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The Big Takeover Issue #94
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Datura4 - Invisible Hits (Alive Naturalsound)

14 December 2023

Ah, the odds ‘n’ sods album. Some of these types of collections – full of outtakes, alternate versions, and non-LP cuts – reveal new facets or hidden gems from an artist’s repertoire, even standing alongside the main albums in terms of quality. Some feel like obvious filler – or, worse, cash grabs. The blue vinyl-only Invisible Hits, from Australian rock & roll legend Dom Mariani’s 70s-inspired blue rock band Datura4, is fortunately one of the former. The album kicks off with “Drive-By Island,” a CD-only bonus track from the previous record Neanderthal Blues. As a near-perfect encapsulation of the Datura4 vision – all sparkling melody, acid blues fervor, and Aussie soul – it’s a statement of purpose not only for the LP but for the band itself. He continues in that vein with the hard rocking “Rule My World,” another former CD-only track released as a single, and the equally melody-rich “City of Lights.” For fans of the group’s incendiary guitar work, the band includes “Evil People Pt. 2,” a mostly instrumental version of the funky blues from West Coast Highway Cosmic that originally appeared only on the CD of Blessed is the Boogie, the instrumental B-side “Phoenix,” and an extended take on Neanderthal Blues’ roiling blues rock epic “Goin’ Back to Hoonsville” with guest guitar from Australian blues titan Dave Hole. As an unexpected bonus, the LP also includes a take on the spooky Creedence Clearwater Revival classic “Walk On the Water.” As far as pure listening pleasure goes, Invisible Hits hits every mark Datura4’s albums do, and more.