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Sylvie Yannello - Treacle & Vitriol (self-released)

19 January 2022

From the first track, “No Resemblance,” (whose chorus instantly and purposely reminds one of Elvis Costello‘s “No Action,” the 1st song from his 2nd album This Year’s Model), one can discern from this 7-song EP that Sylvie Yannello is a massive fan of Costello. This is also highlighted by “Baptized at the Gramercy,” another song on here that celebrates the first time Yannello saw Costello perform in concert back in 2011 and that quotes Costello’s “Motel Matches” as well.

The EP was even released 10 years to the date of that concert, but all of that aside, Yannello’s debut EP shows off a talented vocalist, pianist, and songwriter. Previously a drummer in Brooklyn indie band Her and the Grey and another band called Phanrosy, this makes one wish she had stepped out from behind the drums earlier to record more similar material. The production here is helmed mostly by friend and collaborator Mike Muller (formerly of ’70s Richmond, Virginia group Single Bullet Theory) and is perfect for this type of sound as well, clean but never slick. One wouldn’t guess this is a self-distributed release.