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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Recalculating – All Talk (Recalculating)

Recalculating-All Talk
31 May 2020

Those familiar with this Queens/Brooklyn post-punk trio’s 2018 debut No Banter will instantly notice the tenfold upgrade in their attack’s tightness, speed, and muscle on this sophomore effort. Prodded by the springy, breakneck rhythms of bassist Sean and drummer Michael, guitarist Scott’s buzzing, electrifying riffs gain an added urgency and vigor, alternately hinting of Circle Jerks, Minutemen, Descendents/All, Dead Kennedys, and Mission of Burma. Vocal and lyric-wise, however, is where those comparisons end. While singers Sean and Scott do recall Keith Morris, Jello Biafra, and Milo Aukerman, their near-spoken word, stream of consciousness style reminds more of two quick-witted, deeply theoretical beat poets. For example, like savvy, conversant eggheads attempting to outwit one another, their call-and-response repartee on the galloping “Anthem” makes abstruse references to unassisted triple plays, Midtown sidewalk CrossFit classes, bumper stickers, and silver platters of truffle oil chips and crispy wonton strips, while casually weaving in words like “irrefragable,” “Brobdingnagian,” and “quixotic.” But even if the underlying meaning of songs like “Heroin Part 2,” “That’s When I Began My Solo Career,” and “Common Road Song” proves too esoteric, their dynamic, invigorating music is enough to compensate. (