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Locate S,1 – Personalia (Captured Tracks)

Locate S,1
17 April 2020

After making twisty low-fi pop under a variety of names (including Japeto Solutions, C.E. Schneider Topical and C.E. Schneider’s Genius Grant), Athens, Ga.-based Christina Schneider began displaying her considerable talents on a bigger canvas in 2018 with the debut album of her latest project, the oddly titled Locate S,1. Continuing the “more is more” approach, the head-spinning Personalia offers a dazzling feast of sonic delights, mixing styles and textures with giddy enthusiasm, and echoing such disparate sources as ABBA, Bjork and Devo. The swirling synths, exotic yet catchy melodies and Schneider’s delirious, overdubbed vocals suggest a fevered brain pulsing with wild urges, from the warped glam-rock of “Even the Good Boys Are Bad,” to the itchy funk of “Whisper 2000,” to the careening underwater thrills of the title track. Like an alluring, enigmatic dream, Personalia lingers in the mind long after it’s over.