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The Big Takeover Issue #91

Reed Strength


Interview: Damien Jurado

11 March 2016

“Sci-fi actually plays a big role in that, because I grew up on The Outer Limits, and I grew up on Twilight Zone and C.S. Lewis. But I didn’t tell anybody that, because I always associated it with…I don’t know, I didn’t want to tell anybody that, because it might ruin my Americana image.”

Animal Daydream-Citrus

Animal Daydream-"Citrus" 7" EP (Jigsaw)

1 February 2016

Swedish duo Animal Daydream offer more ’70s indebted psychedelic soft rock on their latest EP. It’s a candy coated 13 minutes chock full of buttercream thick production and a surprising lack of sticky hooks.

Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums-"It's Not Christmas Anymore"

Bill Botting & The Two Drink Minimums-It's Not Christmas Anymore

26 December 2015

Melbourne singer-songwriter Bill Botting captures the hangover of the holiday season in this shambling homespun EP.

Knowlton Bourne-Songs from Motel 43

Knowlton Bourne-Songs from Motel 43 (Misra Records)

1 October 2015

On Songs from Motel 43, singer-songwriter Knowlton Bourne escapes to the dusty highway familiar to many a songwriter before him. The resulting nine songs are a compelling blend of equal parts country, indie and ambient.

Lunchbox-Smash Hits EP.jpg

Lunchbox-Smash Hits EP (Jigsaw)

6 August 2015

Lunchbox offer a platter of cavity inducing power pop on their latest Smash Hits EP.

Wilco-Star Wars

Wilco "Star Wars" (dBpm Records)

20 July 2015

Star Wars is the leanest and meanest Wilco has sounded in over a decade.

Daughn Gibson

Daughn Gibson - Carnation (Sub Pop)

5 June 2015

Carnation (Sub Pop 2015) finds Daughn Gibson walking boldly out of the swinging doors of the saloon and into the neon new wave of the city.The transition isn’t seamless, but the singer sounds confident and relaxed.