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Update on our Springhouse tour this week with Magnetic Morning (extra date added! Atlanta with For Against!), and our new third LP is released TODAY!!!: Repeat! "From Now to OK" is out at last, after 10 Years' work!!! / Big Takeover on

12 October 2008

Hey again, Big Takeover readers! Our new Fall issue #63 is coming soon, and details of that are below. (Subscribers, don’t forget to update your address if you’ve moved!) But first, here’s the latest update on the SPRINGHOUSE East Coast tour we are doing starting this Thursday in Chapel Hill, NC, with more info on it, including the new ATLANTA date with FOR AGAINST (Yes!!!!!!!!)!: Scroll down for more!

In sad news, for those who saw the posts here before on the tour, both Libertines U.S. (from Cincinnati) and likely Julie Ocean (from D.C.) have had to pull out of their slots on the tour (Julie Ocean because of a death in the family yesterday, which they have our sympathies on). We will let you know about that if somehow they can do it after all, but we are not optimistic, though you can always check with me here or the venues. (Libertines U.S. are definitely out). But we’re still heading out, as is the headline band, Magnetic Morning, so we hope to see you at one of the shows!

Also, we have now added an Atlanta show with, I’m excited to say, a band we were trying to play with 20 years ago, namely Nebraska’s incredible FOR AGAINST!

Here’s the full details on everything:

Springhouse reforms for new third LP From Now to OK (deluxe limited-edition 550-copies art-package CD and “pay what you want” download) released TODAY and East Coast tour dates next week with Magnetic Morning!

Here’s all the info on our old band Springhouse’s first LP in 15 years (since our previous two albums on the Caroline label), _From Now to OK_—released TODAY on deluxe limited-edition art-package CD and “pay what you want” download—and accompanying “Big Takeover Magazine Presents” East Coast tour with a huge favorite of ours, Magnetic Morning (led by Adam Franklin of Swervedriver and Sam Fogarino of Interpol)! Hurrah!

The full details are below of the seven shows, starting this Thursday, Oct. 16 in Chapel Hill, Friday Oct. 17 in D.C., Saturday Oct. 18 in Philadelphia, Sunday Oct. 19 in Brooklyn (unplugged record release party with The Black Watch), Monday Oct. 20 in Boston, Tuesday Oct. 21 in Brooklyn, and Saturday Nov. 9 in Atlanta (with For Against)!

It’s our first shows of any kind in six years, and only the second time we’ve played/toured since 1994!

(In this new photo, that’s me on the left, drums and lead vocals on “Time Runs Out,” Larry Heinemann bass/production in the center, and Mitch Friedland, guitar/vocals/songwriting on the right. For a 1990 photo in the same l-r order, scroll down!)
First the news of the LP, an how to get it: From Now to OK, which we’ve been working on for the better part of 10 years, is finally finished and was released TODAY!!!!!—- just in time for the below tour dates this week—on limited edition, 550 numbered copies deluxe Bruce Licher-designed letterpress multi-layered foldout CD art package, self-released in conjunction with Licher’s also revived Independent Projects imprint. Hope you like it!

(Note!!! As the album is now out, you can order the deluxe limited-edition CD or the immediate “pay what you want” download on our brand new website at

The CD is only $15 plus postage! and we also offer a internet digital download, Radiohead-style (i.e. pay what you want!)

(Note! CD or PAY WHAT YOU LIKE INFO: We are still working on this brand new site, but the CD + immediate download, as well as the the “download the album right now and pay what you want” options are now functional! That’s right, get the album now, and pay any amount you like from $1.00 and up, using either PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD. Just fill in any amount you want to give to our little band for our 10 years time and effort and investment of funds out of pocket to make the album. We’d be really grateful! $1.00; $2.47; $6.00; $9.99; $20.25;$99.50—whatever you like!

