Devotional by TV Heads

23 January 2020

LA-residing electro-/post-punk trio TV Heads drop their second potent and absorbing LP that features Jessica Lankford on drums.

Starover Blue

Video Premiere: "A B Y" by Starover Blue

23 January 2020

Portland, OR-based dream-pop band Starover Blue unveil a dreamily drifting performance video that mirrors a track off their recent LP.

Greg Hoy & The Boys

Video Premiere: "Green" by Greg Hoy & The Boys

22 January 2020

San Franciscan rock ‘n’ roll band Greg Hoy & The Boys (led by multi-talented Greg Hoy) releases an engaging video for a spirited song.

Rolan Bolan

NEWS: Rolan Bolan goes on record about T. Rex induction to Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

21 January 2020

“It is truly exciting for my father Marc Bolan and his band mates to be inducted into The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It has taken some time, but his music has influenced musicians all around the world.” – Rolan Bolan

Mayflower Madame

Song Premiere: "Vultures" by Mayflower Madame

21 January 2020

Norwegian psychedelic post-punk hybrid band Mayflower Madame unveils an alluringly dark video for a track off their upcoming LP.


Video Premiere: "Mice of Men" by Perpacity

21 January 2020

UK/Denmark electronic/pop duo Perpacity release a vivid-imagery video for a lyrically incisive track from their upcoming fourth album.

Four Star Riot

Video Premiere: "Wrapped Up" by Four Star Riot

20 January 2020

Floridian indie pop-rock band Four Star Riot release an engaging performance video for a lyrically astute and musically catchy track.

The Basement Paintings

NEWS: Canadian post-metal band The Basement Paintings' latest LP out now

19 January 2020

Canadian post-metal band The Basement Paintings blends ambient and post-/prog-rock genres on their latest full-length.

Magical Beasts

NEWS: Folk ensemble Magical Beasts release new winter season EP

19 January 2020

Chicago-based folk/Americana ensemble Magical Beasts, founded and led by Nathan Paulus, have released a new EP.

Sunshine Boys

Video Premiere: "Infinity Girl" by Sunshine Boys

17 January 2020

Indie rock band Sunshine Boys (members of Blake Babies and Poi Dog Pondering) offer a perceptive and relevant message about our future.

Drop Diver

Video Premiere: "Leisure Suit" by Drop Diver

16 January 2020

Huntsville, Alabama-located garage rock ‘n’ roll band Drop Diver deliver an exciting performance video of a rousing track from their debut LP.

Jack Rabid Best of 2019

Jack Rabid’s Best of 2019 (280 Nods): Top 160 LPs (New Recordings), Top 50 Retrospective/Reissue Releases, and Top 70 Stand Alone Singles & EPs

15 January 2020

My best bets on another great year for music, old and new. (Never mind the cranks, here’s the good stuff as ever.) Hope this little list inspires you to find, or give a second look to, a few cool releases you might miss otherwise that you end up truly loving.

Broads and Milly Hirst

Video Premiere: "Happisburgh" by Broads and Milly Hirst

14 January 2020

UK-based electronic collective Broads teams up with folk singer-songwriter Milly Hirst on an expansive and calming track.

Harry Stafford - Photo Credit: Richard Davis

Song Premiere: "She Just Blew Me Away" by Harry Stafford

14 January 2020

Former frontman of Inca Babies, Manchester-based Harry Stafford is releasing a new album soon of music he dubs Gothic urban blues.


Video Premiere: "Rock Candy" by Howardian

13 January 2020

Ian Vanek (ex-Japanther) returns with his long-running punk/art rock project Howardian with a colorful video for a jaunty, catchy single.


Album Premiere: Music Is Easy by Josephine

10 January 2020

New Yorker and singer-songwriter Josephine, recording with two other musicians, delivers a soulful to spirited vintage-pop album.


Song Premiere: "Pylon Moon" by Officer

9 January 2020

London-based dark indie rock outfit Officer, led by Dc Logan, delivers a lyrically poetic and powerful, driving track from their upcoming LP.

