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The Big Takeover Issue #91
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Rockin' Bob Punk Band - Almost Gone (self-released)

18 January 2022

Formed just before the pandemic, this Boston-area trio featuring members of Jerry’s Kids (“Rockin’ Bob” Cenci, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist here), the F.U.s (drummer Bob Furapples) and the late John Stabb‘s last band Sleeper Agent (who later had to change their name to History Repeated; bassist Earthdog is also currently of the great Silver Screams) has managed to keep busy throughout the past few years with a few digital EPs that have been combined on one CD and digital release. The result is an absolutely searing, 7-song, punk rock stunner that splits the difference between Leatherface, Motörhead, and any ’77 punk band you care to mention. Inspired by wanting to play the music Cenci listened to growing up (‘70s punk and new wave), this band is very different from anything its members have done before, and in my mind, all the better for it. If you like this kind of stuff and want fierce, yet melodic and intelligent, punk rock, songs like “Never Trust a Terrorist,” “Off Your Comfort Zone,” “I Bleed” (not the Pixies song, though one of Earthdog’s previous bands did cover “Break My Body” live) and the amazingly titled “Kamikaze Love Song” will most certainly speak to you.