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Immanuel Wilkins - The 7th Hand (Blue Note)

28 January 2022

Having gotten his introduction out of the way with 2020’s Omega, the usual explosion of talent a hotly tipped young musician is obligated to display on a debut record, alto saxophonist Immanuel Wilkins returns with its follow-up, The 7th Hand.

Tyler Mitchell featuring Marshall Allen - Dancing Shadows (Mahakala Music)

27 January 2022

Like his former boss Sun Ra, who pushed jazz to its outer limits but always made time for the old-school Fletcher Henderson arrangements he loved, Mitchell swings wide here, as comfortable with squealing free jazz as with swinging bebop.

Cloakroom - Dissolution Wave (Relapse)

26 January 2022

The group’s well-traveled but effective blend of shimmering jangle, wide-eyed psychedelia and dreamy grunge favors sound over subject, which makes it the perfect music from which listeners can extract their own context.

Emile Parisien - Louise (ACT Music)

25 January 2022

Parisien presents a program of sturdy compositions given vibrant life on his latest album Louise.

Tenor Time - s/t (AFAR Music)

24 January 2022

Tenor Time transports you to a late night set at your favorite jazz club.

Opal Canyon - Tomorrow To The Sea

21 January 2022

As a follow up to their enchanting debut album Beauty and Loss, *Opal Canyon is back with a new album. A series of singles are planned to introduce the listening audience to their deft and delicate sound before the full album drops in early April.

Andrew Cyrille/William Parker/Enrico Rava - 2 Blues For Cecil (TUM)

21 January 2022

There’s free improvisation, and then there’s Cecil Taylor.

Connie Smith

Connie Smith – The Latest Shade of Blue: The Columbia Recordings 1973-1976 (Bear Family)

20 January 2022

A country legend rolls with changing times and reaffirms her greatness.

Diamond Dogs - Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous (Wild Kingdom)

20 January 2022

Slap Bang Blue Rendezvous may be almost ninety minutes long, twice as long as some wags think it should be, but the length works in the band’s favor, as they’re not a bummer in the bunch.

Oz Noy/Ugonna Okegwo/Ray Marchica - Riverside (Outside In Music)

19 January 2022

Guitarist Oz Noy is best known for bluesy fusion records. For Riverside, however, he’s teamed up with his pals Ugonna Okegwo (bass) and Ray Marchica (drums) for a set of standards.

The Gerunds - Hitsville PA (Uranium Rush)

18 January 2022

Different from any of their previous or subsequent musical projects, yet very much bearing the hallmark of their respective styles, Hitsville PA has a mysterious, unique quality redolent of the literate indie-pop both excel at.

OGJB Quartet - Ode to O (TUM)

18 January 2022

Veteran heavy hitters bring all of their talents to bear on Ode to O, their second album together at the OGJB Quartet.

Dany Laj and the Looks - RetroSpectacle (Rum Bar)

17 January 2022

As a supplement to last year’s American debut Ten Easy Pieces, Laj plucked tracks from previous recordings to compile RetroSpectacle.

Douglas Wayne - HEY YA’LL (One Horse Nashville)

16 January 2022

Douglas Wayne’s latest single “HEY YA’LL,” rumbles along in fine Americana fashion asking the eternal question “whatcha done done?” It’s an imagined conversation with regular folk in a place like his father’s hometown in the Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina.

Vannon - Desert of Our Dreams (Big Round Music)

15 January 2022

The world may not have ended, yet, but if the events of the last few years have fueled the inspiration of bands like Vannon, then at least we can be thankful for a work of art this powerful.

Aura Blaze - Open-Mindedness (Self-Released)

14 January 2022

It’s difficult to feel left wanting a little more, but what Aura Blaze has given us here is breathtaking in its scope and truly impressive in its beautifully lush production.

Rich Jacques - Montecito

14 January 2022

In 2020, Rich Jacques had a health scare and decided to move out of Los Angeles. His friends Renee and Paul invited him to come and live with them and their family allowing him time to created a lot of new habits and get back to health. It was a life changing experiencer him and their generosity, support, and friendship was truly humbling. “Montecito” is a love letter to those people and that place.

Anna von Hausswolff - Live at Montreux Jazz Festival (Southern Lord)

14 January 2022

Capturing a 2018 performance opening for Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the titular fest, Live at Montreux Jazz Festival presents Anna von Hausswolff at her most enthralling.

1st Base Runner - Ellis (Self-Released)

13 January 2022

Ellis is a fantastically hypnotic collection of songs, and a giant step forward for 1st Base Runner’s sound.

Cheap Cassettes - Ever Since Ever Since (Rum Bar)

13 January 2022

As with all of Matthews’ other work, Ever Since Ever Since, the trio’s second LP, swims confidently in the 70s end of the power pop pool, happily indulging in the sweet melodies/tough attack modus operandi .

Toundra - Hex (InsideOut)

12 January 2022

For Hex, Madrid instrumental rock quartet Toundra decided to go big, rather than go home.

Collect Call - The Golden Hour (self-released)

11 January 2022

Collect Call is the solo project of Brighton-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Joseph Thorpe. Creating electronic dream pop that ranges from soft and sensitive to loud and bombastic, his delicate textural synthesisers, energetic drums and rhythm interlace with a balanced sense of space and sincere introspective lyrics.

Shrinari - Hold On To The Hope, Though

10 January 2022

British-Spanish indie-folk duo Shrinari present their new long-player ‘Hold On To The Hope, Though’, a collection of deep, inspirational tracks recorded over the past few years, bringing the listener with them on a surrealistic journey on a path of discovery. You could call this music Genre Fluid, Sacred Funk or Spirit Soul. You could call it High-Frequency Music or World Folk Pop. This beautifully-crafted collection is an inspiration and full of love, light and positivity.