Jonny Polonsky

Song Premiere: "The Weeping Souls" by Jonny Polonsky

7 January 2020

Veteran NYC (by way of Chicago) musician Jonny Polonsky (Puscifer, Big Nose, many other collaborations) returns with a new album.

Luis Mojica

NEWS: Rasputina’s Luis Mojica takes piano-based confessions through the East Coast

7 January 2020

Upstate NYC-based artist Luis Mojica will soon be on tour to regale East Coast audiences with his confessional, piano-driven songs.

Mensa Deathsquad

Song Premiere: "Spell" by Mensa Deathsquad

7 January 2020

Brandon Phillips (The Architects, Other Americans) goes solo with a dark, but sleek synths and electronics based solo project.

DieAlps! - live

Video Premiere: "Common Denominator" by DieAlps!

6 January 2020

Tampa-based indie/alt-rock band DieAlps! unveil an engaging performance video for an exciting track off their upcoming second full-length.

Dan Tedesco

Album Premiere: Who Knows How Long This Will Last EP by Dan Tedesco

3 January 2020

Alt-folk/rock singer-songwriter Dan Tedesco unveils a socio-politically perceptive and powerful EP that follows up last year’s full-length.

The Brilliance

Video Premiere: "Release Me" by The Brilliance

2 January 2020

New York/Minneapolis symphonic pop duo The Brilliance release a reflective video for their engaging classical/trip-pop hybrid number.


NEWS: Hardcore band Arcline unleash an aggressive, socially relevant video

1 January 2020

LA-based hardcore outfit Arcline recently dropped their latest raw and raging album Gateway Drugs via Upstate Records.

Katie Burden

NEWS; Atmospheric rock/pop artist Katie Burden drops an emotively transfixing video

31 December 2019

The LA-based avant-garde musician will release a new EP in March via Cautionary Tail that follows up her acclaimed debut album.

Petter Stakee and Diego Gary

Video Premiere: "Sous Ce Lilas-là" by Diego Gary & Petter Stakee

30 December 2019

Alberta Cross’ Petter Stakee teams up with French author Alexandre Diego Gary (son of actress Jean Seberg and Romain Gary) on a new album and short film.


Album Premiere: Thee Attack by XL427

27 December 2019

Dayton, OH-based space-pop/fuzz-rock band XL427 (led by Andy Ingram) launch a vibrant, melodic, and lyrically perceptive LP.

Emily Lind - Christmas

NEWS: "That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!" (Sufjan Stevens cover) by Emily Lind

26 December 2019

Pop singer-songwriter and Doctor Sleep actress Emily Lind releases a day-after-festivities cover of a Sufjan Stevens song.

You Wish - Merge Christmas Compilation

NEWS: A rundown of new Christmas/winter-themed music for the holidays

25 December 2019

Take a listen to a collection of the latest Christmas-/winter-themed tracks to make your holidays merry and bright – and tuneful.

Muun Bato

Video Premiere: "Catacomb Cady" by Muun Bato

24 December 2019

Minneapolis-based pop-rock band Muun Bato drop a new video for a hazy to vivid, psychedelic track off their debut album.

pia fraus - Joosep Volk

Song Premiere: "Love Sports" by Pia Fraus

24 December 2019

Acclaimed Eastern European dream-pop/shoegaze outfit Pia Fraus return with a captivating single ahead of an equally enchanting new album.

Watch Clark - Christy Wiseman 2

Song Premiere: "My Black Heart (Loves Christmas With You)" by Watch Clark

24 December 2019

Seattle-based synthpop artist Watch Clark (AKA Paul Furio) drops a Christmas-themed tune to brighten up the holidays.


Video Premiere: "Julia" by Nari

23 December 2019

Indie pop rising star Nari drops a sweetly reminiscent storytelling video for an ode-to-friendship song, out now via Park The Van Records.

