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The Big Takeover Issue #91
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+DOG+ - "God Bless You _____ Wherever You Are" (The Pet Goat)

+DOG+ God Bless You _____ Wherever You Are The Pet Goat
2 October 2014

Continuing on their path of sonic destruction, +DOG+ unleash a sneering twenty-seven minute sendoff to all the people that are no longer needed in the ubiquitous collective’s lives.

Beginning with churning metal-on-metal scraping and electronic hum, the lone track that comprises the release moves through a sparse soundscape primarily composed of call-and-response squelches and grinds. As the track progresses, feedback gives way to pulsing waves of low-end electricity that further morphs into blaring distorted static. This isn’t feel-good music, but noise was never meant to put a smile on your face. Instead, a confident middle finger tells the hangers on, the sycophantic hypocrites, the psychic vampires, that they can all move along, their downtrodding is not welcome anymore and don’t let the door slam you on the good riddance. These are emotional sounds, the kind that, as long as someone else feels the same way, all is not lost.

While +DOG+ exists, we will have a plethora of excellent noise to annoy everyone else. May their tireless, punk rock attitude continue exponentially.