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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Micah Sheveloff – Rockville (Micah Sheveloff)

Micah Sheveloff-Rockville
4 May 2021

It’s been nine years since Boston-raised, now St. Petersburg, FL-based singer/pianist Sheveloff (ex-Voodoo Jets) released his 2012 solo debut Exhibitionist. But this sublime second studio LP more than justifies the long wait, even though three of its most enchanting and angelic tracks – “Love and Peace,” “The Simplest Things,” and “Favorite Son” – appeared on his captivating 2015 Live and On Fire at Firehouse 12, recorded in New Haven, CT. Behind his eloquent, amorous, Don McGlashan-like croon and resounding, jazz/classical-tinged piano, and smidgens of cello, horn, and prog-invoking guitars, Sheveloff’s vivid lyrics paint picturesque, instantly relatable narratives. To wit, the breathtaking “High Notes” captures the indescribable feeling of hearing a new favorite artist on the radio, the somber “Dynamite” and “Euphoria” pay homage to a lost friend and lover, respectively, and the magical “Rockville” (the street he once lived on) relates cathartic childhood memories, while “Just Love Someone” and “Guns and Cigarettes” are reassuring, cautiously optimistic appeals for harmony and compassion in these divisive, rancorous times.

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“High Notes”

“Favorite Son”