The Pulsebeats - Lookin’ Out (Rum Bar)

10 January 2022

With a keen sense of melody and ambition to write about subjects beyond cars, girls and rock & roll, Santander, Spain’s Pulsebeats are on their way to that milestone.

The Happy Pill Academy - Postcards to and from a Doomed Civilisation (Self-Released)

7 January 2022

A fascinating and captivating twist on grunge and alt-rock that strips the genres back to their bare essentials and injects a heavy dose of psychedelic oddness for good measure.

Travis Duo - Hypnagogia

7 January 2022

Brooklyn-based underground music veterans Jarvis Earnshaw and Trevor Dunn have released Hypnagogia, their first collaborative album as the Travis Duo. Together these established artists mesh and warp jazz into a novel and unique experimental sitar-laden creature.

Fred Hersch - Breath By Breath (Palmetto)

7 January 2022

Breath By Breath, his latest, is inspired by two things: his personal meditation practice and his emergence from lockdown.

The Wheel - Black Rose Burning (PV Recording Company)

6 January 2022

NYC-based alternative rock outfit Black Rose Burning has released ‘The Wheel’, their second full-length album, following the band’s debut album ‘The Year of the Scorpion’, released in 2020. Running at about 50 minutes, this collection of 12 galactic offerings was inspired by love lost, love won and outer space. This sophomore album takes the band’s sound to a completely new level in terms of songwriting and composition.

Tony Malaby’s Sabino - The Cave of Winds (Pyroclastic)

6 January 2022
Inspired by a series of outdoor performances Malaby organized with his friends in order to stay sane during the pandemic, The Cave of Winds recruits longtime compadres bassist Michael Formanek, guitarist Ben Monder, and drummer Tom Rainey, who performed on both Sabino and 55.

Flavour Nurse - Flavour Nurse (LovAnaverse Records)

5 January 2022

It’s an ambitiously dramatic and highly theatrical album that never loses focus, and the band never forgets to have a blast in the process, making the whole thing a rollercoaster of high octane fun.

Revolution Above Disorder - Scream Quietly

5 January 2022

Dublin postpunk / nugaze / electro artist Revolution Above Disorder presents the single “Scream Quietly”, paying tribute to the groundbreaking band Television Personalities and the songwriting genius of Dan Treacy.

Dave Stryker - As We Are (Strikezone)

5 January 2022
As We Are features the guitarist joined by a string quartet and an all-star band.

Sluka - Figure It Out (Self-Released)

29 December 2021

It has glimpses of the 70s, 80s, 90s, even the future, and ultimately nothing today sounds quite like what Sluka are making.

Seneko - '69 Camaro (Self-Released)

29 December 2021

After four EPs, it clearly seems like Seneko is building his music to something big, and a full-length album will undoubtedly deliver on the promise in this collection of his best songs yet.

Tawni Bias - SEL Fellow (Self-Released)

24 December 2021

It might be some time and many repeated listens before the totality of SEL Fellow’s mysteries and beauty truly reveal themselves to this listener, but Tawni Bias is clearly a name that holds a ton of promise for the future.

Vectralux - Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter (Self-Released)

24 December 2021

Each Morning and the Morning Thereafter leaves the listener with the feeling that they have heard a collection that sounds a little like a million different references and yet also something entirely brand new and fresh.

Blood Red Shoes - Ghosts On Tape

Blood Red Shoes - Ghosts On Tape (Velveteen)

23 December 2021
An amalgam of blues rock and electronica, cranked up and distorted.

Scary Goldings - IV (Pocket, Inc.)

23 December 2021

A collaboration between freefloating funk ensemble Scary Pockets and keyboardist Larry Goldings, Scary Goldings lays the groove down hard on the combo’s fourth collaboration in four years.

Wood River/Charlotte Greve & Cantus Domus - Sediments We Move (New Amsterdam)

22 December 2021

The German saxophonist, singer and composer has been best known for her jazz work up until now, but here the notion of a singular style of music gets obliterated.

Joey DeFrancesco - More Music (Mack Avenue)

21 December 2021

Once the wünderkind of organ trio jazz, multi-instrumentalist Joey DeFrancesco is now a veteran of more than three decades on the scene.

Blue Heron - “Black Blood of the Earth” b/w “A Sunken Place” (self-released)

20 December 2021

It’s difficult these days for bands to craft this kind of heaviosity, of which there are oceans, with any real distinction. But Blue Heron does it on the first try.

Tanuki Project - Adamant _ CHAPTER#01 (Self-Released)

18 December 2021

In only four deceptively simple songs they have crafted an immersive experience that envelopes and hooks you with each listen.

Phil Ranelin - Infinite Expressions (ORG Music)

17 December 2021

Trombonist Phil Ranelin isn’t a name that springs to the lips when talking about classic horn players, despite a career going back to the early seventies, playing with everyone from Freddie Hubbard to Wayne Kramer, and leading several bands, the most famous of which is the long-running Tribe.

Doug MacDonald - Serenade to Highland Park (self-released)

16 December 2021

Consisting mostly of standards, plus a couple of originals, the record sways and swings old school, paying tribute to influential pickers like Jim Hall and Joe Pass as much as to the Los Angeles area after which it’s named.

NOW Ensemble/Sean Friar - Before and After (New Amsterdam)

15 December 2021

Essentially a meditation on the evolution of civilization, this set of tunes melds traditional European classical forms with noisier, dissonant sounds suggesting the whiplash energy of twenty-first century urban life.

Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker – Bird in LA (Verve)

14 December 2021

Have alto sax, will amaze: genius at work.