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Creem issue #006 (Boy Howdy!)

26 December 2023

The sixth entry since Creem’s reboot celebrates controversial but quintessential rock writer Lester Bangs on what would have been his 75th birthday.

In Between Shows The A Sides by Cameran Marie Sassman

In Between Shows The A Sides - Cameran Marie Sassman (Self-Published)

25 November 2023

“Recommended for those who want a taste of those 80s scenes or those who just want to remember those glory days for independent music.”

Creem issue #003 (Boy Howdy!)

7 March 2023

The relaunched Creem is now into its third issue, and its staff are in pursuit of their goal to reclaim the brash attitude and irreverent reputation earned during the magazine’s original 1969-1989 run.

Munly J.Munly 32nd releases his new book of prose - Döder Made Me Do It

12 August 2022

This September, Munly J.Munly 32nd is getting ready to release his new book exploring the magic land of Lupercalia with his new book, Döder Made Me Do It.

Banging the Monkey

Tod A – Banging the Monkey (Flagrante Delicto, 2019)

27 August 2020

In his debut novel Banging the Monkey, Firewater frontman Tod A weaves an engrossing and frequently hilarious tale of cathartic adventure amid the sweltering backdrop of the Southeast Asian tropics.

To Hell And Back (Backbeat Books)

9 April 2020

Walter Lure’s tale of life with Johnny Thunders in the Heartbreakers is a riveting look at punk history.

Me & Mr. Cigar (Soho Teen)

20 January 2020

A story of a boy and his dog. His supernatural dog named Mr. Cigar.

From the mind behind the Butthole Surfers, Gibby Haynes.

George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four | Through The Dystopian Door 

31 December 2019

At the dawning of a new decade, writer Kevin Burke looks back 70 years at a literary work that has become the instruction manual on oppression

Mick Wall - Two Riders Were Approaching: The Life & Death of Jimi Hendrix (Trapeze)

10 December 2019

Mick Wall’s latest work examines a darker side surrounding the passing of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix

Horror Stories (Random House)

29 October 2019

Nothing she’s done before can prepare you for Liz Phair’s Horror Stories.

Tim Kinsella - Sunshine on an Open Tomb

Tim Kinsella - Sunshine on an Open Tomb (Featherproof Books)

21 October 2019

For those who find Howard Zinn to be somewhat tame, Sunshine on an Open Tomb is Tim Kinsella’s History of the United States.

Debbie Harry - Face It (HarperCollins)

18 October 2019

Debbie Harry’s memoir Face It is a series of interviews and stories from the mind of Harry, which they are in plentiful supply, surrounding the late sixties’ scene in New York and beyond.

Amy Rigby - Girl to City: A Memoir (Southern Domestic)

31 August 2019

This October 8th sees the release of Girl To City:A Memoir, the autobiography of cult icon Amy Rigby.

More Fun in the New World (De Capo)

17 June 2019

Doe and DeSavia give us more L.A. punk history in their latest.

Begin the Begin: R.E.M.’s Early Years (Verse Chorus Press)

7 May 2019

The beginnings of R.E.M are compelling told by Robert Dean Lurie.

Closer You Are: The Story of Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices - Matthew Cutter (Da Capo)

21 January 2019

Fans will love Matthew Cutter’s tale of their “fading captain,” Robert Pollard. New listeners may be intimidated by the sheer volume of Pollard’s material to absorb, with more than 100 albums on offer when solo and side projects are counted alongside Guided By Voices’ output. For those overwhelmed neophytes, Closer You Are is a godsend.

World Domination: The Sub Pop Records Story - Gillian G. Gaar (BMG)

5 December 2018

The history of Sub Pop – the little indie that could- is documented in World Domination.

Swans: Sacrifice and Transcendence - Nick Soulsby (Jawbone, 2018)

28 November 2018

Soulsby lets the words of his interviewees flow unedited and uninterrupted, so the sometimes clashing, sometimes complimentary testimony can illuminate the creative process behind one of rock’s most enigmatic bands.

Small Victories – Adrian Harte (Jawbone, 2018)

10 November 2018

In Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More, Adrian Harte has written a comprehensive history of Faith No More It is finally great to have the full story and congratulations to the author for his work on this well researched, enjoyable, and exhaustive read. The publication serves as an important documentation of this highly influential and unique band.

Front cover of Sunset Trip by Ben Vendetta

Sunset Trip - Ben Vendetta (Obliterati Press)

20 October 2018

“We are treated to the very real problems of making it as an artist in the fickle world of the post 2000 music industry.”

Bowie’s Piano Man: The Life of Mike Garson (Backbeat Books)

3 July 2018

Mike Garson was David Bowie’s favorite piano player. This is his account of a 30 year collaboration.

