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The Big Takeover Show – Number 450 – September 4, 2023

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DJ Jack Rabid
The Effigies – Mob Clash (Haunted Town EP) 1981; R.I.P. singer John Kezdy (1959-2023), age 64
The Effigies – Yes! (Ink) 1986
The Effigies – The Guv’ner (Reside) 2007
The Damned – Follow Me (Darkadelic) brand new
Turnsole – Sit Tight (Thieves) brand new
Life Strike – Downwinders (Peak Dystopia) new
Film School – Baby (Field) brand new
The Shadows of Knight – Someone Like Me (single) 1967
The Buckinghams – Remember (Time and Charges) 1967
DJ Jack Rabid
Slowdive – Shanty (Everything is Alive) brand new
Soft Science – True (Lines) brand new
Colored Lights – Warm Jets (Colored Lights) brand new
Guest Directors – From This Distance (Interference Patterns) brand new
Salim Nourallah (with Marty Willson-Piper) – A Nuclear Winter (A Nuclear Winter) new
Nancy Sinatra – Something Pretty (Keep Walkin’: Singles, Demos & Rarities. 1965-1978) recorded 1968, released now
Peter & Gordon – Wrong From the Start (b-side “Woman”) 1966
DJ Jack Rabid
Hugh Malcolm – Good Time Rock (single) 1968
The Baseball Project – Erasable Man (Grand Salami Time) brand new
Sunnbrella – Polyester (Heartworn) new
The Replacements – Can’t Hardly Wait (Cello version) (Tim; Let It Bleed Edition) recorded 1985 released now
The Church – Realm of Minor Angels (single, The Hypnogogue—Deluxe Edition) brand new
Grian Chatten – Bob’s Casino (Chaos For the Fly) brand new
Tammy Wynette – You’re Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad (single, Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad) 1967
DJ Jack Rabid
The Effigies – We’re da Machine (We’re da Machine EP) 1983
Naked Raygun – Treason (Treason EP, Understand?) 1989
Big Black – Racer X (single) 1985
Strike Under – Elephant’s Graveyard (Immediate Action EP) 1981
Bloodsport – Outro. (Killing Floor) (I Am the Game mini LP) 1985
Da – Next to Nothing (Time Will Be Kind EP) 1982
Toothpaste – The Wasp (Sex in Space) recorded early ’80s, released 2002
DJ Jack Rabid
The Handsome Family – The King of Everything (Hollow) brand new

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