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The Big Takeover #84
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We Melt Chocolate

Album Premiere: We Melt Chocolate by We Melt Chocolate

24 June 2019

Italian shoegaze band We Melt Chocolate unveil gauzy, expansive, and propulsive dreamscapes on their transporting self-titled LP.

Big Takeover #84

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22 June 2019

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Dots - Mitch Cardwell

Album Premiere: Dots by Dots

21 June 2019

Oakland-located self-described outer space punk/psych-hardcore band Dots unleash a rambunctiously rampaging debut LP via Dirt Cult Records.

Hearken - Jadon Donaldson

Song Premiere: “Last Time” by Hearken

20 June 2019

Pittsburgh-based indie grunge duo Hearken unveil an introspective, yet powerful, lyrically potent song about addiction from their debut LP.

A. harlana

Video Premiere: "Textile Workers" by A. harlana

20 June 2019

Brooklyn-based A. harlana release a long-form video directed by their frontman for a recent beguiling track off their latest EP.

The Needs

Song Premiere: "I Regret It" by The Needs

19 June 2019

Norwegian pop-punk band The Needs delivers a catchy, anthemic alt-‘90s-inspired alt-rock/power pop single from their new album.

Figure Walking - Photo Credit: Kristian Jordan

NEWS: Tulipomania & Richard Hartline weave a wicked remix for Figure Walking

18 June 2019

Canadian indie rock duo Figure Walking get remixed by Philadelphia’s experimental music band Tulipomania and producer Richard Hartline.

Vlimmer 2

Song Premiere: "Kaskatoner" by Vlimmer

18 June 2019

Alexander Leonard Donat, the man behind the mask of Vlimmer, reveals another atmospheric darkwave cut from his upcoming EP.

Karyn Kuhl Band

Album Premiere: Hey Kid EP by Karyn Kuhl Band

17 June 2019

The Karyn Kuhl Band (led by Karyn Kuhl of Gut Bank and Sexpod) kick up some righteous, uplifting rock during these turbulent times.

The Bobbleheads 2

Video Premiere: "Listen You Know" by The Bobbleheads

17 June 2019

San Francisco-located indie pop/rock band The Bobbleheads deliver a tuneful performance video for a catchy track off their recent LP.

The Microdance

Song Premiere: “Lovesick Kisses" by The Microdance

14 June 2019

London-based alt-rock/shoegaze hybrid band The Microdance release a dreamily abrasive single with a gentle reverie B-side via Somewherecold Records.

Pere Ubu – Photo Credit: Kiersty Boon

Video Premiere: "What I Heard On The Pop Radio" by Pere Ubu

14 June 2019

Long-running experimental art-rock band Pere Ubu take on pop music and unveil a disorienting video that mirrors their off-kilter music.

The Black Fever

Album Premiere: Unarticulated Wants EP by The Black Fever

13 June 2019

Canadian post-punk/indie rock band The Black Fever release an entrancing, lyrically resonant, darkly shining and dynamic EP.


Song Premiere: “In My Brain” by Kingsbury

13 June 2019

L.A.-based indie pop artist Caroline Kingsbury unleashes her latest spirited, catchy, and thoughtful track.

Brett Sullivan of American Anymen

Video Premiere: “No Peaceful End” by American Anymen

12 June 2019

NYC-based anti-folk/punk band American Anymen returns with founder Brett Sullivan front and center in an intriguing video.

The Velvet Hands

Song Premiere: “Don’t Be Nice to Me” by The Velvet Hands

12 June 2019

British indie rock band The Velvet Hands unleash a kicky and melodic, high-energy single from their upcoming second LP.

Daydream Deathray - Photo Credit: Johnwesley Wilson

Song Premiere: “Bloom” by Daydream Deathray

10 June 2019

Kentuckian shoegaze/melodic rock band Daydream Deathray unleash a spacey and radiant single from their upcoming EP.

Richard X. Heyman

Album Premiere: Pop Circles by Richard X. Heyman

7 June 2019

Acclaimed NYC-based melodic pop singer-songwriter Richard X. Heyman delivers his 13th album, a love letter to the Baby Boom generation.

