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The Big Takeover Issue #93
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Dirty Filthy Mugs - All Yobs In (DC Jam)

Dirty Filthy Mugs - All Yobs In (DC Jam)
17 January 2011

Although this is the debut LP (following some 2009 EPs) by an L.A. street punk band, they sure want to be an early ‘80s English Oi! Band, judging from the affected accent (a word like “way” comes out “whhhhhhhhhhhhy”), the lyrical matter (drinking beer well beyond sanity, and the turfed out punch-ups that accompany such liver-destruction in working class pubs), the album title, and other Brit-words (like “twat”). To this they add a by now expected Irish folk tinge, commonplace since Dropkick Murphys added The Pogues to their lesser Clash. Given that these Mugs include members from Big in Japan (the modern one, not the old Liverpool one), Swingin’ Utters , and The Gain, it’s about what you’d expect, and the playing is above average for the modern punk hordes, with bits of a Jake Burns/Henry Cluney Stiff Little Fingers guitar interplay on tracks such as “Mugsy the Skin” and “Good at Failure” But getting about what you expect is fine if you don’t expect something so, well, widespread. And heck, didn’t Rancid do this better 15 years ago? Or was that fourth wave of punk already a bit past its prime to start with, and not as good as its own influences? Best not to puzzle such old, old questions and at least enjoy the bashing belligerence and slamming gnashing for what it is worth here, which is what is it entirely right about this release at least. (Note: a newer non-LP single has since appeared as well, “Bodkin Downs.”) (