Dream Wulf

Album Premiere: All Things Unconsidered by Dream Wulf

20 December 2019

Portland, OR-based psychedelic-steeped alt-/dream-rock band Dream Wulf unveils their new vivid, powerful, and captivating double EP.

Sara Rachele

Video Premiere: "Let Me Make It Up to You (You're Such A Sweet Thing)" by Sara Rachele

19 December 2019

Georgia-based singer-songwriter Sara Rachele recorded her latest album in NYC and the allure of the city shines through on her new video.

Ben Collins of Minihorse

Video Premiere: "Summer Itch" by Minihorse

18 December 2019

Mysterious musician Ben Collins, at the head of Minihorse, unveils a dreamily wistful video for a track off the project’s latest album.

6th Crowd

Song Premiere: "САМОЗВАНЦЫ (SAMOZVANTSIY)" by 6th Crowd

18 December 2019

Kiev, Ukraine-based electronica/dance pop artist 6th Crowd (AKA Dari Maksymova) gets listeners’ groove on with her dynamic debut single.

Jarvis Cocker - Jarvis4Xmas

NEWS: Help get Jarvis Cocker's "(C*nts Are Still) Ruling The World" to #1 in UK on Christmas Day.

18 December 2019

The renowned frontman of Pulp and solo artist is in a bid to get his evergreen and socio-politically relevant track to #1 (with Rough Trade approval).

Creation Dream Machine poster

NEWS: Creation Dream Machine presents United Ghosts, Juggs, Jagged Baptist Club, plus members of Medicine and Morrissey collaborator

17 December 2019

In celebration of Creation Records’ spirit, the event takes place in Los Angeles on December 20th at The Hi Hat.

Big Star - #1 Record and Radio City

NEWS: Big Star's first two albums released on vinyl via Craft Recordings

17 December 2019

Renowned power-pop band Big Star’s highly influential LPs #1 Record and Radio City get the reissue treatment on vinyl via Craft Recordings.

Flower Crown

Video Premiere: "High Fantasy" by Flower Crown

16 December 2019

Pittsburgh-based dream-pop band Flower Crown release a fun on-the-road video chronicle that contrasts with their hazily dreamy and melodic music.

Big Takeover #85 - Vivian Girls

Big Takeover #85 (Vivian Girls cover) Out Now! Super Holiday, Birthday, and/or Other Gifts! Order - Subscribe – Renew!

15 December 2019

Good news! Big Takeover #85 Fall 2019 issue with Vivian Girls on the cover is out now! Super gifts: Big Takeover Magazine Subscriptions and Back Issues (like the big enchilada, complete set 1980-2019)! Plus six children’s sizes for our T-Shirts (to go with several Men’s and Women’s sizes) in three colors, as well as our Big Takeover Beer Cozies and (signed if you like) Color 30th Anniversary Festival Posters!

Apolonia of Seasurfer

Video Premiere: "Lovers Breakdown" by Seasurfer

13 December 2019

German shoegaze/synthwave band Seasurfer (Dirk Knight and Apolonia) unveil a brooding and sweeping tune (and video) from their upcoming LP.

Grant Earl LaValley

Video Premiere: "Summer Angels" by Grant Earl LaValley

12 December 2019

Joshua Tree-dwelling dark folk/Americana songwriter Grant Earl LaValley offers up a mesmerizing, emotive slow-burner from his upcoming LP.

Vicious Blossom

NEWS: Dream-pop/alternative project Vicious Blossom releases new tune

12 December 2019

The band was formed and is led by Nate Zerbe and their single “Sway” gets a hypnotic remix from Slowdive drummer Simon Scott.


Video Premiere: "Feeling Never Goes Away" by Dropkick

11 December 2019

Scottish jangle-/power pop band Dropkick drop a melodic, harmonic tune with a joyously uplifting video that features their fans from around the globe.

The Orange Kyte

Video Premiere: "Infinity Rope" by The Orange Kyte

10 December 2019

Vancouver-based Canadian/Irish psychedelic music band The Orange Kyte unveil a trippy new video for a single off their latest album.