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Geoffrey Keezer & Friends - Playdate (MarKeez)

12 August 2022

Casting a wide net, Keezer brings a swath of influences – hard bop, fusion, postbop, third stream – to his music.

Everything Must Change - Rich Jacques (Cousteau Records)

11 August 2022

LA-based singer-songwriter and Grammy-winning producer Rich Jacques has released his debut EP Everything Must Change, a 6-track collection that takes the listener through his soothing sonic world and a single of the same name. Wonderfully beguiling, this music is uplifting amidst dark times as politics, environmental concerns and Covid-related concerned have significantly weighed on everyone’s minds.

Mike Clark/Leon Lee Dorsey featuring Mike LeDonne - Blues On Top (JazzAvenue 1)

11 August 2022

Ultimately what this session comes down to is pure fun – these guys clearly enjoy their musical interaction, playing everything with a relaxed intensity.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Travelin’ Band (live) b/w Who’ll Stop the Rain (live) 7” (Craft)

10 August 2022

This 7” platter features live performances from 1970 of two songs that would soon appear in studio versions on CCR’s Cosmo’s Factory album.

ON - Underdog (Indiestructable Records)

10 August 2022

Alternative / indie rockers ON – a trio comprised of Toronto music scene veterans, formerly of popular 90’s outfits Acid Test, Danko Jones and Rocket Science – present their brazen new single “Underdog” as they reveal dates for their impending Ontario tour.

Brian Lynch and Spheres of Influence - Songbook Vol. 2: Dance the Way U Want To (Hollistic MusicWorks)

10 August 2022

Grammy-winning trumpeter and composer Brian Lynch continues his Songbook series with Vol. 2: Dance the Way U Want To, a reclamation of his back catalog through remakes and reinvention.

A Shoreline Dream - Alarms Stop Ringing (Latenight Weeknight Records)

8 August 2022

Iconic shoegaze/postpunk outfit A Shoreline Dream is back with a new album after a pandemic time-out. Loveblind_will arrive on September 23 via Latenight Weeknight Records, following their critically acclaimed _Melting album (2020). Ahead of this, the band presents the infectious lead track “Alarms Stop Ringing”, previewing 40 minutes of goth-induced progressive walls of sound. Loveblind promises to be an album that shoegazers, post-rock lovers and daydreamers should take note of.

Tim Bowness - Butterfly Mind (InsideOut)

5 August 2022

Singer, songwriter and all-round music impresario Tim Bowness operates in a fairly unique artistic area.

Karamelien - Ascension Heights (self-released)

4 August 2022

UK-based soulful indie pop duo Karamelien present their debut single “Ascension Heights”, a laid-back and groovy summer tune inspired by and featuring Top Topham’s track of the same name. While technically a new project, this soaring perfect pop offering actually has a rich and touching backstory.

Starry Skies - Spitfire Susie/Kind Hearted People ( Fox Star Records)

4 August 2022

Glasgow*-based *Starry Skies are set to release their fourth studio album Small Wonders via Fox Star Records, following up 2020’s long player Do It With Love. With a brilliant mix of classic rock, power pop and folk-pop, the band is back with a crowdfunded album of shimmering delights

Billy Drummond and Freedom of Ideas - Valse Sinistre (Cellar Music)

4 August 2022

Drummer Billy Drummond has long been a rhythm keeper’s rhythm keeper, the demand for which might explain why he hasn’t headlined a recording since 1996.

A short conversation with Daniel Kubinski of DeadFinger

3 August 2022

With a new single “Ghosts” out, an album of covers behind them, and new material coming along thick and fast, it was the perfect time to sit down with Dan Kubrinski of Deadfinger and find out what was happening in their world.

Michael Gregory Jackson - Electric Git Box (Golden)

3 August 2022

The solo guitar extravaganza Electric Git Box draws on songs from throughout his career, from his 1976 debut Clarity, Circle, Triangle, Square to 2019’s WHENUFINDITUWILLKNOW.

Poison Boys - Don’t You Turn On Me (Riot/Golden Robot)

2 August 2022

Led since their 2014 inception by guitarist/vocalist Matt Dudzik, these guys probably can’t cross the street without sneering at oncoming traffic, but they know from hooks.

Stuart Pearson-Mojave

Stuart Pearson — Mojave (Stuart Pearson)

1 August 2022

While this follow-up resembles its predecessor Dark Americana: Stories and Songs in mood and style, it feels more ambitious and expansive, with intricate arrangements that conjure Ennio Morricone’s spacious, evocative spaghetti western soundtracks.

Circuit3 - Technology For The Youth (Analogue Trash)

1 August 2022

Dublin future-retro electronic artist Circuit3 (the electronic pop alias of Peter Fitzpatrick) presents his third album ‘Technology For The Youth’ LP. Released via Manchester’s AnalogueTrash label, this album was mastered by Richard Dowling, known for his work with Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue, Motorhead, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, New Order and Sparks.

