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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Beebe Gallini - Pandemos (Rum Bar)

16 April 2021

The good thing about being a garage rock band is that issues of production and fidelity aren’t really issues at all. As might be surmised by the title, Pandemos, the first album by Minneapolis quartet Beebe Gallini, is made up of demos recorded right before the Covid pandemic shut everything down. Singer Miss Georgia Peach (along with her lead guitar cohort Travis Ramin, a former member of Nikki Corvette and the Stingrays, which explains a lot) and bassist Amy Larson Pearson write concise, punchy tunes of love, lust, and ass-kicking like they were born to it, filling “Busy Izzy, “ “Married Men” and “Danny” with hooks and attitude. Like any good garage band, the Beebes also dig into their record collections, barreling through the well-known (the Bee Gees’ “To Love Somebody”) and the obscure (Randy and the Radiants’ “My Way of Thinking,” the Traits’ “Nobody Loves the Hulk”), nodding to Detroit slop punks the Gories (“Thunderbird ESQ”) along the way. Given Beebe Gallini’s chosen milieu, it’s hard to imagine a full-on studio production job making this record sound any different, so consider Pandemos done, dusted and delicious.


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