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Get Smart - Oh Yeah No (self-released)

18 October 2021

Lawrence, Kansas has produced a few noteworthy bands over the years – unsurprising for a college town. One of the best and, oddly, least heralded is postpunk trio Get Smart, who issued a pair of records in the mid-eighties fondly remembered by fans. After being in hibernation for a good thirty-plus years, the trio recently re-entered the world, not only gigging but also releasing a new EP.

Well, sort of new – while the songs on Oh Yeah No haven’t been heard before now, they were actually recorded in 1987. No matter – they’re a delight no matter what year produced them. “Blonde Goes West,” “Under the Rug” and “Rhythm Empty” are exactly what you’d hope for from the prime era of “college rock” – catchy, smart, cheeky, with plainspoken girl/guy next door singing and a perfect balance between jangle and crunch. “Paradise” takes the disk out rocking, and gets the blood going in anticipation of the new music Get Smart has promised in the future.