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The Oakland Lindisfarne "Nicely Out Of Tune," even

9 October 2008

So all the local buzz has been about the big surprise at the “HARDLY STRICTLY BLUEGRASS” festival, when MCHAMMER joined BONNIE PRINCE BILLY AKA PRINCE BONNIE BILLY (*WILL OLDHAM)* on washboard during the encore performance of “I Am A Cinematographer.”

But, more importantly, the search for the KARL ROVE of the San Francisco music movie scene contest has been picking up so much steam that KIMBERLY CHUN JENNIFER MAERZ DAVID DOWNS and even Leafy Green’s TODD COTE have donated their services of time and space and a free carton of ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK along with free cover interviews, Australian tour, and borrowed drummer from the latest post Brian Jonestown Massacre watered down (save for the drummer, who kicks butt!), all in the service of yes, you, the contestant.

Free studio time at John Vanderslice’s Tiny Telephone (with no piano) or Eli Crews (if you prefer piano)’ “New Improved Recordings” takes us across the bay to the place with as little nightlife as Jack London, Jenine Prentiss (aka Jenny) and Captain William Shorey.

Recently, Nancy Nadel and other Oakland City Council have continued enforcing a policy. Max Alstadt of Artists For Oakland.
if we’re going to have little to no legal nightlife in downtown Oakland,
let’s at least get an amazing public TV or radio station, like KPOO, as a centerpiece of the Jack London/Chinatown/Fox Theatre revitilization zone. People don’t know enough? Who is Frank Ogawa? An art center, soon.

People keep asking about Silver Jews (*Sonny Bono*, “and the Beat Goes On,”). Yeah, it’s not really rock and roll, not even really rock. More Leonard Cohen than Lou Reed, or even more Lou Reed than Velvet Underground

Meanwhile, Chris Owen (of Hook or Crook) and others have brought the legendary Roy Head to Oakland! More Oakland pride, uh huh. And, Sir Eric Von Raven or is it Lord or Screaming Sutch I love when things stretch (like truth). John Ashbery writes, “Odd, that so many young folks discovered my work through that friend of yours, that Malkmus fellow.” Garrett Caples is still surrealizing about rap. I lost touch with Gillian McCain, and John Yau and Cheryl Dunye.
You Got a Vampire, I got some blood.

Let’s fool our parents. Lord, I have a wooden leg. Violent Femmes
Decked in San Francisco poet Paul Hoover and Maxine Chernoff
What a wealth! A Great Depression!
Choo, choo! Will two people ever agree on the definition of romantic?
(a murder ballad about killing your drummer, but not The Root Rats introducing. “No girl is truly a dominatrix until you’re in love with them!” Nevius in The San Francisco Chronicle
Never mind the Bullocks, “I am Rosemary’s Grandaughter!”
And Tom Jones and Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass
Along with Coldplay I mean Keane.
Or try singing the lines “My voice is really warm, it’s just that it ain’t got no form” to the tune of “Bird Is The Word” (if you really wanna wanna be….)