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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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ASG – Survive Sunrise (Relapse)

ASG Survive Sunrise album art
3 July 2018

Self-described psychedelic stoner-punks, ASG return (finally!) with Survive Sunrise. It continues the North Carolina band’s trajectory of excellent, never-boring, energetic music. This time out there is even some doom-death mixed in, see “Up from My Dreams”. Song titles (and imagery) have that hippy-metal vibe and reveal the band’s connection with the universe. “Survive Sunrise” a perfect lead off soaring, melodic offering. “Lightning Song” a slow-burner, southern-rock gem, which evolves into an angelic anthem. “Hawks on the Run” a stand-out psychedelic riff-monster. “The Heaven Moon” another example of the band’s ability to combine guitar effects with vocal melodies. “Lamb Song” offers a dual guitar tone blaster. They change it up a bit with “Execution Thirst” which is a great thrash throwback/ Torche hybrid and, for now, the stand-out track. “Kubrick Colors” brings back the southern groove and album-closer, “Florida Sleep On,” is sure to damage your speakers as you are cruising to the beach. My only complaint about this band is why do we have to wait five or six years between offerings?