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The Big Takeover Issue #92
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Eddie Japan - Pop Fiction (Rum Bar)

30 May 2023

From the evidence presented here, Boston’s Eddie Japan has never met a pop melody they didn’t like. Masterminded by singer/songwriter David Santos, Pop Fiction is crammed full of hooks alluding to power pop, glam rock, new wave, girl group pop, and any other noise that fuses sugar with style. Guitars and synths collide (or collude) with caffeinated rhythms to produce fizzy riffs that bring a grin to the lips, even when the subject matter seems less than savory. Dedicated to the adventures of one Edward Japan, a suburban lothario always looking for action, the songs reflect on plenty of sleazy thoughts, but present them all as innocent – when Santos sings “Clear the way for another lost weekend” like a yearning teenager heading for heartbreak, it makes you wonder just what deep hurt is at the root of Edward’s careless behavior. That said, it’s just as easy to simply revel in the singalong tuneship of “I Can’t Wait” (featuring the CarsGreg Hawkes on synthesizer), “Walk Away” (a duet with fellow EJ singer Emily Drohan), “Time Machine” (another Hawkes feature), “The Pull of the Moon” (a Drohan showcase), and the positively anthemic “If I Should Fall” and not worry about the main character’s state of mind. We can’t speak for Edward, but if Eddie Japan comes to visit, don’t even try to resist – Pop Ficition makes it fruitless.