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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Jenn Vix - 6 (Umbrella Music)

Jenn Vix - 6
31 December 2019

(Guest review by Marcel Feldmar:) D’ya think this title comes from the fact that there’re six songs? Actually, no. It’s a reference to ’60s U.K. TV show The Prisoner’s Number 6. And that alone pulls a thematic thread through the songs. We start with a great, almost Elastica*/*B-52’s*/*Julie Ruin*/*Gary Numan mash-up, before shifting into a techno-pop groove/cool smoothness, pulling an interplanetary vibe along and beyond, like a dark-shaded sci-fi noir soundtrack for an android’s dream, perhaps. Moving from Blade Runner lullabies to upbeat electroclash lounge, 6 is sort of a Soft Cell shimmer over a Casio pop aesthetic, but with way more colors than basic black. This album holds a solar system.