Waiting To Derail: Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown, Alt-Country's Brilliant Wreck (Skyhorse Publishing)

25 June 2018

Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown’s wild ride is documented in this engrossing look.

Astral Weeks - (Penguin Press)

30 April 2018

Ryan H. Walsh’s vivid look at the legendary Astral Weeks recounts its creation and the town that influenced it.

Leave The Capital - (Route Publishing)

4 April 2018

Paul Hanley – former drummer for The Fall – gives the musical history of his town Manchester in looks at The Hollies to The Smiths and more. Riveting.

They Can’t Kill Us Until They Kill Us (Two Dollar Radio)

23 December 2017

The essays of Hanif Abdurraqib are masterful, even if you initially don’t care about the subject.

Athens Potluck (Deeds Publishing)

6 December 2017

Jason Thrasher’s luminous photography tells the tale of the beloved music mecca, Athens, GA.

For the Sake of Heaviness Book Cover

Brian Slagel with Mark Eglinton – For The Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records (BMG, 2017)

7 November 2017

For The Sake of Heaviness: The History of Metal Blade Records is a well written, enjoyable book, summarizing the history and impact the independent label had on establishing heavy metal across the US and globally.

Lou Reed: A Life (Little, Brown)

28 October 2017

Lou Reed upended popular culture. Anthony DeCurtis gives us the life and times of the brilliant – yet maddening – genius.

Total Chaos (Third Man Books)

2 January 2017

The Stooges only released a few albums in their heyday, but they changed the world. Read Total Chaos to find out how.

Kristin Hersh Wyatt at the Coyote Palace Omnibus/Overlook

Kristin Hersh - Wyatt at the Coyote Palace BOOK+2CD (Omnibus/Overlook)

11 November 2016

Kristin Hersh of Throwing Muses and 50 Foot Wave delivers an astounding third musical novel that continues to blur the lines between melodic sound and the written word.

New York Rock: From The Rise of the Velvet Underground to the Fall of CBGB

17 October 2016

Steven Blush serves up a compelling history in New York Rock: From The Rise of the Velvet Underground to the Fall of CBGB.

Manor Threat - Snakepit Comics 2013-2015 (Microcosm Publishing)

9 August 2016

Ben Snakepit is back with a new collection of his punk-rock life, Manor Threat.

The Smiths by Nalinee Darmrong (Rizzoli, 2016)

10 July 2016

This is, on the whole, a book about being completely in love with the music of one band and about what possibilities that could lead to.

Your Song Changed My Life

3 May 2016

Before they were stars, they were fans. Find out the influences behind the music.


17 November 2015

The album serves as a kind of character in and of itself, providing consolation, comfort, commentary and even defiance when needed. It’s no wonder that Heartworm started out as a 33 1/3 series book on the aforementioned album.

Censorship Now!!

16 November 2015

Just what in the hell is Ian Svenonius going on about in Censorship Now!!?

Don't Suck, Don't Die: Giving Up Vic Chesnutt

2 November 2015

Kristin Hersh writes of her friendship with Vic Chesnutt in the compellingly frank Don’t Suck, Don’t Die. You’ve never read anything like it.

Los Lobos: Dream In Blue

12 October 2015
Los Lobos are America’s “melting pot” personified- a mixture of cultures, sounds and influences that make up the wildly inventive band. Chris Morris is to be commended for putting the story of this most American of bands to paper.

Diary of a Hyperdreamer Vol. 2

10 July 2015

Bill Nelson, genius behind Be Bop Deluxe and Red Noise, gives us a glimpse of his daily life with Diary of a Hyperdreamer, Vol. 2.

Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records

11 May 2015

Bob Suren’s Crate Digger recounts a DIY life, punk rock style.

How Music Got Free (Viking)

22 April 2015

How Music Got Free is well written, engaging, and thought provoking. It speaks to the larger issues the music industry faces with its infrastructure and with the consumer.

gordon-girl in a band

Girl In A Band- A Memoir

9 April 2015

Kim Gordon is a pioneer of American popular culture from Sonic Youth to X-Girl. Her memoir doesn’t disappoint.

Tago Mago

6 December 2014

Scottish novelist Alan Warner (Morvern Callar, The Deadman’s Pedal) has given us a unique and absorbing look at the great Krautrock classic Tago Mago by Can.

Herbie Hancock: Possibilities (Viking)

26 October 2014

Herbie Hancock is a name synonymous with Jazz. In his memoir Herbie Hancock: Possibilities, the living legend takes on every facet of his career and life head on with a plainspoken zeal.

Playground: Growing Up In The New York Underground

Playground: Growing Up In The New York Underground

23 August 2014

Paul Zone was there in the early years of the New York punk scene and his images of that time bring it all back.