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Taurey Butler - One of the Others (Justin Time)

4 October 2022

Born in New Jersey and based in Montreal, pianist Taurey Butler plays in a style that bespeaks a couple of other locales: New York and New Orleans.

Black Market Karma - Aped Flair And Hijacked Ideas (Flower Power Records)

3 October 2022

UK-based artist Black Market Karma presents their tenth full-length album Aped Flair & Hijacked Ideas, released via London boutique label Flower Power Records.

John Escreet - Seismic Shift (Whirlwind)

3 October 2022

Amazingly for a jazz pianist, John Escreent has recorded eight previous albums, but Seismic Shift is his first with a trio.

Ronan Conroy - Dark Paradise (self-released)

30 September 2022

Brooklyn-based artist Ronan Conroy presents his new single “Dark Paradise”, a clever goth-rock rendition of the Lana Del Rey classic. This is the second taster of his album The Slow Death of the LoveMyth, complemented by a fascinating video created by NYC artist Hypnodoll and featuring a sword-swallowing performance by La Reine The Thrill.

Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (2022 mix) (Manifesto)

30 September 2022

Originally released at the turn of the Reagan years, Dead Kennedys’ incendiary debut Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables is a certifiable American punk rock classic – no question.

The Speed of Sound - Virtual Reality 123 / Charlotte 12" Version (Big Stir Records)

29 September 2022

Manchester indie rock outfit The Speed Of Sound presents the double A-side single “Virtual Reality 123 / Charlotte 12” Version”, reimagining two of the tunes from their acclaimed 2021 album Museum Of Tomorrow, marking one year since its release via Big Stir Records. Just like a classic 12” single, each track clocks in at over 6 minutes – double the running time of the album originals.

William Parker - Universal Tonality (Centering)

29 September 2022

For bassist and composer William Parker, the term “universal tonality” means, simply, “if we’re all breathing together, we’re singing together.”

Karamelien - Lionhearts (self-released)

28 September 2022

UK-based indie pop duo Karamelien present their second single, called “Lionhearts”. A sumptuous, uplifting track about love and unity in difficult times, this was produced by Ride frontman Mark Gardener at OX4 Sound near Oxford.

Thumbscrew - Multicolored Midnight (Cuneiform)

28 September 2022

Consistency, thy name is Thumbscrew.

Suede - Autofiction

Suede - Autofiction (BMG)

27 September 2022

Yosef Gutman Levitt - Upside Down Mountain (self-released)

27 September 2022
Imagine if bass guitar great Steve Swallow joined the Vince Guaraldi Trio and recorded for ECM.

The Ember Glows - The Mirror (Self-released)

27 September 2022

Montreal-based indie rock / post-punk quartet The Ember Glows has released their new EP Where Spirits Play, a 4-track offering recorded at Closet Studios in Montreal with elements of Simple Minds, The Cult, Echo and the Bunnymen, early U2, Nick Cave and The Mission at the fore.

The Staple Singers – Be Altitude: Respect Yourself 50th Anniversary LP (Stax/Craft)

27 September 2022

Students of the American Civil Rights movement will find this album, widely considered to be the Staples’ best fusion of Gospel fervor and pop appeal, to be a joyous component of the syllabus.

Vernons Future - Call To Arms (VF Records)

26 September 2022

UK indie-rock veterans Vernons Future will be releasing their new album Aquaplaning in early October, using the lead-time wisely by previewing lead track “Call To Arms”. Perhaps their most overtly (small ‘p’) political song, it’s also a plea to save the planet.

Andrew Cyrille, Elliott Sharp, Richard Teitelbaum - Evocation (Infrequent Seams)

26 September 2022

Recorded in 2011 at Roulette’s as part of Thomas Bruckner’s Interpretations series of events, Evocation features a trio of master improvisers embodying the essence of spontaneous composition.

The Verlaines – Live at the Windsor Castle, 1986 (Schoolkids)

26 September 2022

Thanks to Schoolkids Records for bringing this underrated gem from the days of college rock and jangle-pop into the light.

The Tragically Hip – Live at the Roxy Los Angeles, May 3, 1991 (Universal Music Canada)

26 September 2022

Live at the Roxy documents early days when the Hip leaned heavily upon its blues-rock roots. The heady and visceral material is played with fierce commitment.

