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The Big Takeover Issue #87
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Fir Cone Children 2

Video Premiere: "Soaking In" (feat. Krissy Vanderwoude) by Fir Cone Children

14 April 2021

German musician Alexander Donat is back with a delightfully upbeat new video for his indie rock-pop/dream-punk project Fir Cone Children.

Ernest Moon - "Big Wow"

Video Premiere: "Big Wow" by Ernest Moon

13 April 2021

British indie rock band Ernest Moon drop a kicky rocknrolla storyteller in lyrics/video form ahead of their new album out via Violette Records.

Garrison Hawk 2

Video Premiere: "Pretty Pussycat" by Garrison Hawk

13 April 2021

Dancehall dominator Garrison Hawk unveils a seductively corporeal music video for a track that explores the beauty of the body and heart.


Video Premiere: "Coeur Monarque" by Paupière

13 April 2021

French Canadian synth-pop outfit Paupière a sparkling dance pop track with accompanying video that questions the endless-party lifestyle.


Video Premiere: "Hand of Time" by Triptides

12 April 2021

LA-based psych-/space rock band Triptides go on a vibrantly far-out ride in their new music video for an engaging track from their new LP.

People Museum

Album Premiere: I Could Only See Night EP by People Museum

9 April 2021

New Orleans-located art-pop/electronica outfit People Museum release a captivating EP that shapes diverse styles into an engaging whole.

Street Eaters

Album Premiere: Simple Distractions EP by Street Eaters

9 April 2021

(Post-)punk outfit Street Eaters unleash a vibrant and dynamic EP, featuring guitars for the first time, and Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females) on a track.

Les Biches

Video Premiere: "You the Obscure" by Les Biches

8 April 2021

Los Angeles-located indie/space rock outfit Les Biches unveil an atmospheric performance video for a pensively dreamy track off their new EP.

The Luka State

Video Premiere: "[Insert Girls Name Here]" by The Luka State

7 April 2021

Fast-rising UK indie rock ‘n’ roll band The Luka State delivers a compelling performance video for a passionate and dynamic track from their debut LP.


Video Premiere: "Aquatron Brother" by Galactapus

6 April 2021

Far-out space-aquatica outfit Galactapus unleash a wild performance video for a psychedelic/punk track from their upcoming album.

Tim Foljahn

Video Premiere: "Lowdown Day" by Tim Foljahn

6 April 2021

Veteran musician (Two Dollar Guitar, solo) and actor (Orange is the New Black) Tim Foljahn returns with a whimsical video for a ruminative lament.

Thomas Comerford

Video Premiere: "Three Sisters" by Thomas Comerford

5 April 2021

Chicago-based singer/songwriter Thomas Comerford unveils an animated video for a poignant narrative track about his late mother.


Song Premiere: "It’s In The Pillcase” by Melt-Banana / “Taco-Beya” by Space Streakings

2 April 2021

SKiN GRAFT Records releases a wild and exciting double-shot digital single and comic set from Japanese cult faves Melt-Banana and Space Streakings.

Civic Mimic

Video Premiere: "New Paint" by Civic Mimic

1 April 2021

Green tile is the new black light!

Songs For Snakes

NEWS: Melodic indie/punk band Songs For Snakes unveil their New Album

31 March 2021

The San Francisco-located outfit also exclusively run through a Track-By-Track of the LP’s dynamic, melodic, and mesmerizing tunes.


Song Premiere: "Burst Through The Borders" by Caulbearers

30 March 2021

Manchester-based DIY collective Caulbearers release a calm and heartfelt effort that is a celebration of modern urban existence.

Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell 2

NEWS: Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell weave an ecstatic world dance with "Noyalain (Burn)"

30 March 2021

The pair from legendary band Dead Can Dance offer up intriguing sounds and moods on their new single ahead of an album drop in May


Video Premiere: "World War Tour" by OUTRONAUT

30 March 2021

Chicago-based rock instrumental act OUTRONAUT launch a socially relevant video for a dynamic and gritty psych-surf/garage rocker.

Matt Tarka

Song Premiere: "Crowds" by Matt Tarka

29 March 2021

Folk/rock singer-songwriter Matt Tarka unveils a socio-politically relevant number in a run of singles he’s releasing this year.

El No

Album Premiere: Nothing Is Possible by El No

26 March 2021

Texas/Ohio-based lo-fi rock duo El No (Nate Farley (Guided By Voices, The Breeders) and Craig Nichols (Bellringer, Shesus)) drop their vivid and passionate LP.

Crisis Actor

Song Premiere: “Feed Me Drugs” by Crisis Actor

26 March 2021

L.A. punk band Crisis Actor releases the blistering single “Feed Me Drugs” from their forthcoming album False Flag.

Mute Swan

Video Premiere: "Enough Fun" by Mute Swan

25 March 2021

Tucson, AZ-based noisy shoegaze band Mute Swan are flying high with a new album and atmospheric storytelling music video.

The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs

Video Premiere: "We Are The Ones (We've Been Looking For)" (acoustic version) by The Streetwalkin' Cheetahs

24 March 2021

Exclusive to Big Takeover, lead vocalist/guitarist Frank Meyer of renowned veteran LA-based punk rock ‘n’ roll band The Streetwalkin’ Cheetahs unveils a heartfelt and tuneful acoustic rendition of a track off their new album.

KnightressM1 2

Video Premiere: "Infinite Blue" by KnightressM1

23 March 2021

Bay Area alternative music outfit KnightressM1 recently released their debut album and now unveils a stormy live performance video.


Video Premiere: "Natalie" by Camera2

23 March 2021

NYC-based indie rock band Camera2 (led by Andy Chase of Ivy) unveils an insidiously sinister storytelling video for a restless fever-dream track.