Grace Solero - Metamorphosis (Wohone Records)

1 August 2022

London*-based alt-rock / metal artist *Grace Solero their new Metamorphosis,a power-packed labour of love that is raw, grungy, dreamy and atmospheric all at the same time

Abbie Barrett - I Will Let You Know (Rum Bar)

1 August 2022

Boston singer/songwriter Abbie Barrett likes good, catchy songs and guitars. In what style those things come together depends entirely on what the tune demands – even if that’s several things at once.

The Caughtery - The Caughtery (self-released)

31 July 2022

Austin*-based rock duo *The Caughtery presents their debut Self-Titled EP, released on July 15. Mixed by the legendary Tim Palmer (Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, Tin Machine, The Mission, HIM, U2, Pearl Jam), who jointly produced it together with David Gayler, this EP was recorded by Lee Jackson at Studio71West near Austin. Tim Palmer also contributes guitar on this glorious debut.

Clay Joule - Summer Breeze (Truwan Studio)

30 July 2022

Clay Joule is a singer, drummer and multi-instrumentalist, songwriter. After the success of the previous single “Funky Sphere,” it was only natural that we hunted down the latest release, the aptly titled “Summer Breeze” and found out what this next single was all about.


Spacemoth – No Past No Future (Wax Nine / Carpark Records)

29 July 2022

Scruffy synths and existential despair add up to a mesmerizing debut.

Harish Raghavan - In Tense (Whirlwind)

29 July 2022

With In Tense, his second album as a leader, Raghavan has staked a claim as one of modern jazz’s most interesting composers and bandleaders.

Chicago (ft Joanna Pearl) - The Mermaid (Sereia Do Mar)

28 July 2022

With Chicago dropping their 38th album of their career, one of the tracks in particular, “The Mermaid” featuring Joanna Pearl, sums up their collaborative prowess and eclectic musical approach perfectly.

Triptides - So Many Days (Curation)

28 July 2022
So Many Days, the band’s ninth album, leans on acoustic and 12-string guitars, vocal harmonies and rootsy tunes that find a midway point between early Poco and the folk rocking side of Big Star.

Weimar - Dancing On A Volcano (German Shepherd Records)

27 July 2022

Manchester art-rock quartet Weimar has released its debut album Dancing On a Volcano digitally via German Shepherd Records and on CD via Marlene’s Hat Records; 12 tracks take the listener on an unpredictable excursion through the socio-political and personal challenges of our modern age.

Sheila Jordan - Live at Mezzrow (Cellar Music)

27 July 2022

How many times have we seen a person in their twilight years, still doing it, whatever it is, and making us think, “Man, I hope I still have that much fire at their age.” Well, folks, please welcome Sheila Jordan to the stage.

Ernest Moon - Skipping To Maloo (self-released)

26 July 2022

Ernest Moon are Steven Doran and Brian Murphy, two highly creative songsters with a gift for wise cracks and impactful one-liners, brought together by a liking for eggs on toast. They offer lush lyrics, heavy hands and a rat-arsed sincerity. Their sound has been described as pushy pop, “filling the gap between pretentious lyrical art and bog standard pop music”.

The Krayolas - Happy Go Lucky (Box)

26 July 2022

San Antonio’s long-running Krayolas didn’t attract the power pop tastemakers back when the genre flourished in the eighties, never seeming to break out of their region until thirty-odd years later.

The Legendary Swagger - Gypsies, Junkies & Thieves (Rum Bar)

25 July 2022

The next generation of Orange Country rock.

Sam Prekop & John McEntire - Sons Of

Sam Prekop and John McEntire - Sons Of (Thrill Jockey)

22 July 2022

Sons Of features four lengthy modular synthesizer compositions from Sam Prekop and John McEntire, first forged across the duo’s improvised 2019 European tour.

Seal Party - Kaleka (New Age Distribution)

22 July 2022

Soulful art-rock outfit Seal Party presents their new single ‘Kaleka’, a stunning Bowie-esque piano-based composition that complements the band’s most recent single ‘Maison’ featuring R&B organ wizard Chris Rob (Kanye West, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Anita Baker, Talib Kweli). Both songs are rich and captivating tasters of their forthcoming debut album ‘MMXXII’, bringing the listener to a meaninful and timeless place.

Ronnie Foster - Reboot (Blue Note)

22 July 2022

Thirty-six years on from his last LP, Foster, re-signed to Blue Note, issues his (very) long awaited ninth album Reboot.

Jessie Kilguss - Great White Shark (self-released)

22 July 2022

NYC*-based cinematic folk-rock artist *Jessie Kilguss is back to offer a pure dose of her trademark magical realism with the single “Great White Shark”. The first taste of her new album What Do Whales Dream About at Night?’