The Band – Cahoots 50th anniversary deluxe LP (Capitol/UMe)

26 September 2022

The Band’s fourth album Cahoots is celebrated with a deep dive into the quintet’s career circa 1971.

The Who – My Generation, A Quick One, The Who Sell Out, Tommy half-speed mastered LPs (UMC/Polydor)

26 September 2022

These reissues present the Who’s revered mod-era material in the best possible light within the constraints of the vinyl format.

The Police – Greatest Hits (Polydor/UMC)

26 September 2022

The Police made a high-octane run between 1978 and 1983, showing rapid development from admitted origins as calculated punk scene posers to ultimate status as world-dominating pop-rock chart-toppers.

Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers – Modern Lovers 88 LP reissue (Rounder/Craft)

25 September 2022

This album’s charm hinges upon Jonathan Richman’s knack for writing songs that radiate innocence and simple fun.

Chris Connelly - Eulogy To Lenny Bruce (Easy Action / Shipwrecked Industries)

25 September 2022

Alternative music legend Chris Connelly has released his new single “Eulogy to Lenny Bruce”, revealing an accompanying video by Emma Kathan. This is the first offering from a new record paying tribute to the iconic Nico, The Velvet Underground muse and one of the most unique, tragic and misunderstood female artists in the history of music.

Leo Nocentelli – Another Side (Light in the Attic)

25 September 2022

This compelling record from Meters guitarist Leo Nocentelli is out of character in a very special way, and it also comes with an astonishing origin story.

Cloakroom – Dissolution Wave LP (Relapse)

25 September 2022

Dissolution Wave is the aural equivalent of a weighted blanket. If you’re pining for the melodic and heavy space-rock from the late 90s, Cloakroom has returned with its third album to provide the sublime but downcast shoegaze sound your spirit craves.

Brian May – Another World Deluxe LP reissue (UMe)

25 September 2022

24 years later, Another World still charts a path of imagination toward a better place.

The Rolling Stones – Licked Live in NYC (Mercury Studios/Universal)

25 September 2022

As the Rolling Stones tour in support of the band’s 60th anniversary, this concert film is being re-released from the days when the band had merely 40 years, or “licks,” to their credit. This 2003 show was captured at Madison Square Garden.

Creedence Clearwater Revival – "Travelin’ Band (live)" b/w "Who’ll Stop the Rain (live)" RSD 7” (Craft)

25 September 2022

This 7” vinyl disc features a hot CCR performance drawn from the Creedence Clearwater Revival at the Royal Albert Hall live album and documentary concert film.

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On 50th Anniversary 2xLP (Tamla/UMe)

25 September 2022

Marvin Gaye’s catalog overflows with gems, but What’s Going On is the crown jewel.

The Beach Boys – The Very Best of the Beach Boys: Sounds of Summer LP box (Capitol/UMe/Brother)

24 September 2022

Songs spanning 1962 debut album Surfin’ Safari through 1989’s Still Cruisin’ capture the pure escapism of classic surf-rock sides and expand toward Brian Wilson’s pursuit of pop perfection characterized as “teenage symphonies to God.”

Wings – Wild Life 50th anniversary LP (Capitol/UMe)

24 September 2022

After the homespun McCartney and domestic collaboration of Ram, Paul McCartney stepped back toward band work with his third post-*Beatles* album.

Weyes Blood – "It's Not Just Me, It's Everybody" and new LP (Sub Pop, 2022)

23 September 2022

Weyes Blood (Natalie Mering) just announced her new full-length, “And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow” (Sub Pop, 2022), out November 18th. The first track, “It’s Not Just Me, It’s Everybody” perfectly sets the tone, musically and lyrically, simultaneously balancing themes of loneliness and hope.

Dispel - Flames of Greed (self-released)

23 September 2022

Dark electro-goth collective Dispel presents the single “Flames of Greed”, previewing their sophomore conceptual album Inferno. Based on Dante’s literary masterpiece, it features a song for each layer of sin existing in the infernal realm.

ABBA - Gold: 30th Anniversary (Polar/Polydor)

23 September 2022

Due to contemporary superstardom, musicals based on their work, frequent licensing in movie and TV shows, think pieces that continue to pop up, endorsement by musicians with whom they have nothing in common stylistically, and constant radio play over the decades, it’s safe to say that ABBA never really went away.

