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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Ov Stars - Tuesdays EP (Ov Stars)

Ov Stars-Tuesdays
15 January 2023

Most notably the bassist in the reformed lineup of Psychic TV from 2003-2020 (and before that, Gut Bank and the Karyn Kuhl-fronted Sexpod), Hoboken, NJ-raised Alice Genese now shares lead vocals in this Asbury Park-based outfit with Pretoria, South Africa pianist/artist Shaune Pony Heath. (Heath moved to New York City at age 23, eventually relocating to Asbury Park; the two were introduced by Genese’s brother.) On this five-songer — named for the day they set aside each week to write and record — Genese’s singing on “Ov Stars” and “Better Things” is warmhearted and pacifying, with a raspiness that recalls The Lowest Pair’s Kendl Winter.

On the other three, Heath’s more wide-ranging, heavens-ascending croon is so imposing it nearly bursts from your speakers, especially on the exhilarating, majestic chorus of “Deep Eyes.” As on Genese’s 2014 solo mini-LP Sticks and Bones, Psychic TV alum Jeff Berner’s production is lustrous and atmospheric, each song enhanced by his acoustic guitar, bass, and organ. Not only do Genese’s and Heath’s blended voices sound ravishing, but the EP has a life-affirming, spirit-lifting aura that can soothe souls. (