Lexi Freider

Album Premiere: Highland by Lexi Freider

7 June 2019

St. Petersburg, Russia-located dream-pop/synthwave artist Lexi Freider unveils his sparkling to driving debut album.

Dead Heart Bloom - Photo Credit: Michelle Repiso

Song Premiere: "Run Like Spies" by Dead Heart Bloom

6 June 2019

Brooklyn-based space-rock/ambient act Dead Heart Bloom unveil an atmospherically foreboding and nocturnal single via Ephemeral Arts.

The 5:55

Album Premiere: The Five Fifty Five EP by The 5:55

6 June 2019

Washington, D.C. indie rock band The 5:55 release a stylistically diverse debut EP that moves through indie, alt-, and pop-rock.

Nebula Glow

Album Premiere: Nebula Glow EP by Nebula Glow

5 June 2019

Parisian shoegaze band Nebula Glow radiates exquisitely shimmering and powerfully eruptive sonics on their thrilling debut EP.

Chapell - LeonardoMascaro

Song Premiere: "Ride" by Chapell

5 June 2019

NYC-based prog-rock/art-pop singer-songwriter Alan Chapell, as Chapell, delivers a vibrant and melodic classic-‘70s-style folk-pop song.

David J and Rose McGowan - Photo Credit: S.T.R. Anger

NEWS: Bauhaus’ David J and actress Rose McGowan present "The Auteur (Redux / The Starlet's Cut)"

4 June 2019

Fresh off a world tour with Peter Murphy, David J Haskins (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets) teams up with Rose McGowan on a lyrically relevant track.

Oliver Kennan - Photo Credit: Julia Drummond

Video Premiere: "Yes Ma'am" by Oliver Kennan

4 June 2019

NYC-born-and-raised Oliver Kennan delivers a heartfelt, soulful single-shot live performance video featuring him in full band mode.

Rat Fancy

Album Premiere: Stay Cool by Rat Fancy

3 June 2019

L.A. indie pop/rock band Rat Fancy adds punk spirit/lyrics to the melodic and dynamic mix on their debut LP, as well as a track-by-track rundown.

Def Robot

Album Premiere: Makers of Mountains by Def Robot

3 June 2019

Paul Taylor and David Hancox, under the moniker Def Robot (their 4th act together), release an eclectic and exciting album.

Eleventh Hour Adventists

Album Premiere: Eleventh Hour Adventists by Eleventh Hour Adventists

31 May 2019

Post-punk legend Jowe Head (Swell Maps, Television Personalities) joins fantastic and foreboding forces with Jasmine Pender (AKA Rotten Bliss) as Eleventh Day Adventists.

Photo courtesy of Seablite

Song Premiere: "French Disko" (cover) by Seablite

31 May 2019

“It feels extremely relevant considering the political climate we’re in right now,” states Lauren Matsui on choosing to cover “French Disko” by Stereolab.

Stewart Anderson and Christina Riley of Boyracer - Photo Credit: Mario Hernandez

Video Premiere: "Bored and Lonely" by Boyracer

30 May 2019

Indie rock stalwart Stewart Anderson revs up the new line-up of beloved Boyracer, with Christina Riley (Burnt Palms, Art Sick) and others along for the ride.

Submotile - Michael Farren

NEWS: Dublin’s post-punk/shoegaze duo Submotile releases debut album

29 May 2019

Irish shoegaze/noise-rock duo Submotile surface with a vivid and dynamic to dreamy debut album via Midsummer Madness.

The 65's

Song Premiere: The 65's cover "Personality Crisis" to help New York Dolls' Sylvain Sylvain

29 May 2019

“We bring these people into our lives. The music makes them feel like family.”

Eli Raybon - live at SXSW 2019 - Kevin Blackburn

Song Premiere: "The Moon Is Made Of Cheese" by Eli Raybon

28 May 2019

Eli Raybon, at 21 years of age, channels ’80s-retro synth/electro-pop into melodic, catchy, and nostalgic tune from his upcoming LP.