Charles Lloyd - Trios: Ocean (Blue Note)

23 September 2022

The second release in Charles Lloyd’s “Trio of Trios” project, following Chapel from a couple of months ago, Trios: Ocean puts the alto saxophone great in the mix with guitarist Anthony Wilson and pianist Gerald Clayton.

Frenchy and the Punk - Mon Souvenir (EA Recordings)

22 September 2022

New York cabaret-inspired post-punk duo Frenchy and the Punk present the first taste of this album with lead track “Mon Souvenir”, previewing their seventh album Zen Ghost, which will be released via the EA Recordings label in late October.

The Comet is Coming - Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam (Impulse!)

22 September 2022

The combination of jazz musicians with electronic artists has always had a checkered history.

Wolfert Brederode - Ruins and Remains (ECM)

22 September 2022
Ruins and Remains, the latest brainchild of Dutch pianist Wolfert Brederode, was intended to commemorate the end of World War I, at its time the most significant war in history in terms of the devastation it wrought. Sadly, it’s as relevant in the early twenty-first century as it is in the twentieth.

Sicky - The Bridge (self-released)

21 September 2022

UK-based alternative ‘dirty pop’ artist SICKY presents his new single “The Bridge”, a lively danceable offering that is a pragmatic Northern Soul-inspired bucket of joy.

Noah Garabedian - Consider the Stars Beneath Us (Outside In Music)

21 September 2022

It took eight years, but bassist/composer Noah Garabedian finally follows up his 2014 leader debut Big Butter and the Eggmen with Consider the Stars Beneath Us,

Black Market Karma - In My Child Mind (E to A) (Flower Power Records)

20 September 2022

UK-based psychedelic rockers Black Market Karma present their new single “In My Child Mind (E to A)”. This is the second taste of their new album Aped Flair & Hijacked Ideas. The album will be released in late September via London boutique label Flower Power Records.

Life For Now - Jru Anthony (Full Circle Entertainment Inc)

20 September 2022

After the lead single, “Greenlight”, filled critics and listeners alike with expectations, the release of Jru Anthony’s full-length album Life For Now proved to be everything that the earlier single promised.

Alex Acuña - Gifts (Le Coq)

20 September 2022

Jazz fans know Acuña from his early work accompanying Cuban bandleader Pérez Prado and his stint with jazz fusion icons Weather Report, for whom he played drums or percussion on two of their seminal albums, Black Market and the bestselling Heavy Weather.

Matthew Fries - Lost Time (Xcappa)

19 September 2022

Fries lays heavily into his sense of melody here, letting his lyrical riffs and creamy chording lead the way.

Paul Thomas Saunders – "Bloodlust" (single) and "Figure In A Landscape" LP (sevenfoursevensix)

17 September 2022

Brighton, UK-based Paul Thomas Saunders has come back from an extended break after his first album, “Beautiful Desolation” (Atlantic, 2014). His new LP, “Figure in a Landscape”, is out October 21st (sevenfoursevensix). The dramatic single, “Bloodlust”, was released September 1st.

Ronan Conroy - Double Helix (self-released)

16 September 2022

Brooklyn -based artist Ronan Conroy presents his new single “Double Helix”, an atmospheric track featuring captivating vocals by Julie Dicterow of Oh Halo. Lush with dark reverie, this is the first taster of his forthcoming album The Slow Death of the LoveMyth, beautifully complemented by a captivating video created by NYC*-based artist *Hypnodoll.

Julian Lage - View With a Room (Blue Note)

16 September 2022

Squint would be a difficult record for anyone to follow up, but Lage does it with style on View With a Room.

Dmitry Wild - Liberation (self-released)

16 September 2022

New York -based garage rocker Dmitry Wild presents a rock anthem with meaning – “Liberation feat. Tryst” is the first taster of his forthcoming Electric Souls album. The accompanying video features imagery, symbolizing both protest and hope, with film footage captured in Ukraine, Spain, Czech Republic and various US locales, including Florida, Massachusetts, Tennessee and San Francisco.

Mercyland - We Never Lost a Single Game (Propeller Sound Recordings)

15 September 2022

Mercyland had smarts, tunes and a cool sound.

Qrauer - Odd Fazes (Nonostar)

14 September 2022

Qrauer is a German electronica duo featuring Christian Grochau, percussionist, producer and remix artist and Ludwig Bauer, pianist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. Their debut album, Odd Fazes, is out now via German label Nonostar.