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The Caughtery - The Uninvited (self-released)

28 June 2022

There is something in The Caughtery’s sound that feels like an echo of the past. Not in a dated or nostalgic sort of way but it is a long time since I heard a new song that felt this big, this wide-screen, this epically cinematic. And we are not talking mere volume here, this is not about overplaying and throwing sonic kitchen sinks at the process (heavy metallers take note). No, “The Uninvited” sounds big rather than merely heavy, it is dramatic yet light on its feet, full of ornateness and intricacy rather than just full of musical stodge. It’s the difference between a block of marble and Michelangelo’s David!

Not for nothing do you find them compared to the likes of Heart and Led Zeppelin, both bands who could run between drive and deftness, grace and groove, power and poignancy, muscle and melody, and change direction along those spectrums at the flick of a switch.

“The Uninvited” also shows the same blend of pop and rock that the likes of Fleetwood Mac were able to conjure up so well, that ability to deliver like a rock band and yet make music more infectious and certainly with more longevity than the next hundred pop bands.

In short, they have found the sweet spot that few bands find, the one between the discernment and grit of the rock world, the accessibility and earwormery of the pop world, and edging ever so slightly into more progressive realms. It’s been a long time since a new band broke through from this rarefied realm but I for one am glad they did. And I know that I am not the only one…far from it.

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