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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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The Real (Punk) School of Rock! / New Big Takeover #60 (Shins cover) now shipping!; Good Time to Subscribe/Renew/Update Address / New Rabid Interview still online at

22 May 2007

Firstly, let me mention a gig next week in Brooklyn of special interest to those who have attended a couple of our previous Big Takeover Parties:

WED 5/30: 6PM / $5 Magnetic Field (97 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (718) 834-0069;

NON-LINEAR THINKERS “Never mind Jack Black and the so-called School of Rock now playing NYC clubs! The Non-Linear Thinkers are a group of inner-city teens from a Newark, NJ, high school, who have taken a crash course in punk and post-punk taught by their Latin teacher. They’re former novices who now are a volatile rock band ready to give the worlds of mall-punk and faux-bohemianism a swift kick. Look for music from the Ruts, XTC, Radio Birdman, the Effigies, Mission of Burma, the Comsat Angels, the Rich Kids, Magazine, Stiff Little Fingers, The Newtown Neurotics, the Undertones, and more, played with youthful passion by kids who rarely get to hear this kind of music.”

Our colleague DAVID BUROKAS is the Latin teacher in question, and he has produced a new CD album out of the recordings of his inner city high school students from Newark covering the songs of the abovementioned BT favorites, and it’s a total gas to hear. He’s consented to let us help release it through our Pink Frost imprint, and we will soon sell it on on our web site. For now, go see the kids making their live debut while they are re-investing some obscure classics with all the vitality of hungry youth discovering the real rock ‘n’ roll for the first time!

For more info, you can see their new myspace page at

By the way, the CD will be only $8 and all proceeds go to the school itself! The biggest gift of all.

Secondly, in case you missed my post from two weeks ago, the big news was that Big Takeover #60 with THE SHINS on the cover was completed in San Francisco in April! The update now is that it has started shipping, so you should see it quite soon, possibly already! Below is a quick description of its contents.

It has already been shipped to subscribers and stores (give it a week or so and it should be in your mailbox or on the shelf!) , so now is an excellent time to subscribe if you’ve been meaning to; or renew your subscription if it has run out; or let us know if your address has changed too!

If you want to subscribe, just go to, and click on the “subscribe now” button to take you to our secure online Yahoo store (and feel free to indicate which issue you’d like to start with, issue 58 (FRANZ FERDINAND cover), issue 59 (DECEMBERISTS cover), or the upcoming issue 60 (Shins).) It’s only $20 for four issues (save 23% off the newstand price including average sales tax), or $32 for overseas. Or, for those in the U.S. you can send us a check made out to “Big Takeover” for $20 to the following address:
The Big Takeover
1713 8th Ave. Rm. 5-2
Brooklyn, NY 11215

(As ever, there are back issues, T-shirts, and CDs available there as well if you’re interested.)

And if you want to tell us about your new address, you can at

Here, again, is what’s in the issue:


Editorials: Rabid: Death Of The LP? (& The History Of Music Formats) * Ackerman: Farewell, James Brown * Sommer: Don Imus & The Virginia Tech Tragedy

Live Reviews: Agent Orange • Avengers • Bad Brains & Stimulators • Rob Dickinson • Mark Eitzel • Hazey Janes • B.B. King • Lemonheads • Mojave 3 • New Model Army • Pernice Brothers • Pipettes • Emma Pollock • Paul Weller • Brian Wilson •

Hundreds of CD Reviews: Long Blondes • Idlewild • Fields • ‘60s Bee Gees • Pointed Sticks • Maximo Park • Comsat Angels • Stooges • Loney, Dear • Amy Winehouse • John Doe • The La’s • Colin Blunstone • (Vancouver) Subhumans • Louis Armstrong • Sloan • Young Galaxy • Beatles • Smithereens • Desmond Dekker • Rhino 39 • Gene Clark • New Pornographers • Del Shannon • Spoon • Saints • BRMC • Tim Buckley • Sly Stone • Of Montreal • Damned • Beck • Joanna Newsome • Neil Young • Low • X-Ray Spex • ELO • Stanley Bros., and more

Hope you all buy it when it’s out!
And/or hope you subscribe, as that is still by far the best way to support the print magazines you love if you want them to keep going. It means a lot to them!
Lastly, in case you also missed my post about it from two weeks ago, let me quickly once again mention the interview with me that is up at:

(Issue 29; if you go to the homepage there you’ll see it.) It was conducted two years ago by ALEX OGG, who has since gone on to do some writing for us as well; a small portion of it was printed back then in Part Time Punk. Alex asked particularly good questions—few are more familiar with our magazine—and thus encouraged long answers, so it’s pretty interesting, I think—I hope. Anyway, it’s only a few questions, but it’s a good back and forth, perhaps, and by all means let me know what you think of it. Looks like a cool website, too—there are also interviews with DEE GENERATE of EATER and ALAN VEGA from SUICIDE and American folk music anthologist HARRY SMITH.

Jack R