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Colorway - The Black Sky Sequined (Colorway)

Colorway The Black Sky Sequined
10 May 2015

Two years after their debut, Northampton, MA trio, Colorway, hone their sound with a solid, no-frills sophomore release.

The Black Sky Sequined attacks with a hook-laden power-pop punch that pervades through all ten songs. A classic rock sensibility also marks the album, allowing sophisticated songcraft and excellent execution to come to the forefront. With very few exceptions, the recording consists solely of guitarist/vocalist/songwriter F. Alex Johnson (Drunk Stuntmen, The Young at Heart Chorus), bassist Dave Hayes and drummer JJ O’Connell with minimal overdubs, giving an intimate, live feel to the overall production. As the tracks progress, Johnson’s guitar mastery blossoms, his guitar solos hinting at prog and Frank Zappa. It’s a rock album for people who like smart, memorable music with tastefully adept musicianship.

Whether Colorway become indie rock sensations or remain Northampton’s best-kept secret, they’ll continue to create strong music because that’s who they are. Hopefully, it doesn’t take another two years for the next one.