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The Big Takeover Show – Number 492 – June 24, 2024

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DJ Jack Rabid
The Valentinos – Sweeter Than the Day Before (single) 1966
Bodywash – Massif Central (I Held the Shape While I Could) new
Chime School – Give Your Heart Away (The Boy Who Ran the Paisley Hotel) brand new
Bob Mould – Breathing Room (Live Solo Electric) (single) brand new
Royal Headache – Little Star (live) (Live in America) recorded 2015, released now
The Aints! – Orstralia (live) (The Saints Play the Aints ’73-’78 (Live Official Bootleg)) recorded 2017, released 2019
The Bee Gees – Could It Be (The Bee Gees Sing and Play 14 Barry Gibb Songs) 1965
Col Joye & the Joy Boys – Yes Sir, That’s My Baby (single) 1960; Walter Donaldson and Gus Kahn song
DJ Jack Rabid
The Black Watch – Myrmidon (Weird Rooms) brand new
Beachwood Sparks – Gentle Samurai (Across the River of Stars) brand new
Parallel – Painkiller (Flooded EP) brand new
Hyla – Giving Ground (single) brand new
Quivers – Grief Has Feathers (Oyster Cuts) brand new
T. Rex – Cosmic Dancer (Electric Warrior) 1971
Kitty Wells – It’s All Over But the Crying (single) 1966; Jan and Harlan Howard song
DJ Jack Rabid
Trans-Canada Highwaymen Theme Set:
Trans-Canada Highwaymen – Theme From Trans-Canada Highwaymen (Explosive Hits Vol. 1) new
Sloan – The Other Man (Pretty Together) 1993 (Chris Murphy)
Barenaked Ladies – Jane (Maybe You Should Drive) 1994 (Stephen Page)
The Pursuit of Happiness – She’s So Young (Love Junk) 1989 (Moe Berg)
Odds – It Falls Apart (Bedbugs) 1993 (Craig Northey)
Michel Pagliaro – Lovin’ You Ain’t Easy (single, Pagliaro) 1970
Lighthouse – Pretty Lady (single, Can You Feel It) 1973
DJ Jack Rabid
Four Bands Interviewed in Brand New Big Takeover issue 94:
The Shop Window – It’s a High (Daysdream) brand new
Ducks Ltd. – Train Full of Gasoline (Harms Way) brand new
Mary Timony – Dominoes (Untame the Tiger) brand new
Jane Weaver – Is Metal (Love in Constant Spectacle) brand new
Mercury Rev – Patterns (Born Horses) brand new
The Contortions – Contort Yourself (original version) (Buy) 1979; R.I.P. James Chance (1953-2024), age 71
Johnny Mandel – Suicide is Painless (M*A*S*H* soundtrack) 1970; R.I.P. actor Donald Sutherland (1935-2024), age 88
DJ Jack Rabid
Terry Cashman – Talking Baseball (Willie, Mickey, and the Duke) (single) 1981; R.I.P. Wille Mays (1931-2024) age 93

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