The Big Takeover magazine - Issue #84 cover

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26 May 2019

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Tim Cawley of The Flashpot Moments

Album Premiere: The Chronicles of Sydney and Nathan by The Flashpot Moments

24 May 2019

Boston-based power pop singer-songwriter and occasional guitarist Tim Cawley releases and indie and anthemic album as The Flashpot Moments.


Video Premiere: "The Endless Slope" by Relaxer

24 May 2019

Heavy/prog-rock band Relaxer are set to go on an imminent tour of Japan with Boris and unveil an atmospherically shot performance video.

Positive No

Song Premiere: "Teenage Waistline" by Positive No

23 May 2019

The Virginia band’s propulsive new single owes its title to the Screaming Trees’ drummer.


Song Premiere: "Something I Like" by Meyru

22 May 2019

NYC-based indie rock trio Meyru balance laid-back and fiery rock on their latest single from their forthcoming album.

Leon III 2

Song Premiere: "Stick Figures" by Leon III

22 May 2019

Rock/Americana act Leon III introduce a twangy and gritty stand-alone single that comes between LPs produced by Mark Nevers.

Rude Audio - Photo Credit: Ali Ingle

Video Premiere: "Repeat Offender" by Rude Audio

21 May 2019

Notable British electronic music act Rude Audio delivers a fresh, vibing track that’s perfect for a chill-out spring with summer-time sunshine.

Pylon Reenactment Society - single cover

NEWS: Pylon Reenactment Society releases "Messenger" / "Cliff Notes" on gold vinyl / Tour announced

21 May 2019

Renowned Athens, GA band Pylon, have reformed as Pylon Reenactment Society with original frontperson Vanessa Briscoe Hay at the helm.

Ryan Thompson of Ryan Thompson & The Delicate Hounds

Song Premiere: "The Gift" by Ryan Thompson & The Delicate Hounds

21 May 2019

Californian country-rocker Ryan Thompson and his Delicate Hounds coolly swagger on a single from their upcoming debut album.

The End of America

Video Premiere: "Break Away" by The End of America

20 May 2019

Philadelphia-based Americana/rock band The End of America begin a run of singles with a warm, wistful, and restless track.

The Meeting Places

Album Premiere: You and I EP by The Meeting Places

17 May 2019

L.A.-based shoegaze/post-punk band The Meeting Places release an expansive, driving, and scintillating EP via Saint Marie Records.

twentythreenineteen - Photo Credit: Connor Rothstein

Song Premiere: "Tangled" by twentythreenineteen

17 May 2019

Philadelphia-based indie rock band twentythreenineteen delivers the catchy and harmony-laden second single off their upcoming LP.

Wizard Rose - Photo Credit: Chris Elves

Album Premiere: Wizard Rose by Wizard Rose

16 May 2019

Brisbane, Australia ‘70s’/‘80s retro-fresh hard rock band Wizard Rose deliver rip-roaring and heavy to lightly reflective tracks from their debut LP.

Kelly Hunt - Photo Credit: Lori Locke

Album Premiere: Even The Sparrow by Kelly Hunt

16 May 2019

Kansas City-by-way-of-Memphis traditional folk singer-songwriter Kelly Hunt delivers a spare, sincere, and spellbinding debut album.

Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion by Thee Oh Sees

Video Premiere: Thee Hounds Of Foggy Notion (short film) by Thee Oh Sees

15 May 2019

Renowned indie rock band Thee Oh Sees (among other appellations) see the reissue of their 2008 live performance album and short film.

Fred Abong, Kristin Hersh, and Rob Ahlers

NEWS: Kristin Hersh reveals US tour dates ahead of Throwing Muses reunion

15 May 2019

Indie rock icon Kristin Hersh (Throwing Muses, 50FOOTWAVE, solo) recently released her turbulent and mesmerizing Possible Dust Clouds LP.

Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon of Ummagma

Video Premiere: "Ty i Ya" by Ummagma

14 May 2019

Ukrainian-Canadian indie pop/electronic rock duo Ummagma unveil a funkily strutting to dreamily chill number from their upcoming exploratory LP.