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Hoofus - Several Wolves (Exotic Pylon)

Hoofus Several Wolves Exotic Pylon
7 August 2013

Norfolk, England’s Hoofus exists in an alternate future derived from an 8-bit past. Through the use of blips, beeps, tones and squelch, he weaves soundscapes of crashed cyberpunk epics, nightmarish video games from 15 years ago and post-krautrock electronic melodies.

Several Wolves is comprised of 20 tracks in 35-and-a-half minutes. Within these boundaries, the artist known as Hoofus offers twisted electronic improvisations that fall somewhere between Aphex Twin on really bad ecstasy, the soundtrack from a broken Sega Master System game and Pan Sonic‘s pulsing meanderings. It’s beyond glitch – it’s tribal electronic folk music for hacking trolls. Tones bend over gyrating beeps to beats that dance to their own time signatures. The jazz of William Gibson‘s vision has arrived, setting the stage for underworld battles for data.

It would be easy to dub Hoofus as “alien music,” though that would ignore his firm earthly rooting in cybertechnology. He comes from a place where wires and roots are one and the same, where motherboards are used for bedding and hard-drives are pillows. Blast Several Wolves on your earbuds the next time you’re jacked up on stimulants in a coffin hotel. And watch out for Black Ice.