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The Idolizers - ConCretins (Rum Bar)

20 July 2021

A worthy follow-up to last year’s self-titled introductory EP, the Idolizers rip it up again on new EP ConCretins. (Yes, we see what you did there.) The NYC trio kicks it off with the appropriately titled “Action!,” a catchy, hard-rockin’ blazer that’s equal parts Detroit snarl and Rockford fistpump. It’s as quintessential an Idolizers song as you can get. “Riot Radio” and “Until Then” add some East Coast punk pop to the mix, while “Gone Are the Great Wheels” and “(Whatever Happened to the) Radio?” mashes sixties pop, seventies punk and a bit Mötormetal together like the rougher end of the Britpunk explosion. “All the Way” and “All Night Long,” meanwhile, go right for the hard rock jugular. At a mere seven songs and twenty-one minutes, ConCretins ain’t exactly a magnum opus. But the Idolizers are having way too much fun blasting out short nuggets of tuneful aggression to worry about grand statements.