Ree-Vo - Combat/Groove With It (Dell’Orso Records / SRD)

22 July 2022

Ree-Vo is Bristol’s Andy Spaceland (AKA Andy Jenks) and T. Relly. Recorded, produced and mixed by Andy at Bristol’s Christchurch Studios, known as the home of _Mezzanine_-era Massive Attack, this album was tweaked and fine-tuned during the summer of 2020.

Tony Williams - Play or Die (MIG Music)

21 July 2022
Play or Die is a strong record that casts a much-needed light onto a shadowy corner of a jazz icon’s oeuvre.

The Ember Glows - Silent Love (self-released)

20 July 2022

Montreal*-based indie rock / post-punk quartet *The Ember Glows present their new single “Silent Love”, a sonic exploration of steadfast love, the fragility of life and the power of silence.

Grassy Sound - The Sounds of Grassy Sound (Destiny)

20 July 2022

Despite first impressions from the band’s name, Philadelphia duo Grassy Sound does not play bluegrass.

Nebula - Transmissions From Mothership Earth (Heavy Psych Sounds)

19 July 2022

The band’s second album since returning from the dead in 2017, Transmissions From Mothership Earth doesn’t rework the formula as much as reiterate that it still functions properly.

Randall Despommier featuring Ben Monder - A Midsummer Odyssey (Sunnyside)

18 July 2022

Enlisting master guitarist Ben Monder and ex-Yellowjackets bassist Jimmy Haslip as co-producer, the New Orleans-born/New York-based Despommier takes a trip through the catalog of Swedish composer Lars Gullin, whose work he encountered in Italy in 2005.

JoVia Armstrong - The Antidote Suite (Black Earth Music)

15 July 2022

For her first solo album, AACM member Armstrong presents The Antidote Suite, a soundtrack to the Black Index art exhibit at the University of California Irvine (where Armstrong also happens to be a PhD candidate).

Clay Joule - Funky Sphere (Truwan Studios)

15 July 2022

Paying tribute to the airline workers, pilots and employees of the sky, this new single host’s heartfelt lyrics, ballad-style instrumentals in an ode to flight attendants, and airline resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Savage Republic - Tragic Figures (Real Gone Music)

14 July 2022

Known as well for their incendiary live shows that featured banging steel percussion on oil cans, metal pipes, and other unusual items that earned them a cult following amongst fans of industrial music back in the ‘80s, this 2 CD/2 LP edition features the original album on the first disc with pre-Tragic Figures recordings when they were known as Africa Corps featured on disc 2.

Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity - Elastic Wave (ECM)

14 July 2022

Norwegian drummer Gard Nilssen, sideperson to Macej Obara and Mathias Eick and leader of Acoustic Unity and the Supersonic Orchestra, follows in the footsteps of a legacy – specifically that of late Norse drum legend Jon Christensen.

Ian Blurton’s Future Now - Second Skin (Seeing Red)

13 July 2022

A mainstay of the Canadian rock scene, singer/songwriter/guitarist Ian Blurton led Tornonto’s beloved and influential postpunk/alt.rock act Change of Heart, before shifting to more straightforward hard rock with C’Mon.

Birth - Born (Bad Omen)

13 July 2022

Rising from the ashes of the much-missed Astra, who released a pair of psychedelic proto-prog albums in the early 2010s, Birth, well, pretty much picks up where Astra left off on its first full-length album Born.

Sam Reider - Petrichor (Slow & Steady)

12 July 2022

Galvanized by his return to San Francisco after a decade in NYC and named after the word for the smell of earth after rain, Petrichor blends Redier’s influences – jazz, classical, stride – into a seamless whole.

Rich Jacques - Everything Must Change (self-released)

11 July 2022

With the gorgeous and gentle tracks “Montecito,” “Can You See it,” and “New Design” already out in the world as a taste of what’s to come, singer songwriter and Grammy winning producer Rich Jacques returns with a new collection of music in the form of a six-track EP called Everything Must Change.”

Josiah - We Lay On Cold Stone (Blues Funeral)

11 July 2022

British power trio Josiah was a reliable stoner/hard rock force in the early 2000s without ever really hitting stardom, even in that world.

Lila Blue-Stranger

Lila Blue — “Stranger” (Lila Blue)

10 July 2022

This New York City-raised singer/songwriter’s new single is more in the vein of the hushed, Nick Drake-like folk displayed on her 2021 Not Yet EP, but with a rustic, down home alt-country/Americana feel.

Circuit3 - Overview Effect (Analogue Trash)

8 July 2022

Dublin synthpop artist Circuit3 (AKA Peter Fitzpatrick) presents the ‘Overview Effect’, a five-track EP offering a scintillating taster ahead of the artist’s third album Technology For The Youth LP, slated for release on July 15 via Manchester’*s *AnalogueTrash label and mastered by Richard Dowling, known for his work with Paul McCartney, Kylie Minogue, Motorhead, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, New Order and Sparks.