(We are still working on the totally free download option, and hope to have that up and running soon. If you want one of those right now, without paying anything at all, just email me and I will send it to you myself.)
Then we hit the road! (Note: the limited-edition CD will also be sold on the tour, as well as used copies of our long out of print first two LPs from the early ‘90s!):
Springhouse reunion East Coast tour dates Fall 2008:

Thursday, October 16 – Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 (with Magnetic Morning) 9PM, $8 advance, $10 door, age: 18+, directions:

Friday, October 17 – Washington, D.C. @ Rock and Roll Hotel (with Magnetic Morning, and The Jet Age) 9PM, $12, age: all ages, directions:

Saturday, October 18 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s (with Magnetic Morning) 9:30 PM, $12, age: 21+, directions:

Sunday, October 19 (unplugged/low watt) – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY @ Sound Fix (Springhouse From Now To OK afternoon Record Release Party! with The Black Watch) 4:00 PM, free, age: all ages, directions:

Monday, October 20 – Allston, MA (Boston) @ Great Scott (with Magnetic Morning) 9PM, $9, age: 18+, directions:

Tuesday, October 21 – Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY @ Southpaw (CMJ first night, but open to the public) (with Magnetic Morning) 8:30PM, $12, age: 18+, directions:

Saturday, November 8 – Atlanta, GA @ The Earl (with For Against; also on: Athens’ GA band The Twin Tigers) 8:30PM, $8, age: 21+, directions:

Here’s some nice press about the reunion and tour, in fact,, i am glad to say, on the prime music news site Brooklyn Vegan that i know a lot of you check from time to time. it’s really an honor!

also on Blurt, from popular rock writer Fred Mills:

and there’s a new, highly flattering review of From Now to OK on another music blog, Power of Pop at:

there’s also a nice, new look-back writeup of our first single (with free download) from 1990, “Menagerie Keeper,” on another music blog Willfully Obscure, at:

and a lovely assessment of our second album 1993’s Postcards From the Arctic, looking back in 2002, from music blog Delusions of Adequacy, at:

(all the above dates except for the Sound Fix unplugged “record release party” afternoon and the Atlanta show are:)

headline: Magnetic Morning
(Adam Franklin from Swervedriver, Sam Fogarino from Interpol, Jimmy from The Album Leaf, etc.)
“Out of all the critically successful new albums coming out this year, a theme seems to be emerging: many of the best albums have come from side projects and supergroups. Magnetic Morning have come along to add to the ranks, and although their short EP only gives listeners a taste of things to come, the EP boasts some beautifully lush, ambient compositions.”-Kevin Eagan, Blogcritics Magazine
more info:

and opening: Springhouse

”[After reunion tours in 1994 supporting Mark Burgess, and 2002 supporting Burgess’s old group The Chameleons] the band again got back together, reportedly to work on a new album. Drummer Jack Rabid has teased the work in his own magazine now and then, but to the best of my knowledge, we have yet to see a new Springhouse album (note, finished, 2008!). But somehow, 1993’s Postcards from the Arctic has remained one of my favorite albums from the early-90s. Perhaps because of its soothing element hidden behind upbeat rock, the layered guitars and cool mood, I find myself returning to it again and again, often in the evening when I’m not yet ready for something soft and quiet. The band perfectly suits the unappreciated tag, and that’s likely why they broke up back then when they did. But the good point is that their albums can often be found in used bins, and I highly recommend picking them up.”—Jeff Marsh, “Underappreciated Album of the Month,” Springhouse-Postcards From the Arctic (Caroline, 1993),” Delusions of Adequacy
more info:
and especially:

(note: on all these tour dates, our old friend David from Last Burning Embers* and EDP is kindly sitting in on bass for Larry Heinemann, who has a pressing engagement on tour with his other, famous gig, with Blue Man Group in Western Canada and Europe.)

(also in D.C., starting the show:)

The Jet Age

“The Jet Age manages to mix the hyper jangle of the Wedding Present with the cruise-control melodies of Swervedriver and the heaven-scraping majesty of the Who circa 1970. There’s a clear, pure voice and vision in the midst of that mess of hero worship.” The Onion (Austin)
more info:
—(As for the Sound Fix low watt/unplugged afternoon show October 219, Springhouse will headline their own record release party and play with L.A.’s The Black Watch!)

The Black Watch
(and Los Angeles’ The Black Watch haven’t played New York in ages, either!)

“The immensely enjoyable new Icing the Snow Queen is blessed with all the familiar TBW hallmarks (brainy-yet-romantic lyrics, folky dreampop leavened by searing fret buzz) and powered by uncommonly meaty production courtesy of bassist Scott Taylor. The opening title track signposts the mainly aggressive approach. In a voice reminiscent of The Go-Betweens’ Robert Forster, head Watchie John Andrew Fredrick puns his way through a series of frigidity and death metaphors as a swirl of distorted/feedback guitars erupts atop an insistent Feelies/Velvets-like pulse. Several other tracks follow this model (“On Another Plane” ventures beautifully into My Bloody Valentine territory), and there are enough downtempo, Beatle-esque (“Peppermint”) and acoustic, English folk (“Quite Contrary”) moments to ensure a crucial, dynamic flow.”—Fred Mills, Magnet


more info:
—(As for the Atlanta show November 8, Springhouse is excited to fly down there just for the honor of finally opening for one of their favorite all time bands for these last 21 years, For Against! Also on the bill: local Athens, GA band, The Twin Tigers)

