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Alex Brettin

3 September 2016

Los Angeles and Chicago-based group Mild High Club has returned with their second full-length album, Skiptracing on Stones Throw. Following their freshman debut, Timeline, we see a strong progression of Brettin and the band, and I had the opportunity to pick his brain yesterday.

CONNOR BURGESS: Just wanted to congratulate you on the success of Skiptracing, would you say it’s a significant improvement over Timeline ?
ALEX BRETTIN: Oh yeah, absolutely.

CONNOR BURGESS: So Stones Throw calls the album, “a private investigator attempting to trace the steps of American music”, can you expand on that a bit?

ALEX BRETTIN: I don’t know, it’s me exploring the different parts of American music, trying to find new things to explore, I guess.

CONNOR BURGESS: So would you call it a social commentary?

ALEX BRETTIN: Yeah, it’s a little snarky and biting I suppose.

CONNOR BURGESS: Any chance that it ties into your move to LA? People either love it or hate it.

ALEX BRETTIN: I’ve had nothing but a wonderful time here, I’ve kind of found myself with a tight group of friends, a niche.

CONNOR BURGESS: So you’re staying away from typical LA?

ALEX BRETTIN: Yeah, I try to avoid the rich, disillusioned people of the city.

CONNOR BURGESS: So you’re from Chicago like I am, any chance the city had any influence on the album?

ALEX BRETTIN: That’s where I got my start with music, so yeah there’s certainly aspects that are.

CONNOR BURGESS: It’s an absolutely fantastic album, thanks for taking the time to chat.


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