Infamous Stiffs

Video Premiere: "Freak Parade" by Infamous Stiffs

22 March 2021

Punk rock outfit Infamous Stiffs and a troupe of famed guest musicians appear in a circus-themed video for a raucously rollicking track.

Slow Crush

Album Premiere: Aurora (reissue) by Slow Crush

19 March 2021

Acclaimed Belgian heavy shoegaze band Slow Crush have reissued their compelling debut album via Quiet Panic and give exclusive interview.

A.M. Nice

Song Premiere: "Your War" / "Patient" by A.M. Nice

18 March 2021

Ohioan punk rock/noise pop band A.M. Nice unleash energetic and urgent 2-song single, with an accompanying video for one of the tracks.

Storm Seeker 2

Video Premiere: "Shoot This Ship Down" by Storm Seeker

17 March 2021

Ethnic metal/rock outfit Storm Seeker launches a stirring performance music video for rousing and tuneful track from their upcoming LP.

Dope Sagittarius

Video Premiere: "Define Love" by Dope Sagittarius

16 March 2021

NYC-based rock/punk/funk fusion outfit Dope Sagittarius drops an alluring video for a smooth alt-pop/jazz tune packed with renowned guest artists.

The Purrs

Video Premiere: "Yes I Do" by The Purrs

16 March 2021

Seattle-based dark psychedelic pop/rock band The Purrs unleash a trippy sci-fi movie video for a track off their upcoming live LP.


Video Premiere: "Tug of War" by Gamblers

15 March 2021

Long Island, NY-based indie rock/pop band Gamblers unveil an engagingly laid-back in-studio performance video for a track off their recent LP.

American Culture

Album Premiere: For My Animals by American Culture

12 March 2021

Denver-based basement-core rock band American Culture deliver a gritty and DIY album via HHBTM Records (with Track-By-Track rundown).

Stage Moms

Album Premiere: Almost Heaven… Feels Like Hell EP by Stage Moms

12 March 2021

West Virginian hard-hitting pop-punk band pick up the pieces during a horrific year on their raw and dynamic new EP.

Lovely World

Video Premiere: "You Know Darlin'" by Lovely World

11 March 2021

South Carolina-based indie rock band Lovely World unveil a poignant storytelling music video for a heartfelt song about relationships.

Lorenzo Wolf - Where the Valleys Are Low

Song Premiere: "Down Where the Valleys Are Low" (featuring Mary Elaine Jenkins) by Lorenzo Wolff

10 March 2021

Musician and producer Lorenzo Wolff enlists the talents of various singers to reimagine the vivid songs of late singer-songwriter Judee Sill.

Modesty Blaise 2

Video Premiere: "Come Lie Beside Me" by Modesty Blaise

9 March 2021

Hailing from the British port town of Bristol, indie/baroque pop outfit Modesty Blaise have revealed the video for their new single.

Women's Day

NEWS: The After 8 Show explores the state of gender equality in music

9 March 2021

To mark International Women’s Day on The After Eight Show, a number of women in the Music Industry were invited them to record their thoughts.


Song Premiere: "All You Can Absorb" by Gaadge

9 March 2021

Indie rock band Gaadge started out as a bedroom project from Mitch DeLong, but is now a full band with an album on the way via Crafted Sounds.

The Chills

Video Premiere: "Destiny" (Live) by The Chills

9 March 2021

Renowned New Zealand indie pop band The Chills return with an engaging live performance video for a track off their upcoming album.

Mount Forel

Video Premiere: "Russia" (live) by Mount Forel

8 March 2021

London-based multi-continental post-rock band Mount Forel deliver a vibrant and dynamic live performance video for a track off their upcoming LP.

Brian Damage

Album Premiere: Yesterday's Slime by Brian Damage

5 March 2021

Ohioan multi-instrumentalist Brain Baker unleashes a lo-fi, but melodic and dynamic synths- and guitars-driven rock/punk LP.


Video Premiere: "Let Go" by Badlands

4 March 2021

Swedish musician Catharina Jaunviksna, under the moniker of Bandlands, lovingly pays tribute to her late mother on a nostalgic video.


Video Premiere: "Something Crazy" by OPTO S

3 March 2021

New York City trio OPTO S recorded two concerts in early 2020 that will be released in April via ESP-Disk preceded by this single/video.


Video Premiere: "September" by LANUE

3 March 2021

Singer-songwriter Sarah Krueger unveils a nostalgic video filled with vintage and modern images for a gently yearning Americana track.


NEWS: British post-punk band I LIKE TRAINS announce Euro tour; team with Vessels on new single

2 March 2021

The hard-hitting socio-politically relevant outfit’s song is a resonant and timely rally against the powers-that-be and the remix adds a layer of darkness.


NEWS: Ethno-Metal outfit Manntra summons haunting Balkan vibes on "Barren King" single

2 March 2021

Mystical folk-rock outfit Manntra have announced they will release their new album Monster Mind Consuming via German label NoCut Entertainment.

Sunny War

Song Premiere: "Its Name Is Fear" by Sunny War

2 March 2021

Los Angeles-located Americana artist Sunny War unveils a lyrically powerful and culturally relevant single from her upcoming album.

Sunday State

Song Premiere: "White Pine County" by Sunday State

1 March 2021

Portland, OR indie rock/power pop band Sunday State drop a brisk and anthemic number from their upcoming LP recorded with Ken Stringfellow.

Nineteen Thirteen

Album Premiere: MCMXIII EP by Nineteen Thirteen

27 February 2021

Hard/alt-rock outfit Nineteen Thirteen (members of Mouth of the Architect, Twelve Tribes, Neon Warship) mine history for harrowing narratives on life, war, and death.