For Against

“For Against have been nothing short of great since their formation in 1985 and Shade Side Sunny Side is the band’s best effort yet. The interplay between Harry Dingman’s guitar pyrotechnics and frontman Jeffrey Runnings’ low rumbling bass put the likes of Interpol and The Killers to shame. This is what post-punk is supposed to sound like!” -Skyscraper
“For Against make their icy gloom appealing in a way nobody’s really managed since the Comsat Angels packed it in. It’s good to know they’re out there, getting better with age, and staying true to their sound despite geographical isolation.”
-Ian Mathers, PopMatters
more info:

The Twin Tigers (from Athens, GA)

“The Twin Tigers are not twins, but actually an alt-pop quartet who call Athens, Georgia their hometown. Their debut album Curious Faces / Violet Future has the vintage pop psychedelics of the Black Rebel Motorcycle Club framed by shoegazy arrangements reminiscent of The Jesus and Mary Chain and trance-like hazes comparable to Portishead. The band’s music borders on sounding futuristic and old showing signs of being rooted in vintage pop from the ‘70s. The vibrating frequencies of guitarists Matthew Rain, Joel Hatstat, and Enoch are long and droning while the chilled beats of drummer Rick and bassist Aimee Morris make clean slices along the melodic folds. Recommended if You Like The Jesus and Mary Chain, XTC, Portishead, The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club”-
more info:

also note:
Magnetic Morning is doing a wider tour, and can also be seen, on their own, without Springhouse, at these places:
Oct 15: Athens, GA – Caledonia Lounge
Oct 23: Toronto, ONT – Horseshoe Tavern
Oct 24: Cleveland, OH – The Grog Shop
Oct 25: Milwaukee, WI – The Cactus Club
Oct 26: Chicago, IL – The Empty Bottle
Oct 27: Minneapolis, MN – 7th St. Entry
Oct 30: Seattle, WA – Chop Suey
Nov 1: Portland, OR – Doug Fir Lounge
Nov 2: San Francisco, CA – The Independent
Nov 3: Los Angeles, CA – The Roxy
Nov 4: San Diego, CA – Casbah
Nov 7: Dallas, TX – House of Blues
Nov 8: Austin, TX – Waterloo Park
Nov 10: Atlanta, GA – The Earl
—We hope to see you all at the shows if you can make any of them!
—hi jim!
here is what i made up to send out. will you look this over and see what can be done to make sure it doesn’t end up in spam filters? (also, there are a couple of links i couldn’t make so they were activated by clicking.)
—Now, I promised some info on the new Fall issue of Big Takeover, #63, so here it is. Now is as good a time as ever to renew your subscription of give us a try by ordering from our secure online store at

or by sending a check for $20 made out to “Big Takeover” to our offices at 1713 8th Ave. Rm. 5-2, Brooklyn, NY 11215.


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Don’t forget out current issue as well, #62, with the R.E.M. cover, which can also be ordered both those places ($6 or as part of a subscription).

Lastly, just a reminder, too, if you haven’t listened in yet, my radio show for

successfully launched four months ago, and again, here’s a good chance to hear a good bit of what I/we have been writing about in our issues these last 28 years, albeit I’m restricted to playing only releases that have appeared on independent labels. (Fair enough, it just limits the ability to play a lot of great ‘20s-’70s heritage music, since the overwhelming bulk of those recordings are controlled by majors—but there’s still plenty of great music left over.)

Four or five of my most recent shows are easily heard there—just scroll down on the “Breakthru DJs” button until you find my name, click on that, and then click on “recent shows.”

And then listen in at your leisure! There will be a new show at noon every monday, and there are other fine DJs on the station.
One can also subscribe to the show via Apple itunes c/o the ‘sign up for btr broadcasts’ link at that top of the page, or by doing a search on the itunes podcast subscription search engine. All of your show archives will be stored on the station next to my “DJ profile” and there is an itunes subscription link right there.

And let me know how you like the music I have selected for you and chatted about on the show.

Again, hope to see some of you next week.

Jack Rabid

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